Download Gameloft’s Android Game for Free (Labor Day game giveaway)

Gameloft Free Game Giveaway

Gameloft just announced an exciting news on their blog. For the Labor Day (September 5), the company just started a new promotion from today which will allow Android users to download popular Gameloft game for Free. The promo will last until Seotember 5th. All you have to do just follw the steps below:

  • Follow Gameloft on Twitter
  • Like Gameloft on Facebook

That’s because at random times, Gameloft will announce on those sites a game that they’re giving away. From the moment of the announcement, you’ll have 2 hours to download the game for FREE! In addition to the free games, all of the Gameloft games are on sale for just 0.99 cents. Normally Gameloft game price $3,99 to $6,99. So, if there’s ever been a gameloft android game you interested in, buy now from the special promo link:
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