10 Best Planting Apps for Android

The best plant care apps and gardening apps to keep your plants alive and well

Best Planting Apps for Android

Planting is why you are here. Through plants, you get the food you eat, some of the clothes you wear, and the drugs that heal you when you are feeling unwell. You are one of the people keeping like going on earth, and you have my thanks for that. You can take your planting skills to another level through planting apps. These apps provide crucial tips, plant identifying, plant calendars.

What are the best gardening companion apps?

This article will guide you with the best planting apps that will take your planting to the next level.

Urban Veggie Garden

Price: Free
Screenshot of   Urban veggie garden mobile app
Screenshot of Urban veggie garden mobile app

City life doesn’t always mix with planting, but with the Urban Veggie Garden, being in a city wouldn’t stop you from planting. The app will give you tips on planting in the city. You can use your balcony, terrace, or any other choice location you have around the house. Consider the app like your virtual assistant as it would help you plan when you need to prepare seeders, transplant, and harvest your veggies.

Feeling overwhelmed with the planting? No problem. I enjoyed using the app’s super helpful videos to learn to solve planting problems. In addition, you have access to experienced city farmers who are more than eager to help you out.

Plantix – your crop doctor

Price: Free
Screenshot of Plantix - your crop doctor app
Screenshot of Plantix – your crop doctor app

When you get an app like this, your produce level and quality as a planter will double. You see, this app is great for identifying diseases in certain crops and how you can treat those diseases. This feature alone is enough, but there’s more. You will also learn about the peculiar pest that targets certain plants. All you have to do is take a photo of the sick crop.

However, the app only identifies the diseases and pests of the plants that are only included on the app which seems to cover the most common problems. Also, aside from the crop doctor feature, you can improve your yield with the crop cultivation tips on the app. In addition, you can get information on an accurate amount of fertilizers to use on your plant and when to water them. The best part is all of this for free. No subscription or in-app payment.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Screenshot of   PlantSnap plant identification app
Screenshot of PlantSnap plant identification app

PlantSnap is one of the best plant identification apps that primarily helps you identify various plants. Neat, isn’t it? However, it can be tedious to use as you have to frame your picture in a certain way to get results. But if you get those framing right, boy, are you in for a treat! 

This app has a library of 600,000 plant species, including rate plants! And its developers have stepped up to add other features. You can now learn how to plant and tend to plants. Heck, now you can even plant trees. Okay, the app isn’t completely free as you would have to make some in-app purchases, but it’s worth it with its features. 

Gardroid – Vegetable Garden

Price: Free with ads
Screenshot of   Gardroid - Vegetable Gardening app
Screenshot of Gardroid – Vegetable Gardening app

I wish this app would give you notifications to tell you certain things about your plants – for instance, a reminder of the plant growth timeline. But, I am content with checking the app myself from time to time because this app saves me from googling all the time. 

Gardroid app ups your planting game by miles. It will teach you the best planting periods, how to care for your plant, and crop spacing. It has a note section where you can write notes and provide harvesting periods. You have to pay to unlock the app’s premium version and get access to more tips.


Price: Free

Water and fertilizer are crucial for plants, and Gardenia would always remind you of that. However, you can also create notifications for other tasks such as pruning, using pesticides, re-potting, and harvesting.

 I love an app that spares me the details and is practical. Gardenia offers just that as you get the direct information you need about your plants and how to take care of them. Click a plant on Gardenia, and you get a pictogram-like display that gives you the care guide for that plank. All of these features you get without paying.


Price: Free / Offers IAP
Screenshot of Blossom - Plant Identification app for android
Screenshot of Blossom – Plant Identification app for android

Want to identify a strange plant? Blossom is a better Plant Identification app. Take a picture while on this app and solve the mystery as you get a result from the 10,000 plants in this app’s library. If you want to include new plants in your library, this app has an explore tap to discover new plants.

Boost your planting skills as you learn about the type of soil, humidity, and temperature a plant likes. Also, find out how much you have to water a particular plant and how you can pot or re-pot if need be. Also, get regular reminders on when to water and fertilize your plants. No more forgetting for you. Also, you can get more out of the plant identification and unlimited reminders when you pay for the premium version.

Sowing Calendar

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Amazing, neatly designed, and detailed. This app is what you have been waiting for to reach your farming potential. You get all the information you need to plant and harvest the best vegetables. You will be able to plant at the right time get notifications about plant growth and a 7-day weather forecast.

Most farmers face the problems of their plants dying, but with the apps P & D finder, you can promptly stamp out killer plants and pests. To enjoy this app fully, you have to make in-app purchases. 

Vera Plant Care

Price: Free
Screenshot of Vera- Plant Care Made Simple app
Screenshot of Vera- Plant Care Made Simple app

Plant Care Made Simple that’s the promise of the Vera app which seems aimed at the pros. Confident of your skills as a farmer? Then download this planting and gardening app. You control everything in this app. It is more of a journal for you. You take pictures of your plants, log how you take care of them and do other activities. You can create a timeline of watering and fertilizing and set reminders. This app makes you feel like a scientist. You would enjoy using it. 

Moon & Garden

Price: Free

Are you in the city, and you want to be a gardener? Rest easy. You achieve your dreams with the Moon and Garden app. This app will help you learn gardening if you are new to it or even improve your skills. You will have access to expert gardeners who are more than willing to help you out. Plus, the app contains tips for the most popular crops globally, as you can easily learn how to maximize your harvest. 


Price: Free / Offers IAP from $0.99
Screenshot of NatureID- Plant Identification app
Screenshot of NatureID- Plant Identification app

If you can look past the compulsory provision of payment details before using this app for free for about 3 days, then you will be amazed at what this app gives. Fortunately, the app is cheaper than most apps. Although the app is first and foremost a plant identifier, it also offers general and specific plant care. 

As a plant identifier, it offers an impressive number of matches. As a plant care app, you will learn how to keep your plant healthy with different reminders on what you should do. Watering, fertilizing and other plant needs become easier. Need more? You can even discover diseases and diagnose your plant. Visit the app blog to get more information on plant care. Tell me? Why are you still waiting? Go download. 

These are the best planting apps we recommend you download and become a better farmer. Also, suggest your favorite plant care apps in the comments below.

Khaled Shariar
Khaled Shariar
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