15 Best Free Car maintenance apps for Android to help you on your way

LAST UPDATED: June 25, 2019

Avoid that sinking feeling when you get a flat tire, or the car won’t start by using a car maintenance app!

Car maintenance should be one of the most important aspects of owning a car, but many of us neglect it because of a lack of time or know-how, or because we’re trying to save a bit of money. However, we all know that it’s essential to look after our cars to ensure a safe driving experience and avoid unnecessary breakdowns when we least need them.

What are the best car management apps?

If you’ve meant to increase your knowledge of car maintenance, want help with finding someone to do it for you, or want to keep track of your fuel consumption and expenses, using an Android app fit for the purpose is a great idea. These offer a quick, convenient solution to many of the issues that can arise, straight to your fingertips via your smartphone or tablet. Some also offer reminders of when it’s time to change the oil, tires, or simply take the vehicle for a service.

To avoid that sinking feeling when you simply haven’t taken care of minor car maintenance jobs and can’t start your vehicle to get to an important event, you might want to consider downloading one or more of the many apps available on the Google Play Store. Take a look at our 15 best car maintenance apps for Android devices that will help you on your way.


This simple app is very highly rated by users, as shown by its 4.6-star rating on the Google Play Store. It offers clear step-by-step instructions for a variety of car maintenance jobs, such as how to change the engine oil, how to check the fluids of the car, how to change the cabin filter, and of course how to change a flat tire. The step-by-step approach, accompanied with images showing you exactly what to expect, makes the various tasks easy enough to follow.


Drivvo has a huge amount to offer to its users and is also highly rated. It will enable you to save money through managing the costs of vehicle maintenance and service costs and features a fuel mileage calculator to keep track of kilometers/liters for all types of fuels including Gas, Gas Premium, Diesel, Ethanol, and Electric. It will show your car’s average fuel consumption per day, your monthly expenses and more.

Further features include total odometer reading or input for trip mileage, support for fill-up expenses for both business and personal use, statistics and charts enabling financial control, vehicle maintenance records and reminders, distance statistics over the day, month, or year, cost statistics, and much, much more. The app is free but offers a Pro version or extras through in-app purchases. These extras include no ads, cloud backup data, synchronization of data, and technical support within 24 hours.


This app acts as a convenient hub for your car management needs (including multiple vehicles) and focuses on supplying information about car maintenance providers. It features an interactive map showing car services around your area along with user recommendations, a service history section where you can add the important records about your vehicle, reminders of when you need to renew your car insurance and a dashboard dictionary that will help you to decipher what those annoying dash lights mean.

It’s a user-friendly app, and one of the features that we like best is the integrated U2G (user to group) so that you can connect with other people who have the same vehicle as yourself.


This car maintenance app for Android will help you to calculate the overall cost of running your car. It tracks the amount you spend on fuel, insurance, and servicing (including replacement parts such as battery and tires), and offers reminders on filling up based on fuel efficiency, as well as insurance payments and more.

The information you most need is shown on the main dashboard, and further features include a historical chart view of fuel efficiency, backup and restore settings for multiple units, and viewable service history. The app has a nice clean interface and works smoothly.


This app does have a lot of ads to cope with but if you can get past that it could be useful in helping you save money on car maintenance. It helps you to diagnose and repair problems with your vehicle across a wide variety of makes that include Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes, Peugeot, Renault, and Toyota to name just a few.

Information about car faults is set out in various categories and sub-categories offering you the chance to find the common causes as well as possible fixes. For instance, some of the categories are the Battery/Charging System, Engine Cooling System Problems, Air Conditioning Problems, and Transmission and Clutch Problems.


A myriad of benefits is offered with this app that uses CARFAX’S service data. You can easily see your service history and track auto repairs for up to 5 cars, and receive alerts for scheduled maintenance work such as tires, brakes, oil changes and more. The app will help you to find repair shops across the CARFAX network and provides cost estimates for various jobs based on parts and labor.

You can also personalize your car by using a photo of it as well as a nickname (you know who you are!), and a neat feature of this app is that it will also inform you about safety recalls. A recent update added a streamlined service review process and UI enhancements.


If you’re determined to keep track of your car’s fuel consumption and where you might find ways of saving money, this could be the app for you. The app will give you details of your nearest gas stations and their fuel prices so you can shop around before you even leave the house! You can track your vehicle’s gas consumption and costs, the mileage covered, car expenses, service costs and more, and as well as covering various fuel types it now also covers bi-fuel vehicles. To calculate the amount of fuel you have used between fill-ups and also your fuel efficiency, you simply need to enter the amounts as you purchase and your current odometer details.

A log will be kept showing statistics such as fuel costs, the average number of fill-ups and more, with easy to use visual charts and a clean interface. One of the highlights of this app is the ability to store your data to the cloud via Dropbox or Google Drive, so that it won’t be lost in the event of your device crashing.


This open-source app is a little different, as many people might relate the iFixit name to device and gadget repairs. However, this app covers a whole variety of categories, so as well as appliances, computer hardware, electronics, and game consoles, there’s also a dedicated section for car and truck repairs. Therefore, as well as being useful for your vehicle maintenance, you can also get busy fixing things around the house!

The app covers many of the world’s top brands and the DIY step-by-step guides for cars, motorbikes, and trucks covers aspects such as changing the oil or changing a flat tire. Some of the car brands covered are Ford, Honda, Jeep, GMC, and Subaru, and if you’re confident about your car maintenance skills you can also share your repairs by creating your own instructional guides with images.


This AUTOsist car maintenance app has many of the features of other similar apps and covers various vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and even planes! It enables you to electronically organize your vehicle records with receipt storage for vehicle maintenance and gas and fuel economy logs.

The app features reminders for important things that need doing and will help you keep on top of all those basic car maintenance jobs that need doing. You can also manage multiple vehicles across multiple devices and easily transfer records (possibly to potential buyers).


The final car maintenance app on our list offers a useful way to keep all of the useful information about your car or motorcycle in one place. You can log services and receive maintenance reminders, and stay informed about the mileage and costs, with automatically generated statistics and graphical charts so that you can easily see details of fuel economy and more. As well as reminders for routine maintenance, you can create customized service reminders where you can add your own notes, part numbers, mechanic shop phone number, and appointment times.

You can also customize the app so that it only shows the information that you particularly want, as well as the currency symbol, date format, and multiple units such as kilometers or miles or US or UK gallons.

11. SpeedView: GPS Speedometer (free)

Are you the type of person that prefers to know every little detail about how fast you are driving? If so, consider SpeedView: an advance speedometer that uses your Android device’s built-in GPS system. SpeedView highlights your current, average, and maximum driving speed in addition to the direction, total distance, and the amount of time driving. It’s the best way to read statistics regarding your speed while driving.

GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas  android ap

Do you want to conserve money whenever possible as you travel? Then you need to consider GasBuddy, an app for your Android device that will find the lowest gas prices en route to your destination. This will help you to plan around filling up your gas tank and choose only the fuel stations with the cheapest gas prices. You’re most likely wasting money by waiting until your vehicle nears the ‘E’ marker on your gasoline gauge until you fill up your vehicle. Plan to fuel up, and save money on every trip going forward!

13. Carango – Car Management (free)

Carango - Car Management app for android

If you own more than one vehicle, it can be difficult to keep up with important information related to them. That’s where Carango comes in. With this useful Android app, you can keep track of your vehicles mileage, maintenance, service costs, fuel use, and so much more. Keep track of how much money each vehicle is costing you and when you need to send your vehicle in for routine maintenance. With the ability to keep track of your vehicle’s entire life, it’s a great way to keep it operating in top working order!

14. aCar – Car Management, Mileage (free)

aCar - Car Management, Mileage android app

aCar has been downloaded over 1-million times, and for a good reason: this app allows you to keep track of every little detail regarding your vehicle. Sporting a clean, user-friendly interface, aCar makes it simple to input data within seconds. Perfect for recording fuel station fill-ups among many different vehicles you own, it can also log the specifics of your vehicle’s parts, reminders that will remind you to change your air filter, oil, etc., and so much more.

aCar even backs up your data every month, meaning your data will always be with you wherever you go!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been overlooking your car’s needs, any of these best car maintenance apps for Android will provide a good starting place. Remember, as well as keeping your car running well on the road, maintaining your car correctly through timely tire rotations, oil changes and more will also prolong its life. It could also improve the resale value, as being able to show a potential buyer detailed records of your car’s maintenance and service history will add reassurance to any deal.

Keep your car at it’s best. Download the following Best Car Management Apps

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  1. I have a caveat with the Carfax app. I enjoyed it until I tried to add a 5th vehicle at which point it locked me out of the app.

    I emailed them and their reply was “As a one time courtesy, I’ve reactivated access to your myCARFAX account. Please allow 20-30 minutes for changes to process in our database.”

    What is so special about the app that they just can’t prompt and say you’ve reached your limit of free vehicles and then either pay more or just continue to use with your 4 free vehicles. Annoying and unnecessary.

  2. I had tried most of the app listed above for tracking my vehicle data but it did not match my expectation then I had tried another app that is Simply Auto app and I also recommend you all to try installing this app. It gives you feature like auto-trip logging, track your fill-ups, service reminder, expenses. Also, you can track your business mileage for tax-deduction.

  3. Hello Dusty,
    Those are some great selection of apps but have you tried Vezma? It’s a mileage/expense tracker with great features such as real time location tracking. I have been using their application for quite a while now and i must say, i am pretty satisifed with it as the app helps me track my expense/mileages on the go and helps in report generation for claiming tax deductions too. Considering the apps you have posted, you should definitely check them out at vezma.com as i am sure you will find them useful.

    • I’m looking to replace Acar. I’ve had it since 2009 when I bought a brand new car and wanted to track everything about it, I loved that car so much! My husband and I both got it, paid for pro, lifetime. Fast forward 3 years ago and it was totalled. Over the last year or so Acar changed hands and now it’s a $5 a year, which isn’t bad but in 2009 lifetime and I’m still alive but acar doesn’t backup without me signing up for $5 a year, so we are looking to change. I don’t care if it costs more the new developer won’t honor the original contract so they won’t see a penny from me.


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