The Best iOS Equalizer Apps for iPhone to Tweak and Improve sound

iOS equalizer apps to adjust EQ for better audio quality on iPhone or iPad

Best iOS Equalizer Apps

While the built-in native equalizer on iOS is great, the settings come as presets, which are still limited for users. Many people are looking for extra fun to precisely adjust the bass, midrange, treble, and boost the sound. An EQ app for iPhone does exactly that.

Is there an equalizer app for iPhone?

The audio quality of your iOS device is pretty good already, thanks to its built-in equalizer. But you might be pleasantly surprised by the difference offered with a decent equalizer app. Thankfully, Apple has given leeway to developers that want to create equalizer apps for iOS devices, and there are various EQ apps now available on AppStore.

There are both free and premium equalizer applications for iOS. Some audiophiles need more bass on iPhone; others want to tweak the sound for more acoustic sound. Below you will find some great Equalizer apps for iPhone or iPad devices to corect audio settings.

Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer

Price: Free
Boom- Bass Booster & Equalizer app for iphone

Surround sound quality is a trendy thing now, and who doesn’t like it? Boom is the most advanced EQ app that allows you to enjoy the surrounding sound’s magic with dynamic bass and realistic ambient. The truly personalized equalizer settings What makes it better than other apps. You can tune the music sound using the customizable 16-band equalizer or one of the pre-built presets. The app is also able to provide 3D surround sound with any headphones. You can even customize your playlist and control the intensity and strength of each presets you choose.

Boom is an excellent music player app with the ability to play songs directly from the local iTunes library or other music streaming apps like Tidal, Spotify, Radio apps, or files from cloud storage apps.

Equalizer+ HD music player

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Equalizer+ HD music player app iOS

Get the best sound quality from your iPhone with Equalizer+ that acts as a music player and EQ app. It can access music from iTunes, Google Drive, and Dropbox. The app also has an offline mode capable of caching songs you played previously to listen to music without WiFi or Data. It automatically gives you optimized results depending on which headphones are being used, and you can mix, customize, and edit the sound to your heart’s content. The DJ transitions mode lets you play music playlists like a DJ. iTunes shared folder access makes it a breeze to transfer your tracks from PC to the phone directly.

The EQ part includes a 7-band equalizer, 10 equalizer presets to suit different musical genres, Spectrum representation of sound, and much more. It has a native music player supporting the mainstream audio formats such as mp3, ALAC, and FLAC audio files and the ability to create or manage playlists.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP
MolaEqualizer iPhone sound booster and EQ App

MolaEqualizer is a top-notch EQ app for tweaking audio quality on iOS devices. It has a great variety of presets and settings. However, what truly makes it stand out from the competition is the sound amplification setting. Users can tweak the settings up to +29dB to boost the sound on iPhones, which reveals low-frequency sounds, boosting the dynamic bass. It has an easy-to-use, modern interface, and if you listen to vocal music, you’ll be greeted with lyrics displaying in real-time. The app is free, but you get more professional presets and can get more creative with tweaking for a small fee.

Volume Booster player & sound effects eq

Price: Free
Equalizer+ Music amplifier EQ iphone app

Music amplifier E‪Q is a great volume booster app for phones and iPad and a bass booster that amplifies sound with dynamic and detailed bass and stellar treble. It’s also one of the best equalizer apps for iPhone to experiment and audio tweaking on iOS devices. You can either use the automatized sound-adjusting feature, chose from 23 built-in effects and presets, or adjust sound manually.

Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App

Price: Free
Equalizer Fx- Bass Booster App for iPhone

Equalizer Fx app will allow you to change audio settings in favor of your audiophile taste easily. It’s a good free equalizer for iPhone, allowing customizing EQ for each genre, various bass-improving settings, playlist management, and many other features. There is also a 5-band equalizer controller, which is great for making your audio experience more personal. Overall, it’s the best eq for iPhone targeted to audiophiles who enjoy state-of-art audio quality.


Price: $3.99
iPhone Equalizer app with parametric EQ and pre-amp setting

Equalize‪r‬ is a straightforward EQ app for more seasoned audiophiles willing to invest in better audio features. The developer claims it as the best Parametric EQ for iPhone or iPad. You can import and export various presets and use them to customize audio features to your favorite songs. It costs a few bucks for some pro-level features like the ability to stream music to Apple TV, Airplay supported devices, or Bluetooth headset while maintaining your personal EQ settings. You also get a frequency analyzer, pre-amp slider to boost audio with an auto normalizer so the sound will not be clipping in high volume. Additionally, it has a modern and user-friendly interface and many useful features like genre-focused preset, playlist customization, crossfade setting, sleep timer, apple watch support, and more stuff.

Bass Booster 3D +

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Bass Booster 3D + Volume Boost for iphone

Bass Booster 3D + is an older equalizer for iPhone that still works great boosting volume by up to 10 times. Additonally you can take advantage of the full range equalizer and surround sound capability. You can adjust the presets regarding your mood, the genre you’re listening to, your headphone type, and much more. Other features include bypass mode, an expanded navigation panel, and the option to save the preset you create.

Flacbox: FLAC Player Equalize‪r

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Flacbox- FLAC Player Equalizer iphone app

Flacbox is an audiophile quality EQ app and high-resolution Flac music Player with numerous useful audio functions. It will enhance the audio experience with the preamplifier gain, professional audio equalizer, auto-music sync, playback speed control, audio bookmarks, background mode, and other settings. The app can play all kinds of audio formats, listen to music from cloud storage, home computer, and external flash memories. Ther is also a sync manager that can scan and import songs from any network device, including PC, NAS, SMB, WebDAV, or DLNA devices for Offline playback. Additionally, it can cast audio to Google Chromecast devices and TVs, Play music through Apple TV, AirPlay, CarPlay, and SONOS speakers. The built-in file manager and ID3 Tag editor let you fix song information and organize the music library.

Equalizer & Bass Booste‪r

Price: Free
Equalizer & Bass Booster app for iPad

As the name suggests, Equalizer & Bass Booster is a volume amplifier & 3d sound-producing app for iOS. It also works the other way around, letting you decrease the bass and treble for more voice clarity. It has a really appealing interface and is easy to operate EQ sliders to get the results you want. It includes a 10-band equalizer, 20 presets, 3D reverb effect, frequency adjustment, unlimited preset management, unlimited playlist management, swipe gestures, fine volume control, timer support, etc.

Evermusic Pro

Price: $9.99
Evermusic Pro iphone eq app

Evermusic Pro is a pretty costly EQ adjusting app for iOS that justified its price with the awesome offline music player features. It supports playing the most popular audio file format and lets you import songs from cloud storage apps, computers, or any network-attached devices for offline music listening. Alternatively, you can upload your music library to the app’s own cloud service to free up space and use the cloud music player to listen to your music. Other features include an audio equalizer, bass booster, ID3 tags editor, playlists manager, file manager, advance search, external USB drive support, password protection, and more stuff. It also acts as a good audiobook player app with audio bookmarks, playback control, and media position-saving options.

How to access the built-in iPhone/ iPad equalizer?

As mentioned above, the built-in iPhone equalizer is more than enough to satisfy most of your audiophile needs. If you want to access and change some EQ presets on iOS, here’s how to do it.

Navigate to the “Settings” app. Scroll down to the “Music” app. Tap EQ. It’s under the Playback section. Navigate through the EQ settings to find a preset you’d like to use and change the app’s settings. Exit the EQ settings using the home button or gesture.

How to use an EQ app on iOS devices?

These EQ apps can adjust the sound to be just how you like it with advanced controls and settings. All apps have different features and user interfaces, but the available presets, intensity, and other filters are universal and easy to use to improve your sound experience.

It’s good to know that with the use of an equalizer app you can really get the most out of the sound of your iPhone or iPad, and the apps above have various features and performance values. Therefore, if you want to mention another that you use and tell us why you like it, feel free to comment.

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  1. I wonder if NikooPlayer also could be listed in this category? It include a unique stereo EQ and it could also gets your hearing charts and adopts its EQ levels to give a boost to where you hear less. It offers also tones of other music and audio enhancement features like speed, pitch, volume boot, reverb, echo, delay, sing along, binaural 3D audio effects, loops, etc.

  2. Is there ANY equalizer app that controls ALL sound on the iPhone? These seem geared only for music. I especially need one that controls sound during phone calls. Thank you so much.

  3. My email address was not uploaded when I wrote about the Denon Eq App. Here it is if you could reply.

    Again, the Denon App for Equalizing music is not free on the iTunes page.
    It would be great if you updated your article in 2020..!

  4. Hi there.
    Your review says Denon Eq App is absolutely free.
    No it is not. Unless Denon have updated their App in the App store, it costs 2,29€ to access the EQ.
    I just checked it. Correct me if I am wrong please.
    Your article is good and well detailed but should be updated.
    Writing this on 18th May, 2020.

  5. I’ve been trying to find a Equalizer App that I can use via my 2019 iPad and 3rd party music apps ( Mixcloud etc) as my Bose speakers are so Bassy, but can’t seem to find one, after many download attempts of other apps Boom, etc ☹️ Any ideas, pls? I’m just want to try the Bass, down, for every audio coming from iPad through Bose speaker. Thank you

    • Hi, i’ve also been looking for an app that will do this for years, I.e. equaliser that can adjust all audio that leaves the iPad/iPhone. Baffles me why Apple don’t just put adjustable EQ alongside the presets in Settings. Still can’t find one in 2021 ☹️. The search continues!

  6. I’m a heavy Plex user, and it seems that all of these EQ programs either need to plug into an application (i.e. BOOM: BASS BOOSTER & EQUALIZER), or play the files within their own app. Is there an EQ program that allows you to adjust the settings, no matter what player preferences you have? Or did I miss something in your article? Great review BTW. Thank you

  7. All Equalizer Apps are very nice for iPhone and I will download one of them. I am dame sure it would be very useful to my iPhone. keep sharing your ideas.


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