Download Pokemon Android Game Ultimate Edition Apk


Love Pokemon game? Want a Pokemon Android Game? Pokemon Game Ultimate Edition apk now available for Android.

If you are one of those who wants to play the popular Pokemon game on android devices then we know you are disappointed by not founding any of the game for android. Since there is no official pokemon  game available for android devices and we don’t see the possibility of seeing pokemon on android from the Japanese company.

Fortunately a few developer tried to develop some unofficial pokemon inn their own and published them. Such a game called Pokemon Game Ultimate Edition were developed by xda member jenod.

The game is still in Beta and contain bugs. Hopefully after collecting feedback from users the developer will improve the game in next version. Enjoy!
Pokemon Game Ultimate Edition Android features:
-online battle mode, pokemon para android
-conversation mode
-indigo league pokemons
-pokemon attacks are optimized according to type
-pokemon learns new attacks as level ups

Downlaod Pokemon Game Ultimate Edition game for Android      Screenshot of Pokemon Game Ultimate Edition for Android

NOTE: in online mode don’t force close the application, you have to wait. And it seems to be like freeze, but it will work. please be patient while in online mode! If you close the game in middle the server is crashing.

Recent changes in Pokemon Game Ultimate Edition for Android:
– city 3 added
– you can go to previous city by clicking on the blank space of the map
– the level up mechanism bug fixed.
– new pokemons added

Pokemon Game Ultimate Edition is a Free Android Game.

Pokemon Game Ultimate Edition was developed for Android by Jeno Manickam D
Package name : com.PokemonGame.apk
File size: 6.3MB

  • alextlof

    use Happy Bay app u can play pokemon games

  • Bennis. R

    I want to play a pokemon battle game but this one is freezed more than an hour. Try to rectify the problem.

  • give the game to me

  • dxfhnjh

    Its freezed please help me. what i need to do?

  • jrtyjdtyhh


  • Fiero

    I’ve been playing Blood Brothers, come check it out!It’s like a combination of VAMPIRE FANTASY RPG and POKEMON / Digimon.The game has great graphics, gameplay, animation, storyline, Monster / Familiar Evolution,PVP battles and regular events in which you can win rare familiars. It also has a tutorial to help beginners.
    You can download the app from the link. There’s an item waiting for you, so use my Invite ID [XPJyV] when you start up the game for a rare familiar some free stuff! Also u can message me any time if u need help or game tips.

  • pranav

    there is no game here , where did u all got this game from . pls reply .

  • vishal

    When will the game update??????

  • gaurav

    please need updates soon

  • pratap

    awesome game…^_-…!!!!

  • sayed kasim

    i like this game very much,thank u to the sponsor who developed this game

  • Sebbe

    This was the worst game i ever played, if you want to play pokemon on your phone just download gamebiod and use it rather then use this crappy game.

    • Chris

      I cant find the gamebiod thing everyone is talking about -.-