Top 10 Free Live Wallpaper for Android to Download


Live Wallpaper is a cool feature on Android which brings some great dynamic content on our smartphone and tablets. If you are looking for some best live wallpaper for android devices then checkout our Top Ten Free Live Wallpaper Android Download list below.

Top Ten Free Live Wallpaper Android Download

There is a lot of paid android live wallpaper available but Google Play store offers plenty of Free Android Live Wallpaper as well. So we dig down in Google play store and found some best free android live wallpaper which will decorate your android at no cost.

Super Clock Wallpaper Free

Super Clock Wallpaper Free is the first live wallpaper i want to mention in the Top Ten Free Live Wallpaper list as its very minimal and simple. Most of us simply want to look at our android homesrceen and see the time and date quickly. While the default clock widget does the job, Super Clock Live Wallpaper will allow you to customize it as you want. Download Super Clock live Wallpaper

Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper

Jelly bean Live wallpaper
We know it will take ages to see actual Jelly bean Update on older Android Phones. Why not just download Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper and get some taste of latest Android 4.1 flavor featuring 5 floating particle types: Capsule, Bean, Beam, Droid and Star! Download Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper

Androids! Live Wallpaper

If you are in love with Android and want to see the tiny android robots floating around your phone then Androids! Live Wallpaper is the one for you. This is an ad-supported premium live wallpaper but Ads are only shown in the preference which will not bother you at all. Androids! Live Wallpaper comes with a great customise options which allow you to create millions of possible combinations: change the speed, colors, texture, shapes, size, effects, amount, fps, and much, much more! Stunning HD graphics and silky smooth physics will make your device look gorgeous. Androids! Live Wallpaper is fully computable with phone and tablet. Download Androids! Live Wallpaper

Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper

Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper
We have seen quite a few Aquarium live wallpaper for android such as . But Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper is way better and look realistic Aquarium in our phone. A beautiful tropical fish tank live wallpaper with silky smooth animation. Download Aquarium Free

Season Zen Free
Love nature? Season Zen Free android live wallpaper will show the beauty of different seasons right on your android home screen. Works great on both phone and tablet. The wallpaper comes with a peaceful park surrounded by the blossoming of new life for each season. On the free version you will be able to choose only swing season. Summer, Autumn / Fall, and Winter theme is available in the full version of Season Zen HD which is a Editor’s Choice on Google Play! Download Season Zen Free

PhotoWall Live Wallpaper

What could be better than having your own photos floating on your android screen? PhotoWall Live Wallpaper turns your photos from gallery into photo collage and display them in a beautiful way phone’s home screen. The latest cool features added in the app is now you can link your instagram to this app to shows photos. Download PhotoWall

Beach LWP

Beach Live Wallpaper andorid
Dolphins jumping in the ocean, seagulls flying through the sky and palm tree swaying with ocean breeze. What else you wan form a beach live wallpaper for android. Well, there is more. A Sailboat has been added to scenery. If you love birds and dolphins then this is the best beach wallpaper for you phone. . Download Beach LWP

The Avengers Live Wallpaper

Fans of marvel’s heroes wouldn’t want to miss The Avengers Live Wallpaper. This is the official live wallpaper for Avengers which put together Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Though this is not the kind of my live wallpaper there is a cool thing i like about it. You will be surprised with the glass on your screen cracks when a text, email or phone call arrives. Download The Avengers Live Wallpaper

Jumpgate Free Live Wallpaper

Jumpgate Free Live Wallpaper
Just download it, install and activate then watch how cool Droidguy will Soar through space. Stars and asteroids whip by as fast as his jetpack can carry him! Want to have more fun? Just double tap him, he’ll turn around and wave or he’ll start spinning. The live wallpaper has a plenty of options to customize such as changing flight speed, Change the Android to a spacecraft, even activate Turbo Boost for a burst of speed! Download Jumpgate Free Live Wallpaper

Go-Go Dancer Girl LWP

Okay, last in the list is a naughty one for you. With Dancing Go Go Girl Free LWP watch the beautiful Go-Go girl dancing on your phone. Enjoyed it? Download Go-Go Dancer Girl LWP

Let’s download Top Ten Free Live Android Wallpapers we mentioned above. You may also checkout our Live Wallpaper section.

  • rayvahn

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  • Jiggily

    My favorites have to be the following:
    Galaxy iOS7 – this paper gives a great parallax 3d effect
    Mountain live wallpaper – beautiful mountain scene that changes with the time of day and the weather.
    Shake Them All! – This one comes with tiny androids that move about the screen based on the movement of the phone. bonus is that the androids are skinable to suit your tastes.

    Sorry about the all caps. for some reason the website was forcing me to post in all caps….

    • Jiggily

      Ok, so apparently it only shows up as caps in the edit box…. and apparently I cant edit my post… wheeeeeee.

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  • Steve

    this on worth to mention: androbot live wallpaper (android robot + ninja)..very cool..

  • Steve

    this on worth to mention: androbot live wallpaper (android robot + ninja)..very cool..

  • Chris

    Sorry, but this one is missing an definitely under the best 10 and my personal favourite and it has android itself as a topic / subject:

  • Rohit

    Wow, these live wallpapers are pretty cool. I like the Jelly Bean live wallpaper- new and creative. Thanks Shariar for sharing such a nice list of live wallpapers.