The Best Android Battery Saver Apps & Battery Management Apps

LAST UPDATED: August 16, 2018

With a battery saver app you can avoid that sinking feeling when checking the battery level of your device.

Smartphones have come a long way since the early days of availability, with significant advancements being made to include the highest-end specs and features. However, these superior specifications, such as modern touch screens along with GPS and more, also mean that there is more battery drain on your device. This means that one bugbear that still concerns many users is the battery life of their handsets, and most of us would be pleased if we could just get our mobile device to last us through the day. This is especially the case given the fact that the majority of users now use their mobile devices more than ever, and have come to rely on them in many respects.

Some manual adjustments can be made to help optimize the battery life of your device, although many device users are unaware of these. There is help out there though, as there are many Android battery saver apps that are available on the Google Play Store. These can work in several ways, from helping you to optimize your device settings to get more use out of your phone, to being able to monitor your battery or shut down apps that are not in use. However, some are far better than others, so we’ve done the legwork for you to produce our selection of 10 of the best Android battery saver apps. We hope that by checking out these recommended Android apps, you will find exactly the one that will help you to get the most out of the battery life of your device.

10 of the Best Android Battery Saver Apps to optimize battery life on your smartphone


This is one of the top choices of battery saver apps available, scoring a high 4.5-star rating on the Play Store. More than 400 million people use it across the world to extend the battery life of their mobile devices. It has a stylish interface, and features include a power-saving widget, smart pre-set battery power management modes, help with locating particular battery power consumption issues and fixing them, as well as unlocking settings to fine-tune your device for energy savings.

The app also monitors apps that are draining power when not in use and has a 1-tap saving feature so that you can see how much you can extend your battery by if you use it. Another feature is the battery monitor so that you can instantly see the usage and how much battery life is available.


This NQ app is one of the most popular battery saver apps for Android devices. It’s highly rated by users, and using this app enables you to check the battery status of your device easily. You can also select from one of four power-saving modes or customize different methods. As well as the battery saver aspect, this simple-to-use app will help you to boost the overall performance of your device.

It features an app manager and file manager, and will also clean up system cache and junk files. A further feature enables you to release memory and speeds up your smartphone with a one-tap boost. A point worth noting with this one is that it also works well with lower-end devices that may be running a lower version of Android.


Battery Doctor is an excellent energy-saving tool with an easy-to-use interface. It gives its users the ability to find out the causes of power drainage on their devices, and then to easily halt the apps that are consuming the most power by using toggle settings within the app. Features of this app include 1-tap power optimization, a Charge Master (for monitoring status), a power-saving widget, and a save power shortcut. You can also discover how long the battery can stand up to various types of usage (including game playing, Wi-Fi and more), check the battery temperature, and schedule power saving profiles.

4. GREENIFY (free)

Greenify - android battery saver app

GREENIFY can be used on rooted and non-rooted devices. It will help to keep your device running smoothly with the optimum amount of battery life, by identifying apps using a high level of power consumption and placing them into hibernation when not in use. This way you’ll avoid battery drain and the annoying lag that sometimes occurs with smartphones and tablets. Usefully you can still conveniently run apps in the foreground as usual.

New features include Doze on the Go as well as Aggressive Doze, to be used with devices running Android 6.0 or later. One important thing to note with Greenify is that you should not ‘greenify’ essential apps that you rely on, for example, instant messaging or alarm clock apps.


This is an excellent Android battery saving app with a wealth of features to make use of. Like many of these types of apps, it enables users to track down the apps that are most draining on their devices, this time with an App Sucker feature. The app suckers can then be sorted by various aspects including app wakelocks, kernel wakelocks, wake time, and CPU and sensor usage. There are also many more detailed features, for example, you can overlay the stock battery icon with an add-on, set customizable alarms for battery temperature and charge status, download or create your own icon themes, and also check historical averages.

A custom time reference can be used to display statistics across a period, and a further benefit is a Dash Clock widget. There’s also a Professional Edition of this app that is best for tablet users as it optimizes views for devices with large displays.

Battery drain analyzer monitor android app

Do you want to learn which apps are draining your device’s battery the most? Then consider Battery Drain Analyzer, an app that will allow you to look at statistics regarding which apps use your battery life the most, how long your device lasts on a single charge, and even how much charge your battery has until it is completely depleted. In addition, Battery Drain Analyzer allows you to select which components of your device is activated/deactivated when the battery gets to a certain percentage (thus conserving more battery life), and so on.

7. BATTERY SAVER 2017 (free)

This is a relatively new app on Google Play and is already rated 4.6 stars by users. It works well, although we think the user interface could be more appealing, that’s merely a personal view, and you might think entirely differently. It will help you to get the most out of the battery life of your device with one-click optimization, and also features an app monitor with reminders about those most battery-hungry apps, and charge status in real time that estimates the remaining charge time with accuracy.

We also liked the phone cooler alert feature that reduces your phone temperature to a safe level by monitoring, managing and disabling processor-intensive apps.


As its name indicates, this battery saving app will only work with rooted devices, and it uses an open source codebase. It’s based on Material Design and gives you more control of the battery use of your device, and it does this by controlling how often (and how long for) the device wakes up. It offers convenient battery saving with recommended settings, and the app will also accurately measure the amount of time wasted and saved with wakelocks and alarms. It’s a free app, but a Pro package is available via in-app purchases. Benefits of this include customization of wakelocks, alarms, and services.

9. CM BATTERY (free)

This is another relatively recent arrival on the Google Play Store and well-known name Clean Master is behind it. This nicely designed intuitive app maximizes the battery life of your device by identifying battery hogging apps and offers shortcuts to close other items draining your battery such as Bluetooth, Data, and Wi-Fi. A neat touch here is that it uses advanced cloud data technology for analysis in the cloud rather than using up further battery power on your smartphone. It’s an all round good app but doesn’t offer much in the way of configuration.

10. 2 BATTERY (free)

Our penultimate choice is the subject of over 10 million downloads, and all those users can’t be wrong. This efficient app can avoid your phone dying on you by extending the battery life with intelligent Internet connection management. A smart algorithm is used that will automatically turn the Internet connection on and of. Your background date will still be synchronized, and you’ll get more battery life but reduce data usage. There’s a status bar showing your battery level, changeable icon theme, built in screen filter to reduce the brightness, and widgets for the home screen.

A nice touch with this app is that if you place your phone face down on a table or into a pocket, it will automatically turn off the screen. Most of the features of 2Battery are free, although in-app purchases are available for some extras. These include no ads, support for night mode and more.


This popular app will optimize the settings of your device to save battery life as well as stopping apps that are running in the background. Avast Software claims that by halting the apps that are not in use, you can gain 20% more battery power on your phone. If you need an immediate boost in performance, you can stop apps with just one press, and a further benefit of the app can activate pre-configured profiles from a choice of Emergency, Home, Night, Smart, and Work.

Depending on the current activity and battery level you can also receive alerts if you need to use a different profile. One drawback of this app is some ads, although an in-app purchase can be used to get you a no-ads version.

Juice Defender is a power manager app that sports a ton of useful features all designed with one goal in mind: to conserve battery life on your Android device. Allowing the user to customize the app so that it will automatically activate/deactivate battery draining components such as 3G/4G, and WiFi when the battery is reduced to a certain percentage, it’s one of the best ways to conserve battery life on your Android device. It can even help you to manage your mobile data, WiFi, and even CPU speed as well, giving you the ultimate power when it comes to controlling your device.

13. Easy Battery Saver (free)

Easy Battery Saver - Best Battery Saver App for Android

Whether you want to save your device’s battery life via simple power saving presets or you want more customized control over how your device consumes battery life, Easy Battery Saver gives you the option to conserve battery the way you prefer. No matter how quickly you need to conserve your device’s battery, Easy Battery Saver will help you no matter what situation you are in!

Final word

The above battery saver apps offer something for everyone, so even the less tech-savvy should be able to find an app that will suit their needs. It has been difficult to narrow the vast amount of battery saving apps down to just 10, but all of the above offer a solid performance and a wide choice of features. Best of all perhaps, is that they are all free to download so do delve in! If you know any other battery saver apps for Android that you consider worthy of being among the best, do tell us by sending in your comments.


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