Android multi tool: Download and How to use the latest version with Driver

Android Multi Tools v1.02b for Pattern/Password Remover of Android Phone without deleting data

Android Multi Tool v1.02b for Pattern/Password Remover

Securing a smartphone is as important as protecting any personal document. But what if you as owner forget the secure code and cannot access your own smartphone? While Pin and patterns are the basic security measures offered by a smartphone. It is highly likely for someone to forget it easily. Hence, android multi-tools can help to access the phone without erasing any of the content.

What is the Android multi tool?

Android Multi Tool is free to use software that works great on a computer and allows the user to perform a wide range of action on the Android Device such as:

  • Wipe user data in case of being locked out of the Android Device
  • Disable all sorts of Android lock screen without needing to lose any significant data.
  • Check out about the hardware and software that has been running on the device.
  • Easily reset the device without the requirement of any complicated button combinations.
  • Help Fix issues like way too many pattern attempts.
  • In short, using this tool allows the user to regain access over their Android Device without any complications.

Features of Android Multi Tools

Android Multi Tool has many features. Below you will find the features come as default for version 1.02b and later on.

Check Device: This function checks whether the device is connected to the PC. If the device is connected yet not showing, then you are required to check the cable to make sure that USB debugging is enabled on the phone.

Reset Password/ PIN Lock: This feature unlocks the Face ID or the Pin. It works on Android 4.1 and above and the only way to bypass face ID is by using Multi Tools.

Reset Face/Gesture Lock: Same as above, this feature also helps the user to unlock Face or Gesture that includes patters or any other methods of screen unlocking. Available on Android 4.1 and higher, after unlocking you need to disable it in the security menu.

Reset Gmail: This feature helps in resetting the Gmail information if you have entered the wrong details. As a result, the Gmail and Google Account gets reset.

Wipe Data: This feature is used to wipe all data from the phone. Remember this feature will completely wipe all data so before starting the process, better backup the data.

Reboot device: This will restart the device and boot it into normal mode. Also, using this feature, one can turn on Android Phone without Power Button.

Check Device On Fastboot Mode: Just like Check device from above. This function checks the device connection under Fastboot mode.

Exit Fastboot Mode: Choosing this option will allow the user to exit the Fastboot mode and reset the device.

Go To Command Prompt: Choosing this option will allow the user to exit Multi Tools and go back to the normal command prompt on the PC.

Software Info: This option will let the user know about the software version, the firmware version, and the ROM installed on the current Android Device.

Hardware Info: This option determines the hardware info of the device such as touch screen, Camera. Wi-Fi, IC number, and many more.

Report/Contact Me: This option will help the user get in touch with the developer to report and submit any bugs or errors found in the software.

Drive Download: This allows the user to download all the necessary drivers that may be required to be installed on the PC.

Help: This option will download a help guide in a .rtf format that has all the necessary information to help out with the software.

What are the System Requirements to run the Android Multi Tool?

To run this software, you need a computer running on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. An active internet connection to download Android Tools. A USB cable to connect with the mobile. Android phone drivers to connect through USB.

How to Download Android Multi Tools and Drivers

Get the latest version of Android Multi Tools v1.02b with driver. For Smooth Functioning of Android Multi Tools, the Android SDK is required on a computer. It is advisable to download and install the Android SDK beforehand. Once Android SDK is installed, simply install the software and move forward to run the use of the software.

How to Use Android Multi-Tool

How to Use Android Multi-Tool
  • To use the software, the user must enable USB Debugging mode on their device. If you do not know how then check out this article. For those who have Debugging mode enabled, you can skip this step.
  • After the USB debugging mode is enabled, it is required to connect the android device to the PC via a high-speed USB cable and then move forward with the following steps.
  • Go to the folder where Android Multi Tool zip file is downloaded and extract or unzip the file.
  • Navigate through the folder and click on Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe and run the program.
  • Upon running the program, a command prompt terminal window will pop up. As displayed in the picture below, you can select your desired option, and the processing of the option will take place.
How to use Android Multi tool
  • For Example, press 1 to check device status which shows all the basic information such as device ID and IMEI, etc.
  • Press 2 to Reset Password or Pin lock, the most used feature. Follow the instructions you can deactivate and remove the password or pin on a device.
  • With 3, you can wipe face data or gesture lock if that is what was used to lock the device.
  • Pressing 4 allows resetting the Google ID associated with the device
  • A quick press of the 5 key will wipe all the data on-device storage and brought back to factory reset.
  • Pressing the 7 displays the status of the device when it is in fastboot mode, helpful when flashing TWRP and custom Roms.
  • However, be careful as selecting the wrong option in case of wiping or resetting my lead to dire consequences.


That’s all you need to know about Android Multi Tools. This guide is helpful for anyone who may have forgotten their pin or pattern lock and do not want to factory reset their phones. As for the software, It offers a comprehensive set of features for any android users and can easily be addressed as a one-stop solution for various Android issues on an Android Device.

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