A list of Best Apps For Managing Permissions on your android device. Download the following apps to control privacy on android.

Among hundreds of thousands of apps on the playstore, some developers use a part of the permissions they ask for their apps to work for marketing purposes. Fortunately with the help of some software you are able to keep a close eye on those required permissions and deny those that seem to invade your privacy.

We have selected some of the best android permission management apps that we strongly recommend using.

1. App Ops Starter

App Ops Starter android permission management app

For Android this app manages hidden permissions and can enable or disable those you feel that invade your piracy. It uses a great interface and is very intuitive to handle. The app only takes 203 kb in storage space and is completely free. The only problem is that it does not support the multiuser feature very well yet. More features will be added soon, as promised by the developer. Download App Ops (Free).

2. Permission Manager


Another great app that works by using basically the same principle. It uses a stylish holo interface that allows for swiping with left and right gestures. Once you find the app you are looking for simply deny it its permission if you feel it is out of place. The interesting part is that it offers detailed analysis of 5 most dangerous apps and is compatible with Android 4.3. Download Permission Manager (Free).

3. Fake Permissions


One very interesting idea is to provide fake permissions to the apps that at not trust worthy. This app does just that for the ones you select in an easy and highly convenient manner. It also displays hidden permissions and allows for uninstalling the unwanted apps. Android 4.3 compatibility allows it to provide a list of suspicions apps. The developer note: “FOR THIS SERVICE TO RUN PROPERLY YOU MUST RESTART YOUR PHONE ONCE YOU ACTIVATE THE SERVICE.” Download Fake Permissions (Free).

4. Mobile Security & Antivirus

On top of being one of the best security suites available on the Android platform Avast can also handle privacy very efficiently. It displays a list of potential threats for the system and provides the options to uninstall or deny certain permissions. You can ” Get insights about installed apps and understand your apps’ access rights and intentions.” It can also (among many other features) detect ads and pin protect apps. Download Mobile Security (Free).

5. Clueful Privacy Advisor


One that can save you from the trouble of reading all the reviews for an app to make sure it is safe. It displays a detailed list of all potential threats, viruses, apps that cost money, track your location and more. The interface is highly intuitive and it comes from the developer of another highly popular software suite – Bitdefender. It prevents apps coming from developers that look to gain profit the easy way by blocking their apps from reading your passwords, browsing history, credit card info, SMS messages and much more. Download Clueful (Free).

Keep your data secure and feel safe with the apps mentioned above. You should also check out more top quality android apps in our best free android app lists section.