10 Best Age Progression Apps for Android

Best Age Progression Apps to make you look older or even younger

Best Age Progression Apps for Android

One of the recent trends in mobile photo editor apps has been the well-received development of age progression apps. It took the internet by storm, and suddenly, everybody starts to post photos of their older or younger looks on Facebook using Age Progression Apps. Editing your pictures usually stopped at adding a few filters, but now you can tweak their images to look either older or younger with striking results. With a unique photo modifying algorithm embedded in these apps, you can make a close-enough guess about how you would look when you’re older, say at 60 years. Likewise, you can modify your image to look beautifully younger and upload them to social networks.

What is the best age progression app?


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
FaceApp age Progression Apps for Android

Grossing over 100 million downloads, Face App sits at the top of the list of age progression apps for android. It took the world by storm with its near-perfect algorithm that switches your face to an older or younger look in a matter of seconds. Although Face App is designed for age progression, other face-editing features include gender swap, beard edits, hairstyle changes, glasses in different shapes, and makeup, among other general editing features. Faceapp ai face editor lets you try all these features in its free demo with preset images, but some features require in-app purchase.

For quick results, try out preset facial changes ranging from Handsome to Dandy and Erudite for men and from Cutesy to Femme Fatale, and Stunning for women. The age progression feature is categorized as well, with a timeline from Child to Teen, Young, Cool old, and Old face. Face app easily outdoes all other age recognition apps on the market. Overall, FaceApp is a decent Face Editor, Makeover & Beauty App into one package.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
FaceLab Photo Editor app

FaceLab is one of the best face aging apps for android. With over 500 thousand downloads, the face changer app packs a handful of features besides the usual age progression features. You can add any beard style of your choice, turn your picture into a cartoon, and even check out how you would look if you were a zombie, the Joker, or a painting. It’s also a super fun face swap app that lets you switch gender on photos. It also has a Cartoon Yourself feature with a magical Toonify Effect to create a unique avatar. You should note that Face Lab requires internet access to work. While Face Lab is free, you’d need to make an in-app purchase or watch a couple of ads to access its Pro features. Although there have been some critical reviews lately, Lyrebird Studio is working to improve Face Lab.

How old I am

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Age Recognition app for android

Unlike other age progression apps, this face maker app is a predictive app that determines how old you are by simply scanning your face in a picture. Its algorithm can easily pick out faces in any given image and get to work on providing an estimate of the age and ethnicity of the subject. The Age Recognition app is fun and easy to use and requires the internet and your email address before you can use it. It is free for new users, and you can watch an ad or make an in-app purchase to get more out of the app.


Price: Free with ads
AgingBooth make me old app

With over 10 million downloads, Aging Booth by PiVi & Co. has a unique vintage feel. It’s one of the simplest and user-friendly age progression apps. Aging Booth allows you to add your images directly from a camera or your gallery. While it doesn’t make you look younger, it has a unique algorithm that carefully inserts wrinkles on uploaded pictures, giving the impression of old age. Aging Booth is a superb free face changer app without any in-app purchases, and you can use the app offline or without an internet connection to avoid ads entirely.

Fantastic Face

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Fantastic Face – Aging Prediction app

Peaking at over 10 million downloads, the Fantastic Face app packs many amazing features that pretty much rival Face App. It’s fun, classy, and easy to use, and it offers more than just age prediction. You can predict how you would look at a specific age from now, read the lines on your palm, test your love pairing ratio, and check celebrity matches all from this app. It can also show you what you would look like in another country, how your baby might look, or an animalized version of your face. Overall,
Fantastic Face is the most functional make me old face app with tons of options.

Old Age Face effects

Price: Free with ads
Old Age Face effects App for android

Packed with the standard features in most age progression apps, the Old Age Face Effects is embedded with smart algorithms that ensure its results are clear and intriguing. It produces an impression of old age and can also be used to look younger. Some other features available on the app are beard growth, gender swap, and hairstyling. Likewise, you can apply a few filters to your overall image. It also other closely related apps like Single Editor, Camera, Scrap Book, and Collage maker. The features are all free, and you can see your Saved Work in a separate folder in the app.

Age Face – Make me OLD

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Age Face - Make me OLD app android

Grossing over 10 million downloads, it’s one of the best age progression apps with a bit more free features than others to make you look old. Give yourself a believable old age look with eye bags, wrinkles, and grey hair. There are tons of old age masks available to choose from. The beauty about Age Face is that while the masks are pre-made, they still blend nicely to your face. Like most age progression apps, some of the Age Face features require in-app purchases or watching a few ads to use them.

Magic Face

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Magic Face-face aging app

Magic Face is an AI based age progression app. To use this app, you’ll need to sign up for its free trial and add your credit card info. This allows you to use a few of its features for 3 to 7 days before you’ll be requested to pay to use the app. With over 5 million downloads, Magic Face is a pretty accomplished age progression app and can help pass time. Features such as age prediction, changing appearance for celebrity lookalike, past life identity, and gender swap to convert face make this app stand out. Interestingly, it also works as a baby prediction apps that combine the face elements from the parents to display how the child will look.

Make me Old

Price: Free with ads
Make me Old - Face Aging app

Make me Old is a newer Face Aging app with Face Scanner to make face young or old. This app has a smart face detection system that makes its age progression pretty neat. You can either use the built-in camera to capture a new shot or import a photo from the gallery to start editing. Its selling point is that you can go from old to young with a single tap. To further edit your picture and express yourself, you can select one of its many age progression stickers. These stickers include mostly glasses and images of older adults’ faces with the eyes cut out so they can fit on your face. Unlike most, it doesn’t require in-app purchases, but you might have to deal with a few ads.

Face up – Face Editor

Price: Free with ads
Face up - Face Editor android app

Face up – Face Editor has become a better face age app. This age progression app has a simple interface that makes it easy to use. Besides converting your uploaded image into either old or young, you can also apply hilarious filters to your picture. It also acts as a good photo editor app and comes with many artistic photo filters and options like Face morphing, Live Filter, Stickers, emojis, a single tap selfie maker, and much more. Like most apps in its category, Face Up comes with a handful of ads, but that’s pretty much the only issue since it is virtually free to use.

There are many age progression apps for Android available on the market, but many of them are full of unusable features. During our testing, we found the above apps offer the most interesting features. Have fun!

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