Download AppLock Android App to secure Android Apps with password from unwanted access on your device.

Smart Phones are no longer a simple hand set by which we can call someone or can send text massages to someone; rather it is an accumulation of hand set, digital diary, bridge to internet, entertainment source etc. For many purposes we have installed so many applications in our smart phone that we cannot even remember them until we are in real need of them. Some of those applications are so useful and confidential that we need real security to protect them from unwanted entry and un-authorized un-installation. For this kind of annoyance, first thing comes in my mind is AppLock.

AppLock Android App - best android app locker

AppLock is a beautiful mobile application developed by DoMobile Lab. The application was uploaded on 8th September of this year but already downloaded over 100million times that makes it the Best android App Locker on market. User friendly interface and some useful features is the key to this success.

[quote_right]The latest version of the app also comes with plenty of other features such as Photo Vault, Video Vault and more.[/quote_right]Applock features some of the most useful feature a user can feel in need of it at the time of using a smart device. Users can protect an application by using password or pattern both. Even the inbox and phone contact can also be protected by this application. The settings options can also be protected so that others cannot change any setting of the device. The other features of this application are; quick lock switcher on status bar, re-lock, quick exit, never shows the app lock icon from the launcher, AppLock itself cannot be uninstalled; task killer cannot kill AppLock etc. The premium version consists some more features e.g. customized background, time lock, location lock, random keyboard etc. The developers are still working on this application to add more value in it. The future benefits of this application will be cloud backup, lock switch (wifi, mobile data, 3G), fake lock, guest log etc. This Application consist a very little memory and thus it consume less power from the battery.

In one word we can say that this application is a dream application for a user who cares about the safety and security of his/ her smart device. This application is available in Google Store. And more importantly it is free!
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  • Mari

    o meu aplicativo app lock sumio da tela do meu celular e não aparece em lugar nenhum