10 Best Emulators for Android to enjoy Classic Retrogaming on Android


Download the 10 Best Emulators for Android to enjoy classic console games on your android devices.

If you are hungry for retro gaming goodness, why not take it with you wherever you go? There is an abundance of best emulators for Android (android emulator apps) that will allow you to play your favorite classic games on your Android device.

Below are the best emulators for android to relieve your favorite gaming memories wherever you are (most of these are free android emulator app).

let ‘s grab these android emulators app and start playing classic console games wherever you are.

Best Emulators for Android for retro gaming

NES.emu (best nes emulator)

NES emulator for android
Download NES.emu ($3.99)
If you want to get your NES fix, NES.emu is the best choice. Supporting Famicom Disk system emulator as well as VS UniSystem Support, Zapper/Gun support, and even the ability to use your favorite Bluetooth/USB gamepad with your device, you will be playing all of your favorite NES titles in no time.


RetroArch android emulator
Download RetroArch (Free)
If you want an all-in-one emulator, RetroArch is the best choice of this list. Supporting every platform on this list (minus the Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, and Atari 2600) and many others including Sega CD, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Virtual Boy, and even multiple ports of DOOM, it’s a great way to have most of your favorite platforms in one android emulator app.

DraStic DS Emulator Android

DraStic DS Emulator for android
Download DraStic DS Emulator ($5.99)
Speaking of the Nintendo DS, if you missed out on the awesome games on the Nintendo DS you need to consider DraStic DS Emulator. Supporting add-on controls as well as physical controls within devices such as the nVidia Shield, this is an emulator for the 21st century. It even allows you to sync your save games in your Google Drive account, ensuring you that you have access to your saved games no matter which Android device you are playing on.


MAME4droid android emulator app
Download MAME4droid (Free)
Perhaps you want to play some of your favorite arcade games from yesteryear, yet you don’t have access to an arcade cabinet that plays said games. If so, consider MAME4droid – an emulator that supports a wide array of arcade titles. Featuring the ability to use iON’s iCade and iCP external arcade controllers and even the Nintendo Wii’s Wiimote, MAME4droid allows you to take full control of your favorite arcade titles in a brand new way.

Snes9x EX+ (best snes emulator)

Snes9x EX android emulator app
Download SNES9x EX+ (Free)
If you want to play a quick round of Super Mario World or dive into one of the epic Final Fantasy titles on the SNES, SNES9x EX+ is your ticket to nostalgia town. Supporting a Bluetooth keyboard in addition to Bluetooth gamepad support, SNES9X EX+ allows you to play with up to five different players via gamepads simultaneously.

FPse for android

Download FPse ($3.82)
Able to render PSone games in high resolution via OpenGL, FPse will make your favorites look absolutely stunning. Supporting real-time saves, force-feedback, physical controllers, and even LAN support so you can play two player gams with two different Android devices, FPse will make your favorite PS1 games better than ever.

MegaN64 (n64 emulator android)

MegaN64 (N64 Emulator) - best android emulator
Download MegaN64 (N64 Emulator) (Free)
Want a fast N64 emulator? MegaN64 (N64 Emulator) is the premier choice. Allowing you to save your games on your SD card, it’s one of the best performing Nintendo 64 emulators on Google Play. MegaN64 is best n64 emulator for android. Its an Open Source project that modified and improvised the paid android emulator Mupen64+.

Mobile Gameboy | GBA (Best gba emulator android and gba roms)

Mobile Gameboy emulator for android
Download GBCoid (Free)
You can’t mention one Game Boy/ Game Boy Color emulator without mentioning a Game Boy Advance emulator. GBCoid is a simple yet easy to use emulator that allows you to store your save states on your SD card while you use the simple touch-screen controls of the Game Boy/Game Boy Color. Note that you need to place the game ROMS before you can play the game. Download gba roms (Gameboy Advance ROMs) for android here (This is an external link found online, download at your wn risk).

Download GBA.emu ($4.99)
GBA.emu contains a few more features, in that you can use a physical Bluetooth/USB controller to control the games and can also transfer games from internal storage to the SD card whenever you wish.


Download GENPlusDroid (Free)
If you want to play your favorite Sega Genesis games optimally, GENPlusDroid is the emulator for you. As with most of the others in this list, physical Bluetooth/USB controllers are supported in addition to two player support.


2600.emu android emulator app
Download 2600.emu (Free)
When you want to play your favorite Atari 2600 games, 2600.emu is exactly what you need. Supporting physical Bluetooth/USB gamepad and keyboards, this emulator also has configurable on-screen multi-touch controls so you can play any way you desire!

There are more emulator apps for Android available out there, but these are the best emulators for android on the list above will allow you to bring back your childhood time right into your pocket. Enjoy!
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    Pretty lackluster list. Can’t say I agree with the picks, either. But it was a good attempt.

  • what kind of mong will pay for an emulator?
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    • Marty Dinkleberg

      hello reddit

  • AdikRahman

    What about MyBoy and MyOldBoy emulators?
    They are the best GB,GBC and GBA emulators 🙂

  • My vote goes with PPSSPP and DraStic DS Emulator. Both are awesome game emulators for Android.

  • Jake

    “NES.emu is the best choice.”
    “RetroArch is the best choice of this list”

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    You forgot PSP Emu?

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      Just look for them in the PlayStore or look for APKs! I haven’t paid for my emus!

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    PPSSPP works amazing for PSP, ESPX for Playstation

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    All of the Emus listed above you can get for free!