Spent some quality time with the following Best Android Tablet Games of the year 2014.

There are many reasons to get one of the entertaining apps for your Android and not the least of which is to make long waits easier to take. Consider one of these top rated games for your next quick download. We’ve been monitoring the google playstore and here we present you some of the best Android Tablet Games of 2014.

Let’s explore the list of our favourite top android games that includes adventure, strategy, RPGs, racing, shooters and more!


BADLAND android tablet game

Here’s a fun, free app that has amazing scenery. There are ninety levels full of different adventures against the backdrop of an ornate forest with unique inhabitants, flowers and trees. The atmosphere is fairytale-like and the player gets to control one of the inhabitants as they move past obstacles and traps.

Download BADLAND Here (Free)

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc for android tablet

Though the goal of the game (to annihilate the human race) seems very simplistic at first, it is in actuality a delicate balancing act. Players don’t want to alert the humans to the lethal outbreak too soon as they will be able to turn things around and survive. The one downside of this is there is quite a bit of down time while the player waits.

Download Plague Inc. Here (Free)

Radiant Defense

Best Android Tablet Games - Radiant Defense

A fantastic, free app that will have you entertained. This app provides a complex tower defense adventure. The player is offered many ways to make the game challenging such as modifications to the enemies path, changing the colorful aesthetics in the game and witty humor.

Download Radiant Defense Here (Free)

Pocket League Story 2

Pocket League Story 2 for android tablet gaming

If you’re looking to have a little fun playing soccer then this new pap is for you. New features in this app bring the stadium to life with new details. There may be snow, rain, penalty shootouts, and other twists to keep you on your toes.

Download Pocket League Story 2 Here (Free)


Terraria android tablet games

For less than two dollars you can enjoy a multiplayer game with friends on other mobile devices. You can play together or you can decide to duel one another. This crafting game gives you a chance to chop wood, turn it into walls and then into a castle.

Download Terraria Here ($1.98)


Threes android game for tablets

For those looking for a brainy game, this one rings in for under two dollars. The game is a stacking numbers puzzle. Slide numbered tiles around until they add up and have a blast learning fast and slow combinations.

Download Threes! Here ($1.99)

Smash Hit

Smash Hit android tablet game

Smash Hit is a game that is aptly named. A first person camera moves you through the game as you throw metal balls at different glass obstacles, smashing them. Get more balls to throw every time you smash a crystal and lose them each time you collide with an obstacle you should smash.

Download Smash Hit Here (Free)

Monument Valley

Monument Valley android game for tablet

If you’re looking for a unique game that comes in under five dollars, this is the one for you. Consider what it would be like to stroll through M.C. Escher’s paintings brought to life. The player is plunked in one of the ten stages and then needs to navigate through. To move the character, simply tap on the screen.

Download Monument Valley Here ($2.09)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas for android tablet

Though not free, this highly anticipated and very entertaining app is under seven dollars. If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto, then you have a good idea of what to expect. The game has good graphics as you move around the city visiting businesses, buying houses, and picking up hookers, all the things that have attracted Grand Theft Auto Players so far.

Download Grand Theft Auto ($6.99)


QuizUp android tablet game

One of the world’s largest trivia games has now become available on Android. QuizUp has been ranked as #1 Trivia app in six different countries for Google Play. More than twenty million people already enjoy playing this brain teasing game. The app has more than 500 topics with well over 300,000 questions for you to puzzle out.

Download QuizUp Here (Free)

Suggest the top android tablet games you’ve played recently in the comments below. Don’t forget to check more lists we suggest below.


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