Learn How to set default Apps install location to sd card in Android and Move existing Apps to SD (External Memory).

Whenever you try to install a new Apps on Android it automatically goes to internal storage memory by default. But with a little trick you can force the device to install apps on external SD card by default so you don’t have to move the apps manually. The following trick also allows to move almost any apps to sd, you have currently installed on the device. The best thing is that it can be done without rooting the device. The processing require a device running on Android 2.2 or later version, usb cable and a PC.

install android apps to sd card and move apps to sd

Before we proceed to the tutorial, check if you have Oracle’s Java JDK installed on your computer, if not download and install then install Google’s Android SDK on your computer. Now follow the steps described below.

  1. First Enable USB debugging on your Android device from Settings menu to Applications > select Development then tap the checkbox for USB Debugging.
    enable usb debugging on android
  2. Now launch the SDK Manager from your Start menu on the computer.
  3. To get done our task we have to use ADB utility in Android sdk which isn’t installed by default. Browse through Android SDK Platform-tools package – select the package then click Install button to download and install it.
    install android adb on pc
  4. Now you may connect your Android device to your computer with USB cable. Windows should locate the device and install the appropriate drivers automatically. If it doesn’t, you may have to download and install drivers from manufacturer’s website. Do not mount the device after connecting it – just plug it in.
  5. Use adb utility by Open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to the android-sdk\platform-tools folder. You will find the folder under C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools by default. Check C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools if you’re using a 32-bit version of Windows.
    Using ADB on windows
  6. Launch a Command Prompt window in this folder by pressing and holding the Shift button, right-clicking inside the folder, and selecting Open command window here.
    Using ADB command prompt
  7. Type the following command and run it to see the connected device.
    adb devices
    change android apps install location
  8. Now Run the following command to set the default install location to your SD card
    adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2
    change android apps install location with adb
  9. The above command will change the default install location to external memory but if you want revert the change to original location run following command.
    adb shell pm setInstallLocation 0

Taht’s it! After running “adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2” command, install a new app and it will be installed onSD card.

Move Apps to SD Card:

To move your existing apps to sd card go to setting menu then Applications > Manage Applications, you will see the list of installed apps. Select the app you want to move and tap the Move button on its details screen.

Now you know How to Install Android Applications on SD Card. Install as many apps you wanted without free up space by deleting apps.


  1. Works perfect! If the device isn’t listed, you need to install Google’s USB drivers. They are also in the SDK Manager!

  2. This worked perfect. Only change I had to make:
    adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2 should be adb shell pm set-install-location 2

    i.e. with ‘-‘ and no caps.

  3. I tried it and got 2[external]. But when i move NFS most wanted to sd card only app moves with 76 mb data… is there anyway to get the rest of data move. I tried manullay but the game show error and start download data again

  4. adb server is out of date. killing…
    * daemon started successfully *
    List of devices attached

    Thats what i get , HELP!!!!!!!!

  5. thank you very mush
    Although it’s appear an error ” unknown command setinstalllocation ” but worked good

  6. i tried it but it does not work as intially my some apps can be movable to sd but it does not moves completely so therefore it is just crap to do all these things juust throw your mobile buy new mobile with 16 gb storage . i thought that why apple is freaky about giving a slot to sd card and the reason is here any ways just dont waste time on this tricks and just buy a good and little bit costly mobile then you can enjoy the android experience

  7. Doesn’t work for Android 4.1.2… sad….
    (Heard that Samsung has provided firmwire update on it, but not HTC, the one that I am using…)

  8. how to transfer files from internal memory to sd on SAMSUNG GALAXY GT-I5503 … without rooting ….. Z4ROOT & ANDROOT …. not working as they show virus

  9. i’ve download it and when i tried to install game from gameloft, it installed on external sd card but when u run the game u need to download additional requirement.. somehow the game download them onto the internal sd card which showed insufficient space… what should i do?? is it the mod install location not compatible with my samsung galaxy s or actually it only installed game on sd card but the additional requirement are downloaded onto internal??

  10. i use nexus one and it automatic update to 2.2.1 and download modinstallocation but when i root to external and try to save it doesn;t allow me . it saids system fails

  11. It’s not on the market. Would be a usefull application to have. I have filled the internal memory of my brandnew HTC Desire in 3 days and then the phone acted up without giving an error message to indicate that memory was full. I then installed an (unnecessary) update which stopped the phone working, with a 3 week turn to the manufacturer.

    • Yo men u found Mod Install for Nfs ? Samsung galaxy ifigenia u have thatcher 😉 its cool game 10 pts


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