5 equalizer for android phone to improve sound


A list of 5 apps to improve sound on your android phone or tablet. Enjoy enhanced sound with equalizer for android phone.

If you are not satisfied with the sound of your android phone or tablet then should try out installing some app to improve sound or enhance the quality of sound with an equalizer for android phone. There is many such app available on playstore but we’ve focus some the best equalizer app in the list below.

Let’s checkout 5 best free equalizer app for android to enhance audio quality and increase Audio Volume on Android.

Speaker Booster

Speaker Booster for android
Download Speaker Booster
Speaker Booster is a simple and lightweight application with an excellent user interface that allows you to boost the volume of your speakers and headphones. Speaker Booster claims to be able to increase the sound system between 15% and 30%, depending on your device. Unlike other volume boosters, the Speaker Booster adjusts Android equalizer through sophisticated algorithm in order to enhance the sound. You can also individually modify the volume of different types of sounds, such as notifications or system sounds.

Music Volume EQ

Download Music Volume EQ
A complete equalizer for your Android. Here, you have control over all the songs you hear and can change their preferences regardless of the chosen player. Music Volume EQ functions not only as a way to change the volume of your device when you’re listening to music or watching a video, but also has an equalizer of five bands that you can customize to your own liking the sound of your Android . You can also modify the low and apply sound effects if you’re the most creative. The software will include nine preset EQ styles, created to enhance different musical genres. Also present a feature to enhance the bass and an LED that measures the quality of stereo available for each piece.


Download Equalizer
The application has different default styles, prepared to enhance the experience on the type of music you like, Rock, Latin, Dance etc. You also have a 5-band equalizer at your disposal so you can adjust it to your liking. This application lets you change your audio effects, such as Virtualizer give you surround sound and also incorporates a booster low, so that in your android have more powerful bass when playing music.

Sound Booster

Sound Booster for android
Download Sound Booster
Sound Booster is the easiest way to amplify up the volume of your Android powered device. It is for those of you who love to take your smartphone with the volume of your voice in the streets, please try not to disturb anyone, or partying with friends. When you activate the application, the phone ring louder, play music or video at maximum volume. And when you no longer need, just if you restore the volume to the previous state.

Music Equalizer

Music Equalizer for android phone
Download Music Equalizer
Another good equalizer to enhance the music quality of your Android device. It has nine preset EQ types depending on the type of sound you like and your preferred style of music, and also offers a five-band equalizer to create your own sound system favorite. And with its desktop widget you can have on hand at all times the main controls to adjust the volume and EQ on your Android while you listen.

Hopefully any of the apps listed above will improve the sound on your android phone and enhance listening experience. Still if you are not happy with the sound you can try flashing some custom kernel or mod to boost sound which requires advanced knowledge.

  • tomapio

    Just crappy apps! I need some hi-fi 10-20 band eq without boosters and shit. I don’t mind paying if it’s worth it.

    • Thomas Martin

      I tried all of these apps and they all suck. Why can’t someone make an app that actually works?

      • newageBATMAN

        Question is Why Android dont have Built in Equilizer APP

        • have you guys tried V4A on a rooted android device?

          • newageBATMAN

            Yes … Its Awesome