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What is the best reddit android app to access the popular social news network? Checkout our’s.

Official Reddit Android App Download

Reddit has become one of the most popular forms of social interaction, providing news and discussions in regards to anything you might think of. It also has a very solid Android subreddit for apps, themes and a lot of useful announcements on most topics. Which is one of the top reasons to have Reddit with you at all times.

Unfortunately, we are yet to see a Official Reddit Android App. So, let’s find out which is the best Reddit Android App you can download.

The search for a good Reddit app on the Store reveals very good options which provide gestures, features and a superb interface. Among these there is Reddit News or Reddit Sync, both very popular and highly functional. One setback for these two and many others is that even if the developers provide free versions, the complete set of characteristics can only be obtained by purchasing the Pro versions. And a great deal of users states that one such app should remain free for the benefit of the community. But a new unofficial open source reddit android app called RedReader Beta just become available on play store which is far superior.

RedReader Beta

RedReader Beta the best Reddit Android App

The newest client for Reddit on the Store is called RedReader and is currently in its Beta pre-release form. The developer behind the project is responsible not only for making it Open Source – meaning that anyone can bring features and implementations to it, but also bases his implementations on the user’s demands. The app offers a built-in holo theme that looks very good an integrates an image / gif viewer and player. There are advanced options for cache storage, precaching. compression and all the tools for voting, posting comments and such. I’m sure it will evolve into one of the best options available.

Download RedReader app for free from the link below. Or you can also try other two alternatives we mentioned above.

Download RedReader Beta app here (Free)

Download Reddit News Free app here (Free)

Download reddit sync app here (Free)