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Sprite Backup is one of the most reliable app for Android Backup solution.

Finding a good Application to backup Android device is always sensitive. Since there is the question of saving important data, we want a reliable solution. Sprite Backup for Android, developed by an experienced company who has been offering similar backup solution for other flatform for a long times something we can depend.
Sprite Backup android app
Sprite Backup Android App not only allow to make backup of your Android Smartphone Data, But also offer you 2GB free online storage for saving the backup in cloud. So there is no chance losing your important data. You can even download the backup data to a new device and restored them quickly.

Sprite Backup for Android now supports Ice Cream Sandwich and seems getting better.

Sprite Backup now Supports Android 2.2 Droid, Nexus One, Hero, Eris and other latest Android Smartphones. Complete phone and SD card backup. FREE online storage with Box.net and Dropbox. Schedule and encryption options.

Sprite backup is the world’s most popular backup app for Android. This is the most trusted app too. It backup more data than any other apps in the market. It restore the data too! You can get support 24/7 from this app. It is the fastest data restoring app ever. You can restore 1000 sms in a second!

Sprite Backup, trusted by over 14 million people worldwide is now available for Android phones. With Sprite Backup for Android you can Backup:
Backup Contacts on Android (compatible with sync)
•Systm Settings (find out which ones)
•Calendar (compatible with sync)
•Call Logs
•Home screens
•IM and settings
•Application Settings (find out which ones)
•Apn Settings
•Music (tracks, playlists, album art and more)
•User Dictionary
•Voice Recordings
•and much more…
Watch below the video review of Sprite Backup Android app:

Download Sprite Backup Android Apk or download the latest version of Sprite Backup from Google Play Store.

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