7 Best free Baby Apps for Android + 3 top paid Android Baby Apps


Here is a list of the 10 best free baby apps for android to help parents to take care of newborns.

best free Baby apps for Android to raise newborns

Baby apps for your Android phone make some of the more difficult aspects of keeping your baby happy easier. There is a wide variety, from fun playtime, to assistances for nap time. The top ten android apps for baby’s available will make even the most difficult baby issue easier to handle.

Download the 7 Best free Baby Apps for Android :

Baby lullabies

Baby lullabies app for androidNap and bedtimes are the hardest for many parents. Baby lullabies offer a wide variety of sounds to lull your child to sleep. The app also allows you to set timers on the lullabies length, so you can sleep restfully too. The app is also simple enough that an older child can use it themselves.
Download Baby Lullabies App Here (Free)

Popular Baby Names – Free

Popular Baby Names - Free android appThis powerful free app has many tools to help you find the perfect name for your baby. It allows searches based on family history, offers the meaning for all listed names, and name trend information. A ‘favorites’ folder allows you to save the names that you are really considering.
Download Popular Baby Names App Here (Free)

Baby ESP

Baby ESP android app for babiesBaby ESP is a growth and progress tracker for your baby. It has options for feeding, pooping, total growth, and any medicines they took. This is useful for doctor appointments, but this information can also be shared with other parents.
Download Baby ESP App Here (Free)

Feed Baby – Tracker & Monitor

Feed Baby - Tracker & Monitor app for androidThis app helps parents track the ever growing rate of food a child needs. From breast and bottle feeding to solid foods, this app allows you to follow your child’s progress completely. The information can be displayed in many useful ways, including graphs, charts, and counters.
Download Feed Baby App Here (Free)


Baby Bedtime App for androidBaby Bedtime tracks the sleep patterns of your baby or young child, and can provide advice for helping them sleep. You can also search for specific sleep issues that you may be having because of the baby. This is a powerful tool for a restful night.
Download Baby Bedtime App Here (Free)

Peekaboo moments

Peekaboo moments andorid appPeekabo Moments is an amazing scrapbooking tool for taking, and saving pictures of your baby. It allows you to post to your favored social network so you can keep your friends updated with the baby. It also allows you to sort pictures according to your baby’s age.
Download Peekabo Moments App Here (Free)

WebMD Baby

WebMD Baby app for android phonesHealth problems in your baby can lead to panic and several doctors’ visits. WebMD baby helps you find medical answers to common questions and illnesses. This can save you a lot of worry and fear. If you encounter an emergency, a live doctor can be contacted.
Download WebMD Baby App Here (Free)

Consdier buying 3 top paid Android Baby Apps :

Baby Explorer

Baby Explorer andorid game bundle for babiesBaby Explorer is a fun android game designed for babies. The games are designed for learning color recognition. It is fun for babies, young children, and parents alike to play.
Download Baby Explorer App Here ($5.42)

Baby Travel Planner

Baby Travel Planner android appBaby Travel Planner offers a simple checklist for preparing to travel with your baby. It includes base templates for trips, and customizable options for things you commonly take. The app is simple and very helpful.
Download Baby Travel Planner App Here ($0.99)

White Noise

White Noise android appMany babies do not fall asleep to traditional lullabies. Like many people, they may sleep better with continuous white noise. This app offers a variety of sounds and the ability to mix them, as well as alarms, and easy controls.
Download White Noise App Here ($1.99)

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