Download Google Talk Video Chat apk for your Android Smartphone (How to install)

Download Google Talk Video Chat apk

As you already last week Google announced updated Android 2.3.4 version of Gingerbread which brings Google Talk with Video Chat to Nexus S users, do you feel little jealous to Nexus S users having GTalk Video Chat? Well, if you are one of those Android Smartphone owner who running Gingerbread or install a Custom Gingerbread ROM on the phone are in luck! As expected from xda community a member named britiso made Google Talk Video Chat apk available to download which will only work on Smartphone running Android 2.3. So if you are one of the lucky person follow the instruction below:

NOTE: You must have a rooted Android phone.
1. Download the flashable .ZIP file and place it to the root of your sdcard
2. Using ROM Manager (or a similar ROM flashing utility or from recovery options) flash the .ZIP
3. Reboot.
4. Enjoy the new version of Google Talk with Video chat.

As usual proceed on the steps above on your own responsibility. Let us if it work in the comment section. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself updated on latest Android 2.3.4 Update and Google Talk Video Chat . source.

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  1. you have done nothing but got rid of my google talk completely from my phone.

    • Yea same here, what gives? Followed directions and my talk disappeared completely! Please advise, thank you.

  2. Well it worked for me. As always, I’d recommend backing up your ROM first.

    I tested it out from phone to pc. My pc was only able to show the video its camera and not from the phone, but the phone was able to show video from both.

    The app is a little buggy and was forced closed often. No issues to report if I only use the text feature only.

    FYI: I’m using CyanogenMod 7 running on a HTC Evo.

  3. i removed th stock with ntrality app and then CWM installed this zip file.It worked well.
    Well I’m looking for the Video chat version too
    but need to use ADB to install????

  4. i have a samsung galaxy tab 2.3.3. gingerbread.

    I flashed the zip file and rebooted. The process was confirmed as done the icon was not on my desktop so i use file expert to place the shortcut. when i tap the icon i get ‘This is a system application.’if i attempt to install it aborts the installation

    any help from here. appreciate it.

  5. I have an HTC Desire (mytouch 4g) with cyanogenmod 7.x installed.

    I used Clockwordmod+ROM Manager to install this file and it appears to work just fine, but google talk doesn’t change. I can still use google talk just fine, but I can’t start a vid chat with a friend who has a nexus s. The only thing that might be the problem is I’m installing the .zip from within folders (meaning not at the root of the sdcard).

  6. installed via recovery mode. Voice calls work, but no video option (I get the microphone icon but not the video one)

    any thoughts?

    Samsung Galaxy S 2.3.4

  7. recovery flash didn’t work on Blandroid. I used file expert to copy apk to system/apps and the lib file to system/lib. Remember to check permissions also. I set permissions the same as other system well.thank you.

  8. its work perfect on the EVO!! i just downloaded straight to my phone and used rom manager to install it. I did not used a pc to install it. I have cyanogenmod 2.3.3 on my evo.

    • Jeff and Louis What version of Cyanogenmod are using exaclty. I have 7.1 with 2..3.4 but Also have 2.3.3 which both of you say it works perfect I have been looking at this for an hour and want gtalk to work perfect on my Evo as well

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