How to Disable or Freeze Bloatware on Android Phones with App Quarantine


Get rid of unwanted pre-installed Bloatware on Android Phones. Learn How to disable Bloatware on Android Phones.

Often Phone manufacturers release their android smartphones loaded with their own apps. Specially carrier branded device comes with a bunch of pre-installed apps  to access various services from the carrier. Almost Every Android Smartphone brings in quite a bit of software from either the manufacturer of network provider – and that’s a good thing. However you can find that among the pre-installed applications there are often programs that you never actually use. But they decrease performance when keep running in background which usually drain more battery and resources.

It is not easy to get rid of them because sometimes they are not allowed to uninstall or removed like a normal app installed from Play Store. Only with root privileges you can use an app like Titanium Backup or Root Uninstaller to remove them.

App_Quarantine disable android bloatware

Uninstalling system apps does not always go smoothly, and can be a tricky affair. If you delete or uninstall the wrong app and don’t have a backup it can cause significant damage to the system. There is a better solution available for those who wants to play safe and also get rid of some rarely used apps,  App Quarantine just comes right. It does not deletes or remove the pre-installed applications from the smartphone but prevents them starting and makes them disappear into quarantine – which is seemingly reliable. With just one tap on an app you can recover it quickly on its previous state.

You choose the apps you want to get rid of from a list. After an automatic reboot of the system, the apps you selected are frozen and no longer start or appear in the app drawer. Unlike other alternatives of the same kind, App Quarantine also informs about updates for a frozen app and if it is available it automatically updates it and then freezes the app back again. You must not forget that, as with all these types of applications – root access is required for App Quarantine to work. However, the app works well even if you only temporary grant it root rights. Unlike a permanent root operation, it holds a so-called soft-root only until the next reboot of the smartphone. For warranty concerns or if you do not want to unlock your smartphone or grant permanent root privileges anyway a good interim solution is the soft-root feature. In addition, temporary root privileges are usually much easier to achieve and you can avoid the often complex procedures of a permanent unlocking the device. App Quarantine works very well, provides a widget and uses a stylish Holo interface.


Pros of  App Quarantine ROOT/FREEZE Android App:

+Highly efficient and useful

+Soft-root feature

+Stylish holo UI

+ automatic update for apps even when they are freeze

Cons of App Quarantine:

-May not work on some devices

Download App Quarantinefree version by hitting the widget below. You can also purchase the App Quarantine Pro version for some extra features from the Store.