Elixir Android Widgets Set Download v1.1.1

Elixir is a simple, configurable and useful widget app for Android powered devices that will give you the full information about your system Android. In the first screen when you open it directly can find everything related on your phone, where taping on each will provides the detailed information about the hardware of the device, including battery, the CPU usage, the use of internal and external memory, display, Wi-Fi, and other hardware components. Elixir also has large number of configurable widgets; with them you can use all the features of the application directly from your home screen.

Elixir 2 for Android

Updated: A few days ago, Tamás Barta, the company behind the app has launched Elixir 2, the second version of this great application that incorporates several new features and significant improvements. Elixir 2 is an improved design with respect to widgets and switches and many added functions, allowing you to manage installed applications directly from its own window configuration

Let’s take a glance at the detailed options of the app:

  • The app provides detailed information about the hardware, as the first version does. The number of application information has also been improved, allowing us to see the sub-processes, size, resource usage and the ability to move to SD or uninstall quickly and easily.
  • Elixir 2 widgets have introduced the notification bar, so you can put the most common switches (WiFi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, etc.)
  • You can create a custom widget to the size you wish and can include a bunch of icons, shortcuts, switches, monitors and save system…
  • Allows the user to adjust the brightness and contrast settings of the screen timeout, volume, audio, and network ring, among others, as well as enable or disable sensors (proximity, accelerometer, gravity, light, magnetic field, orientation and microphone).
  • Additionally you can customize and manage additional applications in the management of contacts, missed calls, SMS messages, and task level for users who are willing to grant additional permissions.

It is a good option for those who really want to know details information about the device Android they are using currently, because it really gives this possibility. Elixir 2 is a handy app for Android users and now available for download from Android Market for free.

Download Elixir Android Widgets v1.1.1
Elixir Android apk

Or, Simply follow the links below to download the latest versions of the app Elixir or Elixir 2: