6 Best Free Android Voice Recorder App


Capture high quality voice recordings on android with these best Voice Recorder App for Android.

Best Android Voice Recording Apps

So there comes a time when you simply want to record voice on your Android smartphone. Either it just capturing a new idea, taking voice notes or getting a full interview, a good voice reorder app is essential. On this page we are gonna discuss some of the best android voice recorder apps currently available on the play store.

Let’s download the following Best Android Voice Recording Apps for your android and see which one does the job nicely.

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder is a simple app dedicated to record sounds with android device. Turn your android phone into a high-quality audio capture device which you can take wherever you go. The fee version of the app can record voice in high quality PCM format and output WAV files with clear sound. User can quickly start recording without even launching the app, with just a tap of the widget button. The app also smart enough to filter out device generated sounds. There is also a paid version available with more premium features such as record stereo quality audio.

Download Easy Voice Recorder Here

Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder is a free audio recorder for Android phones to record high quality sounds with great functionality. It can be used to record business meetings or any other important event. If you are invested it can also capture night conversations even snoring sounds. You will have the opportunity to choose the quality with which sound is recorded, from 8Hz to 44Hz. Also, you can skip automatically silences as it features real-time spectrogram. As soon as you open the app, you can see a nice big red clock that, when pressed, starts recording audio. Smart Voice Recorder is one of the best recording apps for Android available. Essential and well designed, very easy to use and discreet.

Download Smart Voice Recorder Here

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder

Tape-a-Talk is a high quality voice recorder for Android devices that is able to record audio, voice notes, voice memos and supports recording in the background, even with the screen off. You will have the options to save the recordings as wav or 3gp files, your preference. You can also share the recordings faster with anyone you want via mail and upload them to Dropbox, FTP. It also allows you to select a recording as ringtone. Far from great graphics and other extras, Tape-a-Talk is simple, intuitive and you need to record and maintain some order in your recordings.

Download Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder Here

Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder for Android is a simple and fastest way to recorder and store voice massages wherever you are; all you have to do is press the REC button and press it again when done. When finished, create a title for the file that will be stored with the date and time of recording. Through the app, you can perform a search to find a specific recording you want without having to go through the entire list. Most interesting feature of the app is the possibility of a scheduled recording at any given time for a predetermined time. You can also send the recordings via email and set the recording as a ringtone.

Download Voice Recorder Here

RecForge Lite – Audio Recorder

RecForge is a high quality sound recorder app for Android with a lot of options to configure the sound quality or edit your own tracks. With the app you can record, edit and Shares sounds, voices, music, notes, or any other audio. RecForge Free – Audio Recorder allows you to convert recordings to different file types: WAV, MP3 and Ogg. Also, you can configure the initial format in which is recorded, the recording sound quality and channel either mono or stereo.

Download RecForge Lite App Here

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Free)

Record audio in high quality directly into MP3 files! Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder Android app allows you to record all the music and anything that you want to record with amazing voice clarity. Record voice notes, songs, sermons, music, talks, or to concerts in high-fidelity 44 kHz audio. You can send your recordings by email, Bluetooth, share them via Skype, WhatsApp, SoundCloud, or store online via Evernote, Dropbox, Catch, Google Drive and more.

Download Hi-Q App Here

If you were looking for an ideal voice recorder to record meetings, memos, briefings and more, then we believe the above apps will do that nicely. Try them and let us know your thought in the comment section.

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  • Siren Lowcroft

    For me the best quality recording is mp3 and an app called Dictomate records in stereo at extreme high sample rate if required. There are many extra features to help me do my research and the best unexpected feature which was the bookmarking capability. Go search for it, I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

  • saadat rahim

    nice post…

  • saadat rahim

    I really impress by your efforts and learn a lot from your article. It is really much useful and has high quality of information. The way you enlighten everything on this article is much useful. Thanks for sharing your creative and attractive ideology with us through this post.

  • Ernestdzh

    GoTranscript voice recording app is one of the best voice/audio recorder application in Google Play. The unique feature of this application is to let you record the voice or audio and transcribe it in to text.

    You can find it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gotranscript&hl=en

    • Karolis Toleikis

      I have tried a few free Apps which doesn’t work very well for me.
      Just add humans! A paid transcription service, manned by folks who are living and breathing. But it will cost you.
      Gotranscript apps working great! Available on Android and iOS phones.

  • Ankit Batra
  • Anony Mouse

    In case you want an audio recorder following the KISS-principle, try “Simple Kept Recorder”. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tgg.apps.simplekeptrecorder

  • anynomous
  • pablito

    Khaled, is there any soundrecorder app that records the device’s sound OUTPUT instead of the input, running in the background? This would be needed to record audio streams from IP cams, music etc. I cannot find any.