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Looking for Best Mp3 downloader for android to Download Free Music?

Top 5 Free Android Apps to Download

Most of us love listening to music, singing along with it and dancing to the beat. And now technology makes it more fun and accessible as smartphones replaces mp3 Player or any portable music devices.

Since mobile network started to serve high speed data and wi-fi networks readily available around us, it becomes easier to do things on the phone what we used to do on the desktop. Back in times we used to download music on the computer then transfer them to phone. But now we can download songs from internet directly to the phone and to make this task easier there are apps allowing search for songs and download them.

Top 5 Free Android Apps to Search and download free music on android.

Here you go, checkout these mp3 downloader android apps below which allows to download Music and Mp3 songs on your Android for FREE.

4shared Music

The familiar online file sharing service got their own mp3 downloader app. A dedicated music file search app which filter mp3 files from millions of files database and lets you download them on android devices. 4shared Music also offers 15GB space to upload your favourite songs and stream them on the go. A must download for music lovers.

Download 4shared Music app here

Music Maniac – Mp3 Downloader

Download FreeMusicDownload Android App

Another highest rated free music downloader available on android market. With Free Music Download app for Android search and download millions of FREE music and MP3s from public search engine! Listen your favorite songs. Simple but does what it should do. A very good Download free music MP3 App.

Download Music Maniac app here

Tunee Music Downloader

tunee music

It has been a long time since the last time I found a best mp3 downloader for Android that accomplishes a minimum standards of quality. For this reason I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Tunee Music. I haven’t noticed any fake song, although there will probably be some, since it’s based on multi search engine mp3 downloader and sound quality is acceptable in all the song I’ve downloaded.

Download Tunee Music app apk here

Music Download Paradise Mp3

Music Download Paradise Mp3 app for android

This is great app search copyleft MP3 music and download them on any android device. Music Download Paradise Mp3 app got a simple design but in terms of the functionality the app does the great job. Though downloading song takes longer, the best thing is you will find the song you are looking for. The app also comes With a free music player and a music download manager that supports multiple downloads simultaneously.

Download Music Download Paradise Mp3 app here

Download Copyleft music MP3

Download Copyleft music MP3 for android

One the most rated and download android mp3 downloader app. The app offers Download Classical Music of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and many more. You will also find music hard to find with other apps available on play store. Built-in audio player allows to listen music and Manage your MP3 music songs library.

Download Copyleft music MP3 app here

GTunes Music

Download GTunes Music Andorid App

GTunes Music Android App has a simple interface to search, download and play millions of free and legal quality MP3 music on public domains,such as,, and so on. The best part of the app is it allows you to create your own ringtone and assign to contact.

Download GTunes Music app here

MP3 Music Download Pro

Downlaod MP3 Music Download Pro Android App

With Downlaod MP3 Music Download Pro Android App you can search through millions of FREE MP3 available and FREE MUSIC for mp3 download, all from free public search engine and download music!  The application allows search and downlaod music & lyric & Album cover, multi-thread download, you can download 3 songs at the same time. We have a really cool feature where you can cut the songs you downloaded and set them as ringtones. You only need an active Data connection!

Download MP3 Music pro app here

Mp3 Music Downloader

Dowload Music Download Android App

Now a days there is a lot of websites which offers download free and legal musics, audio from them. But we need free music apps for android.  MP3 Music Download is an application which will allow you to download hundreds of thousands free and legal songs from these sites. You can even read the lyric while listening!

Download Music Download app

All 5 Android music download Apps above are Free. Hope you will enjoy downloading Mp3s. To Download them head to Android Market link added in each app.

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    • I agree put it back on the market :0( i had to reset my phone and when i came to put it back on my phone it was not there .cant even remember their name to search online for it

    • Seriously .. The MP3 Music Box Pro needs to be added back to the market. I dropped my phone and had to get a new one and now i lost my FAVE app that was offered. Nice one Google — a lot of UNHAPPY customers.

  1. I had the MP3 Music Downloader offered in my market on my HTC Thunderbolt but accidentally removed the app….now I cant get it back…can you help me with any suggestions you may have to do so…

    • All you guys have to do is go to the on ur android phone and dl the app that u want. Fuck android market and google.

        • Hey, dude 4shared is actually a very good website to download free stuff.
          the only real shame(yet a good securtiy measure) is that you have to have an account to download anything.
          and maybe its not the website that sucks, maybe its your phone. cuz my cousin has that phone and well, it sucks..
          but on my LG Optimus Elite, i stayed logged in to 4shared so all i have to do is download and there you go.

      • U r awesome! It seems like I just discovered a friend in this 4shared website. It took like 90 secs and I have this app that I’ve been looking for. PHUCK Droid market is right!

      • Awesome! It worked, downloaded Music Box Pro and it took about 28 seconds for the whole process from to searching for the app to download and install…thanks a bunch.

    • If anyone is still looking for music mp3 downloader go to this link and just download and just so you know if you don’t already go to settings then applications and then hit unknown sources and then that should allow any downloads off of the Android market,

  2. MP3 Music Downloader is still on my phone but you can’t actually get any music off it, any more. It won’t play or let you download songs :(

    • they must’ve removed that app… just like they did my other music app free music download but try mp3 download lite its still working but not much variety on my kind of music :/

    • I have mp3 music download on my samsung indulge but it doesn’t work anymore when I type in a song or artist it say’s no results found and the same thing for music downloads that really sucks!!

  3. it seems they pulled all music downloading apps off the market. i tried all the qr codes above and they a]say the app is no longer available

    • @Eric & Nancy…I called my provider to confirm the terrible news and YEP…NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Ain’t that about a booger??? I say they need to bring these apps back because they were good. Improve upon what was already good…just sayin.

  4. No music downloads, android sucks that’s why I got a smart phone, o well waiting on new toy to download music not even looking at apps anymore, pointless

  5. Wtf…why does life have to be so cruel to us…all I want is my music…justice needs to be served…FREE MUSIC NOW…

  6. ‘Music totally’ stopped working on my LG Ally 070811 & I am in shock. It took me weeks to find this app to be the best of the rest & now its gone? The need for greed returns. Welcome back to the 90′s. The regressive cycle that this country is locked in now has taken another victim or group of victims, if you will & turned its back upon those who are partially responsible for its successes. Shame on you oligarchs.

  7. So I have my second LG optimus an on my first one I had free music download that would download songs an I could make them into my own ringtone. Now I can’t find the app and on every music download it wont let me download anything ugh wtf……

  8. @ Roy, what red word? I followed the link & all it has is options ta pay… Wtf , this sh.. Is wack. All I want is a decent music downloading app. Mp3 downloader & Music Box were truly the best. But it back on there dammit & quit playing with our emotions! =/

  9. SO what is the most current app that allows free downloading of music on the android RIGHT NOW?

    Thanks everyone!

    • Girl none ! If you have a friend that already has one of these apps , tell them to share it with you.( don’t know if you know how but Thats what I did, now I have music box back :)

      • ….soo if someone still has it on their phone they can do the app share and I can get my gtunes back! *squeal*

  10. If you can find the mp3 download online, such as on, download the file, and it will give you the option to play online or download.

  11. OMG just reset my gaLaxy S and my favorite apps of all times gtunes and ringtones dnt exist anymore straight bullshit… Sprint CS could have warned ME

  12. such a shame that they took away music downloader, it was my life saver! but ive downloaded on my HTC and it seems to be working.

  13. Everyone just go download 4 share and you can get the music box application through it, may be able to get the others too I’m not sure

    • Got the 4 share but all it enables me to do is to upload my music. Do I have to pay to get the ability to download too?

  14. never mindd!!! i found itt! YAYY thank you sooo much, i am soo happy i can final thave my music back on my fone(: its amazinggggg

  15. If you go to 4 Shared GTunes is there. Also the link that was posted for Music Box is good, but you do have to check your settings before downloading.

  16. why are all these apps gone? I had to reset my phone and I can’t find any of them… I wonder if they know how many people have been upset by this?
    By the way, would the app still work if it’s already been installed on someone else’s phone?

  17. I’ve also noticed that all these sites are legal so why would any of them be removed? I mean if they say that they’re legal, google has no REAL way to check so they can’t be held liable for anything

  18. Is there any free app on the market place that is like Music Box to where you can download free music. All i can find now are music players which I don’t want because the phone already comes with a fine player. I just need free music. Thanks for any help

  19. Okay so I’m tired of trying to find free music download apps, where r the cheap apps. I got $5 on it.

  20. Okay, which Gtunes version to get on my Acer Android 2.1, there are several versions on 4shared

  21. Limewire is back !
    Limewire Pirate Edition ! :D
    Dont miss out on it, enjoy it before they take it away again.

  22. I personally LOVED the MusicOnline Lite app, but it was taken off the android market, they NEED to bring that one back!

  23. With 4shared you can download from market then search for music box. Download the file that has an apk extension a white sheet of paper appears as the icon in front of it. long press on the file and save to my account. when u open 4shared homepage it’s the only app that appears click on it and it will start to download. installed on my phone and works great. thanks to the people with previous comments they helped!

  24. I tried the viki but it says MP3 Music Download could not be installed on this phone…….HTC HERO….Please help

  25. I’M PISSED!!!! I downloaded MP3 Music Downloader (you know…the black and red colored one?) …Anyway, I had to do a factory reset on my phone because it was acting crazy and when I went to reinstall my apps, MY MP3 MUSIC DOWNLOAD app WAS GONE AND APPARENTLY NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE??? WTF PEOPLE??? Can’t they just leave well enough alone??? This is bullcorn!!! All the good apps get removed and replaced with lesser apps. Knock it the hell off!!!

    …Get the picture?? We want it back…like…yesterday!!!

  27. i just downloaded TubeX and basically it is youtube but u type in songs you want and the video for the song shows up (like on youtube) than u can download the audio as an mp3 and save it as an mp3 for free and than u can play it whenever. Its great quality.

  28. Search for “tubemate” it is a YouTube video downloader that saves videos in either mp4 or mp3. search the song on YouTube, hit download mp3 and voila.

  29. Looks like spotify premium for me man, nothing free seems to be out there. If anyone knows of anything decent let us know man

  30. Yeah i know but the main reason people use android is because you can actually do more on there for free, now they are taking away free music and replacing it with their own copy of itunes.. they will loose a lot of customers!

  31. Guys just use so you can download music from youtube. Its free. No logging required. Just copy paste the URL (wont work with ”.m”, use the share option –> Text message –> so you can get the right URL. Have fun. The quality is good. probably not perfect

    • Get tunee, it finds everything!! It found songs that all of the popular one could not, I Use it all the time!!!

  32. Do you know what app for android which can make your own ringtone? I have made my own ringtone twice, but now I can’t made my own ringtone anymore, because I have delete that app

  33. My android screwed up and had to get another one the guy said all my problems were with media so I would not download music box pro and if you have if delete it and find something new.

  34. No app to download songs, but you might like our brand new radio app. 4000+ international radio stations and we are constantly adding new ones. Can’t find your favorite – we’ll add it for you. Maybe you wanna check it out and tell us what you think : )

  35. face it, android isn’t going to “lose a lot of customers” because the only effective alternative is Apple, who’s more anal about charging users. Android is still your best bet, so don’t flip a tit cuz you can’t get free music. I used to have the MusicBox app, and my phone got reset. When I found out that the app is off the market, I got pissed, but I decided that it’s not worth freaking out over. Life goes on. Use Pandora or Spotify or something >_>

  36. Hello my family member! I wish to say that this article is amazing, great written and include approximately all significant infos. I’d like to see extra posts like this .

      • all the ones I used or download aren’t working any more but sometimes on music maniac if you search in external search it works but sometimes it doesn’t have the song but most of the time it does. I cant find fancy. I am getting pissed

  37. Gtunes is off of the android market :( out of all my music downloader apps it was the most useful/valid one for me!!!

  38. Neither is GTunes. My Mom has it on her phone, I cant get it on my phone. I have the DROID 3. They got rid of that.

  39. Does anyone know what happen to freemusicdownload? It just quit working and after I replaced it, I couldn’t find it again. I have an LG Vortex and I love that app. Now its gone. How come all the best apps are removed. Freemusicdownload was great. I guess when they removed it, it just quit working. Sucks big rocks. Any suggestions on a comparable app.

  40. they r aszholes…SMH!! it’s bad enough we got to pay a lot for our bill annd now no free music @@@$$%!!!

  41. I don’t care if I have to pay for the music. I just want a convenient music downloader so I don’t have to hook up to my computer every time I want a song.

  42. All you people whinning about these apps being gone, install PandaApp and search them, they will be there

  43. This app MP3 music download PRO has started using Air Push ads. It will bombard your phone with ads thru the notification feature on your phone. I tried to contact the developer and the link goes to a site that has nothing to do with them. It worked great and I installed it in December 2011. They had an update last week and BAM I got an ad every 15 minutes or so in my notifications. Hate it now and uninstalled it.

  44. best music downloader I use so far is tune music just type in music junk and it should come up & I also use music downloader pro . Best ones to download lots of great music in there .

  45. Tunee Music now has air push ads sent to your notifications on your phone. I don’t mind ads, but dang stop sending through the notification feature.

  46. I honestly hate Gtunes, it was good at one point but no more, cannot find what I search for and theres rarely any full songs

  47. i have in my hand my smartphone right now… i am using mp3 download… i am looking at all the awesomeness on this very web page… and trying to download music on my smart phone as i type this… and i cant get any music… while looking at the “awsome” app on this web page and im thinking to myself… im trying to use this product right now… how are you so “awsome” if your product doesn’t even work right in front of your face…

  48. i REALLY WANT to have one of this apps, i have a xperia s and i really don’t want to screw it up… do this apps slow the phone, or waste battery or something? someone tell me pls! thanks a lot guys:)

  49. Hi,
    I AGREE MUSIC BOX PRO WAS THE BEST,And MP3 MusicBox is no longer on the Market .Put it back to the Market ..!!

  50. It seems to me that like the music industry doesn’t like music sharing over the internet, loss of revenue.the people who make software only want you’re visa number also, fucking spongers.go get pills for your ocd.

  51. Is it just me or did anyone else not click on any of these app links because the description was to poorly written to understand? I appreciate what this guy is doing but he needs a translator to help him fix this page

  52. This article is dated June 3, 2014, but all of the links are dead and some comments are three years old. Fucking click-bait piece of shit.

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