Download Keyboard Manager Android. Switch Keyboard Automatically on Portrait/Landscape

Keyboard Manager allows you to customize what keyboard (input method) appear on input based on your phone orientation. Let’s say you would like to use Swype on portrait mode, but in landscape mode you prefer Smart Keyboard. To use this way every time you have to go setting and change the input method. Keyboard Manager made it easy for you. It displays the keyboards you have enabled on your android device, and let you select one per orientation (landscape/portrait).  As your phone switch orientation, the app automatically switch the keyboard.

Keyboard Manager for Android         Keyboard Manager for Android

Keyboard Manager gives you the option to use two keyboards of your liking at the same time. The app is now Open Source and given its nature, anyone can continue developing and improving the app. As it is, it should satisfy everyone´s needs as it works very good. Currently the last version is 2.4 and it is available as a free download. Once you get it you will have to convert it to a system app, either using Titanium Manager or manually by setting permissions RW-R-R.

- Rooted android device (app was tested on Samsung captivate 2.1)
- Root Explorer app, or similar app that allows you to edit the permissions of a file.
To install:
1- Download the app (KeyboardManager.apk) on your device sdcard.
2- Using Root Explorer, move the apk file to /system/app
3- Using Root Explorer, edit the file permissions like below:
– User: ‘Read/Write’ checked
–Group: ‘Read’ checked
–Others: ‘Read’ checked
4- Exit Root Explorer
The app should be visible in your launcher as ‘Keyboard Manager’ For more info visit xda.

Download Keyboard Manager Android apk form the link below or use the widget to Download Keyboard Manager Android form Google Play Store:
Keyboard Manager android apk[app][/app]

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