Clarus Battery Android Downlaod Widget v1.2

Clarus Battery is a minimal, transparent battery charge and temperature widget for your Android Phone and Tablet. The line colors (below charge, temperature) changes based on battery charge and temperature
Options include disabling background, changing text color and temperature in F/C

Download Clarus Battery Android Widget      Screenshot of Clarus Battery Android Widget

The colors change as follows: Blue (good),Green,Yellow,Orange,Red(bad)
Recent changes in : Displaying Temperature is now optional.
Note: Widget needClarus Battery Androids to be re-added.

Clarus Battery was developed for Android by Konsentia
Package name : Clarus.Battery.apk
File size: 35KB

Download Clarus Battery Android Widget v1.2
Clarus Battery Android apk

Clarus Battery is a Free Android Widget. Download Clarus Battery from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.