Download NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT full Apk for Android Free


Get the most visual impressive and extreme Racing Game NEED FOR SPEED Shift apk for Android Smartphones and tablets.

Need for speed shift full Apk for HTC Desire

We know people are out there having problem to get NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT full for many android devices. We’ve got your back and found a slightly older version of the Need for speed shift apk for android which many users found works fine.

Finally there is some good news for Need for Speed gaming fans who like to sprint on their Android phones. The physics are very well done and fantastic graphics like real cars. You need high end Android Device to enjoy the game fully.

Downlaod Need for Speed Shift apk v2.0.8

In case the above file not working, those who own older android devices should try the files below.

For devices with snapdragon processor such as HTC Desire, Nexus One, Xperia and more download the need for speed shift apk and follow the instructions given below.

You may Download Mod Install Location from market. And try to install Need For Speed Shift on SD Card using mod install location.

Download NEED FOR SPEED Shift.apk

For other older devices such as Galaxy S, Galaxy S 2 & Motorola Devices try the apk below.

Download NEED FOR SPEED Shift apk for galaxy s, droid. If the apk don’t work try this Need for speed shift apk as well.

For Galaxy S 2 you need to download Need for speed shift galaxy s II apk

The apk files listed above found on different files sharing website. We can not assure that they will work fine. Let us know if you can get them work on your devices and help others to install NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT APK.

You can always get the latest version of NEED FOR SPEED™ Shift from Google Playstore for $2.99

Let’s fasten your seat belt, the most dangerous racing tracks are ahead. Enjoy 20 most wanted cars in the world.

  • oldbboy25

    you can download full version of Need for speed Here :


    is good for me

  • jester

    link doesn’t work THE LINK IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabriel

    One question , it work on my LG Optimus one P500 Android 2.2 ?

  • khaled

    doesn’t work on my galaxy s so i downloaded version 1.0.60
    with file directory like this sdcard\Android\data\com.eamobile.nfsshift_na_wf and it worked fiiiiine

  • jesse

    I downloded it and it sucks munkey bals

  • jesse

    Its not stupid its fake and gay

  • jesse

    It wont werk on my tab this is stupid

  • Amit

    Sorry correction android 2.1 n above

  • Amit

    Đo as above for all phones having android 2.1 n screen resulation:240*320 or upper…

  • Amit

    Is it possible ashpalt 5 in x8?

  • Amit

    all type of error fix for nfs shift:
    If u r havin air play error:
    For x8,x10 mini,x10 mini pro:
    First download need for sped apk from file crop(nfs v1.0.4)(869 kb)version den install it n den using a file manager or pc or laptop go to ur sd card/android/data/com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift/file(it sud b empty)
    Now downliad nfs shift v1.0.4 (38mb version)… make a new folder n copy the 38mb version n den extract it using astro file mngr now there sud b a file named asset open it n copy all files n now go to android/data/com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift n paste it now rename all da files like rename into just cut .jpg from all da start nfs shift no air play or black screen problem

    For galaxy,milestone users just download nfs shift milestone version from fiĺe crop(869 ver.) n as above….u can also download da normal nfs v1.0.4 as xpeira users.if having prob den post it…have fun n btw I m n x8 user n it works smoothly in my x8 after doin des….

    • Amit

      exceptional file renaming for NFSShift.s3e.jpg cut .s3e.jpg

  • Who wants the original game can download it from here!

  • nagie

    Worked perfectly on my htc incredible s. However i updated my OS now nfs seems not to work, shud i hav to reinstall??

  • jizza

    Is the admin gonna re-up this to MU or wherever? If not then how about one of the previous leechers upload it somewhere and share da love yo…fo realz….y’all gpt ur shiz so now it’s time to do urs son

  • janu

    does this game work in motorola defy,if yes?then how?help

  • abode


  • superstarkim

    umm well i tried to get need for speed but it did not even work so i think this website should get an upgrade

  • Hamza

    plz fix the link

  • yahya

    hello all please i want the game for my phone i have samsung galaxy s i9000 and i don’t have link for game help me 😉

  • ali

    i take it this is virus free

  • jason

    what do i have to do to make it work in galaxy s2???

  • Dead links!!! Please replace

  • jhayson

    Guys.. i have galaxy 5 . ver 2.1

    i game is playing but all of the images are all black…

    please someone help me… i badly need this game. thnx

  • louie

    Jesus christ is this what we are going to just to install this its too hassle. can this be like installous like jailbreak since its rooted right.

  • asdfghjkl

    Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available.
    Reasons for this may include:
    – Invalid link
    – The file has been deleted because it was violating our Terms of service.

    Please fix this. 🙁 Thank you.

  • robzke

    Hey guys,

    Did anyone find a solution for the “blank screen” problem?

    I am using a LG optimus 2x and I installed the game like it is told here. It works, but i dont get any colors, so the game becomes unplayable…:S

    Thnx in advantages;)

  • venki

    hey can anyone please bring up the link its going to megaupload site and then thers no way to download that..

  • rahul

    its working good in galaxy ace

    • ibrahim

      dear rahul, can u please send me the link, of the game with lil explination of how did u install it …

      thank you

  • DaEmph

    @ Bsingh

    Thanks dude…steps worked like a charm, runs great on my Wi-Fi Galaxy tab. The graphics and level of details is insane for a tablet.

  • sunshines

    This is exactly what i do.
    – Copy .apk file to phone (Memory card)
    – Install the .apk
    -Run the .apk
    – Close the application
    – Copy the folder “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” from my PC to my phone and replace it in “”
    – Start the game.
    – All i get is the white EA screen and then a black screen for a few seconds, with following Message
    “application (NFS speed) is incompatiable with the system.cannot open the application”

    Anything that i’m doing wrong?
    – Anything that i should download before setup?

    I M using China Made iPhone4 (Hero Brand)

    Please advice.

  • Shakir

    It works. It works. Hurray. Yippee!
    It works on Samsung Galaxy S

    Simply Follow these instructions

    1) Unzip folder then put the unzip copy on your phone via sd or internal memory
    2) Install the game but do not run it afterinstallation
    3) Click on the need for speed folder on the phone and replace it with the need for speed folder on your computer.

    ENJOY! The smooth and hiccup free graphics.

  • Zee

    not working in android 2.3 gingerbread version, any1 can help me

  • amit

    Wow…gr8…got it working smoothly on my new Samsung Galaxy SL i9003… just install the unzipped .apk on your may not find any “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” folder under android/data on your phone after installation… next step is to connect the phone to pc and just copy & paste the above folder from the downloaded zipped on to you mobile internal memory i.e. sdcard/Android/data/ & you are all set to Race!!!
    Thanks admin!!!

  • rob

    it doesnt work!!!! ****

  • Nick

    Awesome wrk guys … it worked on my fone… thnx n keep it up

  • daniel

    Is anyone able to send this game by email cause i can’t find it !
    my email is
    Thank you
    I have a galaxy s

  • SoDroid

    Has anyone tried this on Gingerbread? Specifically Droid X Gingerbread? It worked fine for me on Froyo but now on GB I can’t get past the black and white EA screen.

  • Pinoy Persuasion

    Ace, same here. Followed all the steps here, it installed perfectly on my 1-week old Galaxy Ace, but everything is dark, it’s like driving at night in a blacked out city! Uninstalled it rightaway.

  • ace

    same case here on galaxy ace
    i followed all instructions but still everything is dark in the game
    does my phone support the game
    help guys

  • Jens

    This stuff works with android froyo LG P500 ??

    Please let me know

  • Venkat

    I installed the game on my Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830. Game loads but everything runs in dark and the graphics are not visible.
    If anyone solve this kind of issue, please assist.

  • Aris

    hello.. please give me a solution. I had installed *.apk in my galaxy phone. but… when i checked the installation, it is in internal memory. I can not replace the “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” folder under android/data. That maked black screen when I played as “ani” comment.

    Any suggestion how to set the location to SD Card while installation?

    Because my phone cannot set the location address..

  • ani

    i get black an white screen when the game starts…help me out plz…

  • abhi

    everything is fine….nut i dont see any texture as i f am racing in dark??HELP ADMIN..LG OPTIMUS ONE..

  • download free full need for speed apk for android mobiles,2011 version

  • Muala

    Pls do this. Copy” NFSshift…apk” from unzipped folder to phone’s sd. Install but DONOT launch. Now copy “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” folder from unzipped android>data folder and paste in android>data folder in phone. Launch the game and enjoy. Works flawlessly on my rooted-froyo-running Vibrant. Used root explorer

  • andy

    how to install this in my galaxy ace ? any help

  • charbel

    thx guy this really works nice game

  • Fila Gg

    Solution for:

    Error (Airplay v4.1.4 [226327]) Heap 0 out of memory. Allocating 196 608 bytes but only 700 344 available (196 596 LFB). Increase icf settings [s3e] MemSize (current value is 24 000 000).”

    Simply reboot your phone.

    I’m using Galaxy S wt Froyo 2.2.

    Good luck.

  • sbnaul

    Hey guys will this wrk in may galaxy ace ???

  • venkat varadhan

    freaking awesome..!!

  • kobe8ph

    WORKS FINE!!! Thanks to the Admin!!!

  • Bam

    Does this work on Tablets to?

  • hi

    you people ****

  • samsung galaxy ace

    doesn’t work with my samsung galaxy ace..

    sound and menu is working but when you play the game you can’t see the car nor the background since it’s all black.

  • mustermann

    Nice game, it works fine on my Galaxy S

  • the L

    will this game work on my samsung galaxy ace??!

  • Andrew

    Does not work on the archos 43 at all.

  • Tiger Kumar

    for x peria x10

    1.unzip files
    2.copy apk file and android into sd card
    3.plug out usb cable
    4.intall nfs and play
    5.till problem
    6.delete com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift in android folder and play it

    • rob

      it doesnt work

  • nejai

    Install and start with no problems but it have no sound!
    Motorola Milestone 2.1 not rooted

  • nejai

    Install and start with no problems but it have no sound!

  • Cav

    Works no problems at all on my HTC Desire HD.

    NO problems downloading or installing. I didnt have to even try to work out how to install it, hell, Ive only had the HTC a week and still working my way round it and its NOT rooted.

    Works great and already on the London races.

  • torp

    i installed it but the problem is the screen is color black and the car is color black.. i cant see the car and the environment.. only i see is the red light when im stopping the car.. sorry need to uninstall it..

  • maxx

    Just so you know..
    I test mobile equipment proffesionally. And it came to my knowledge that you are giving away games such as NFS shift. Let me tell you.. ..none of the mentioned stuff works on any of the latest android mobile phones. At best, you can download it. But when you try installing it, something allways “goes wrong”.
    So, people, try another “free download bullshit page”, the web is full of them.
    A piece of advice: get easy on them nerves. Ones and zeroes aren’t worth the trouble :))

  • Aurajati

    Work on my galaxy 5…..

  • Faisal Akhtar

    i installed this on my DELL STREAK 2.2 froyo and it was installed properly but when i tried to open it after doing all the deleting and copying files again from the pc. the game opens and just shows EA logo and after that there is nothing…. it goes back to my home screen
    Any solutions….

  • otq

    it working on my desire hd,but without sound T.T

  • Baregenaina

    Admin Alleluyah
    it works good, nice graphic, smoothly like real car, lots of bonus
    Thank you very much

  • ravi

    hey admin i tried all above installation process on my galaxy 5 i5500 updated froyo 2.2 vesrn bt when finally i run the game it works and loads but most of the cars and screen r black and seems lack of graphics it beacuse galaxy 5 is lower versn mobile tahn galaxy s or am i wrng smwhr ?????? help me knw ???

  • Faze tari

    works on galaxy s i9000

  • MD

    I’ve read all the comments, and tried everything – the folders, files, clear RAM, change cam view etc. I still get the “heap” message on stage 2 or whatever. So much effort gone into the game, with such a silly unsolvable glitch. ADMIN, u gotta help us…!!

  • utsav

    does not work on my galaxy s,though i have tried according to admin’s instruction… 🙁

  • shiraz

    Someone please help me out.

    This is exactly what i do.
    – Transfer the extracted folder to my phone.
    – Install the .apk
    – Copy the folder “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” from my PC to my phone and replace it in “”
    – Start the game.
    – All i get is the white EA screen and then a black screen for a few seconds, and then it Force closes.

    Anything that i’m doing wrong?
    – Anything that i should download before setup?

    2.2 FROYO – Galaxy S I9000.

    Please advice.

  • JuanKa Wilcox

    Thanks Admin works great in DroidX (froyo 2.2.1)

    Really easy to install:
    1.- decompress file in my pc
    2.- copy .apk in the SD card and
    3.- copy the “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” folder into the SD card/Android/data/ folder
    4.- Install the .apk file through “Astro file manager” and voila.

    For change German language to English language just:
    1.- Delete the File “gamesett” from the Folder Android\data\com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift\files\
    or follow this step inside the game
    1.- press left-up corner the “backwards” arrow.
    2.- again press left-up corner the “backwards” arrow.
    3.- In the bottom will appear 5 icons, the 4th will be a “TOOL”, press it.
    4.- Now will appear 4 icons in the bottom and “animated arrows” in left and right corners. PRESS any arrow.
    5.- Now will appear 5 icons, the 5th one is a Chinese icon, press it.
    6.- Now Appear a frame in the middle with the word Deutsch, and animate arrows in the sides, press an arrow until English show it and then PRESS the word English until it change to yellow, and you are done.
    Enjoy English instructions!!!

  • x

    It works. Thanks

  • Hgalaxy

    Hi …its work with my Galaxy S 2.2

  • ishaan

    how to download for my galaxy 3…… there any solution…….

  • Nexus S user

    Have tried everything as recommended by Admin. Not working on Nexus S. I Get a blank white screen.This is what i have tried
    1)Installed .apk file through App explorer from pc to phone (Folder com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift does not get created in Android/Data/) unless i click the .apk file i installed
    2) Once i see the com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift folder in Android/Data/ . I have tried deleting and replacing the extracted com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift from my pc to Android/Data on SD card

    What Next??

  • sergino

    thanks , works perfectly

  • sam

    Hmm love the game now says need to Fuck around with my icf setting it mem size on HTC desire? Can any one help how do I sort it?!

  • PB

    doesn’t work on HTC Magic with Froyo (2.2)
    get EA opening screen, then it turns black, then it goes back to my games folder.

  • yan

    Guys, the sound in my samsung galaxy s is very small. It’s very different from my friend who use nokia n8. why???

  • abs

    Thanks a lot… great game… Have installed it on Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade with Froyo 2.2, and it works amazingly fast on it… no glitches, no freezing, just perfect/amazing and smooth run… great graphics and interface… love it..

    Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade
    with MoDaCo Froyo 2.2

  • Arfat Khan

    hey thanks alot or your help friends…works really awesome on my samsung vibrant..did exactly what u people instructed..cud u plz gimme d link to download free asphalt 5 HD full version game.. 😀
    plz do mail me the link on
    Thanks once again guys..! 🙂

  • DaReaper

    Thanks got this working for my Nokia N900 , used the Galaxy apk file 😀 and just placed it inside /home/user/MyDocs/Android/Data/com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift

    And then installed the apk 😀 works like a charm on Android 2.2.1

  • theluckyman

    its working perfect !
    scroll to the right in setting menu (the tool symbol) in order to reach the language menu (chinnese symbol)

  • Anonymous

    This works great… thanks!!!

  • Rajesh Narayanan

    Is it me or does anyone else have NO SOUND problem? Froyo 2.2.1 on galaxys

    • Rajesh Narayanan

      Got the sound issue fixed. But the “heap size” thingie keeps popping up every now & then!

      • Kutchok

        Nice to see you solved the problem. Care to explain it to us soundless people in need?

  • EdRiA

    To change the Language to English Delete the File “gamesett” from the Folder Android\data\com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift\files\

  • Anthony

    I did it all perfectly but the coulors have gone black and u can hardly see andything someone plzzzzzzzzzz help i need this game

  • Muahammad Aadil

    it works on my motorola defy and i have also changed its language its an easy processs

  • Chris

    Works perfectly on my I9000 GS with froyo. At some point, I got a black screen for a while and after that, the home screen appeared, but that’s from the overheating, I used it a bit too much before installing this. Back then, I got 53 Celsius degrees in the device, but now it runs perfectly XD I love it!!!

  • Nipun

    Thanks it perfectly working on my Milestone XT720

  • Robert

    Thanks, it works on my galaxy s.

  • jan3019

    do it like this..

    1. Extract/unzip [] folder on your computer..

    2.connect phone to your computer. the unziped folder and copy the APK file [NFS_Shift_Milestone_Droid_Galaxy_S.apk] and Paste it to External [SD] cards [Download] folder..

    – External [SD] card -> [Download] folder -> paste the APK file..

    4.Unmount USB and install the APK file.. once it’s installed.. Connect your phone again to your PC..

    5.Go to/Click Phones Internal Memory.. mine was [Removable Disk (F:)]

    6.Click [Droid] folder

    7.Click [Data] folder

    8.Delete [com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift] folder then go back to your Unziped [NFS_Shift_Milestone_Droid_Galaxy_S] file on your computer and click it.

    9.Click [Android] folder

    10.Click [Data] folder

    11.Copy [com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift] and PASTE it on your Phones [Data] folder..remember the file that you deleted? replace it with this file.. and you’re done! umount the USB and start the game.. 😀

  • Darkfus1on

    Thanks Bsingh works great on my samsung vibrant!!!

  • flosja

    I dont know what every1 is yappin about delete this and do that…just download the file on pc, unzip it and you’ll see an android folder and a “NFS_Shift_Milestone_Droid_Galaxy_S.apk” file. In that Android folder there is a data folder and a “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” folder.

    Connect the phone to your pc and open up your sd card. Go into the Android folder (on your sd card) and then the data folder then literally drag your “NFS_Shift_Milestone_Droid_Galaxy_S.apk” file as well as your “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift”, that is in the Android folder that you unziped onto your pc, into there. After doing that just click on the “NFS_Shift_Milestone_Droid_Galaxy_S.apk” and install! That’s exactly what I did on my Samsung Epic and it works fine!

    You just need to have both the “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” folder and the “NFS_Shift_Milestone_Droid_Galaxy_S.apk” file in the data folder found in your android folder on your phone. Simple!

  • Niaz

    Works great on Galaxy S.unzip and install apk.Then replace the android folder on internal sd card with the one that comes in the zip folder; enjoy

  • ismael

    It worked for me (Droid X).

  • stickDeath

    Hi there.

    Thanks for this great post, just have on question for now…

    Can you change download host ??? i cannot download the file.

    megaupload shows this error = The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.

  • Insanity

    Ok my Galaxy S is no debranded and upgraded to Froyo 2.2 and im still getting the same issue
    Error (Airplay v4 1.4 [2263271])

    Heap 0 out of memory. Allocating 196608 bytes but only 480176 avaliable (163820 LFB)
    Increase icf setting [s3e] MemSize (current value is 24000000)
    Cant believe that theres no solution to this. This is fresh install to because my phone was taken right back so i had to reinstall everything so it wasnt the install. Someone spent time to get this onto mobiles why cant they spend a little more time giving some support with it too.

    • har

      Please Solve this fuking Airplay error…. I cant play 2nd stage….My GALAXY S i9000………..Heap 0 out of memory. Allocating 196608 bytes but only 480176 avaliable (163820 LFB)
      Increase icf setting [s3e] MemSize (current value is 24000000)

  • kyle

    ok so i downloaded this onto the droid 2 its running fine but it is stuck in German it seems like the change lang icon is missing since i cant seem to find it and i have tried every possible icon there is and nada… anyone else have the same problem? there is no little e as it is described

  • kanny

    will this show up on my bill when i install it?

  • notreal

    Link is down :S

    • admin

      Link working. just checked

  • Ian L

    Works great on my Epic 4G! Copied the APK to my microSD card, installed, copied the data folder to my microSD card, opened the app and changed the language…worked perfectly.

  • Insanity

    Ok i still get the same error trying to do race 2 on career

    Error (Airplay v4 1.4 [2263271])

    Heap 0 out of memory. Allocating 196608 bytes but only 480176 avaliable (163820 LFB)
    Increase icf setting [s3e] MemSize (current value is 24000000)

    I cant be the only person with this issue, anyone any ideas? i have upgraded task manager and clear ram before playing, this dosnt solve it. Great game, shame about the lack of support

    Galaxy S

    • Constantine

      Same problem here…. went through all the comments on major site and found two popular solutions neither works…
      Tried cleaning the RAM level 2 before starting the game… then tried changing the camera view to inside car view and then at last tried both combined.
      All u guys, need serious help as i am a big fan of NFS. By d way i have samsung galaxy s

    • har

      Same Problem trying to do race 2 on career….

      Error (Airplay v4 1.4 [2263271])

      Heap 0 out of memory. Allocating 196608 bytes but only 480176 avaliable (163820 LFB)
      Increase icf setting [s3e] MemSize (current value is 24000000)

      Whta the fuck this……..

  • Rendi Kurniawan

    Can go in my Samsung Galaxy Tab?can share a download link for samsung galaxy tab??

  • omesh

    wow!!! its workin on my galaxy s..thanx a lot

  • Issac

    Woooooooooo…..NFS work awesome on my Galaxy S……Thanks for sharing…..Beside, anyone knw whr to download Tekken or FIFA for Galaxy S????

  • takkaros

    Nice game. works on motorola milestone 2.2 leaked, oc 900mhz

  • Diamondpro

    I confirm this does work 100% on the Epic 4g its my one of my fav perfect balance of graphics and game play and it runs smooth near ps3 graphics its awesome!!!

  • Rahul

    Wow, took some time to understand whatever you all asked to do, and whoa! It’s working without any lag or glitch on my galaxy s! Amazing.

  • Bones Megga

    OK never mind. There is a language option in the game to change languages lol. I had to change back to english haha

  • Bones Megga

    Works perfectly on my Galaxy S Vibrant. HOWEVER, the app is in German. Not a big deal though. When the download on your PC is finished, connect your phone to you PC and move the “android/data/com.idealworks3d.nfsshift” folder to the android/data folder on your phone. THEN run the .apk app file.

  • shaun

    got it working on my galaxy s well easy to do basically he said download on to phone, extract using the phone, install using the phone, do not run it, connect phone to pc put the zip file on pc extract to desktop then take the com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift folder and make sure that is in Android/Data merge or copy replace if you have to then go to download folder on phone and delete the folder and .apk file there i did this and works perfect

  • Insanity

    Ok tried the view option and still get:

    Error (Airplay v4 1.4 [2263271])

    Heap 0 out of memory. Allocating 196608 bytes but only 480176 avaliable (163820 LFB)
    Increase icf setting [s3e] MemSize (current value is 24000000)

    This happens while the game is loading level 2 and then i click continue and it just goes straight back to my apps page.

  • Pointer Men’s Basketball

    Maybe you should edit the blog subject NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT full for Galaxy S, Milestone or Droid to more suited for your webpage you make. I loved the post however.

  • Joey

    Ok i’ve also had the memory issue, what i did that seems to have resolved the issue is play the first level and change the camera view to inside the car (you can do this by touching the screen near the top right corner as your holding the phone in playing mode – keep touching the screen until you find the right spot) then quit the level and go to the 2nd level and for me it works!

    The game remembers where you have set the view. Now this could be a coincidence but I was reading on a forum about a problem with running the game and this was a solution so maybe there is something in it?

  • Joey

    ok here is my install guide for Galaxy S:

    First download the file onto your PC.
    Extract the file on to the PC.
    Connect the phone to the PC.
    Put the APK file onto the Phone from your PC.
    (I put the APK into the download file on the Phone so I knew where to find it)
    Disconnect the Phone from PC (not sure if this is strictly necessary)
    Go to download folder on Phone (can be accessed from myfiles app)
    Click on the NFS_Shift_Milestone_Droid_Galaxy_S.apk and run it to install app
    When installed click done (no point running as there are no files yet)
    Reconnect the Phone to the PC
    Browse the Phone folders and find Android and open
    Now you will see Data open this too
    Now do the same to the folder you extracted onto your PC – you will see the same path as on the Phone (Android/Data)
    Inside Data you will find the file: com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift
    Copy this over to your phone
    When its finished downloading disconnect the phone from the PC and open apps and you will see the newest app is NFS Shift run it and it should all work!

    To change language: I at first had to select a car and move onto another screen, eventually you can see the spanner icon and scroll through until you see some sybols (an e and another chinese looking charactor) from this button you can select language.

    • andrew

      thanx joey, your version was by far the easiest to undrstand. works great on my galaxy s now except for the error message at game 2 which i am working on.

  • Insanity

    Hi, all installed and works really well but get issues with memory like others have said. I have the Task ram manager and clear everything before running the game and i still get the memory issue. Has anyone got a solution to this or are we going to just hope froyo sorts it? please help if possible, cheers

    Samsung Galaxy S

  • Sid

    Ok i was very stupid and did not follow instructions.

    Thakns a lot Bsingh for your detailed explanation.

    Game works fine on my phone.

    Thanks again.

    Galaxy S I9000.

  • Sid

    Someone please help me out.

    This is exactly what i do.
    – Transfer the extracted folder to my phone.
    – Install the .apk
    – Copy the folder “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” from my PC to my phone and replace it in “”
    – Start the game.
    – All i get is the white EA screen and then a black screen for a few seconds, and then it Force closes.

    Anything that i’m doing wrong?
    – Anything that i should download before setup?

    I’m running a custom ROM by Doc+Kalpik 2.2 FROYO – Galaxy S I9000.

    Please advice.

    • Redland

      Hey man i have the same problem as yours i get the EA logo and then game exits to phone menu …

  • Brandon

    Awesome, thanks!! Works absolutely perfect on my Samsung Epic 4G

  • nay

    nice game, thanks admin. I do according to what you said. fantastic graphic. Samsung Galaxy s

  • hp

    Did as said works perfect or would if the screen wasn’t mostly white … I’m using HTC hero it is probably my phone graphics card is not v Gd but have you got any suggestions ?

  • admin

    Download link is working. just checked

  • raj

    i have gti9000

  • Akira

    to the people who cant play the 2nd stage on their Galaxy S, what you need to do is to go to the tast manager, click the RAM tab, and clean level. 2…itll increase your memory back, if you dont have RAM cleaner, update your task manager from the Samsung Apps.

    hope that helps, cuz it helps me playing the 2nd stage after that!

    • nonce

      thanks for the advise. i couldn’t play the second and fifth race of the first stage initially. i did as you advised and i could play the fifth race but i still couldn’t play the second race. is there any way i could increase more ram out of my sgs?

  • hong

    bout month ago when i install de files to my phone need additional data after that force close itself. i don’t how many times i had keep downloading n deleted the file i had wasted so an so. anyway today i download again for the files finally i follow admin step and it works thanks

  • david

    I have a samsung captivate on at&t and at&t does not allow installing nonmarket app, does anyone know how to bypass this? thanks

  • Bsingh

    Just click the icon to start the game. Once the display become stable. You will see a “tool” icon at task bar(bottom). Just before the help icon represented by “?”.
    Click on the “tool” icon. After this you wiil see the list of available tools just click the “arrow at the corner” to see the remaining tools. Now you will see the option to change the language “as small e”. Click on the “small e” icon and change the language.

  • kike

    Hey bro i did what u say, and the game runs perfect on my galaxy s, but is in german i need the game in english or spanish, need some help, sorry my english

  • Bsingh

    Very nice game. With very good graphis and motion controls.
    Running smoothly on samsung galaxyS.
    Many thanks to the developer.
    Steps for installation are already mentioned above and very clear . Still i like to discuss them briefly again .
    1) Download and unzip “””
    on your pc. You will get “NFS_Shift_Milestone_Droid_Galaxy_S.apk” file and “Android” folder.
    2) Copy “NFS_Shift_Milestone_Droid_Galaxy_S.apk” file on your phones memory card. And disconnect the phone from the PC.
    3) Install the apk file using any installer. Dont run the application.
    4)Connect the phone to PC again.
    5)You will see a folder named as “Android” on your phone momory card. Inside it there is another folder named as “data” , and within it there is one folder “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” . Delete this folder “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift”.
    6)Now From your PCs “Android” folder(obtained in step no1) copy the folder “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” to the memory card location “Android/data/”

    Any one need more installation help can revert back.

    • Laputta

      Thanks admin. It works well on my Galaxy Tab as well. Hope to get some more Games like this…

    • sunshines

      i m doing the same step but after white screen below messageappears
      “application (NFS speed) is incompatiable with the system.cannot open the application”

      Anything that i’m doing wrong?
      – Anything that i should download before setup?

      I M using China Made iPhone4 (Hero Brand)

      Please advice.

  • amir

    hello,thank for ur effort,but would u explain to me how to download this wonderful game on my milestone briefly cause i just got it and dont know how to root or do anything.thank in advance 😀

  • jovan

    I have the htc evo… andvi installed it … but it didnt work !
    It only showed the EA symbol then went back to my home …wat did i do wronq ???? 🙁

  • matthewz1234

    How do you unzip the file? is it the same process adamin for the samsung galaxy s?

  • lom

    i have no cam. sorry, but it is really simple.

    – first take a look and search for the folder ‘android’ on galaxy. start ‘my documents’ and you are in home folder. there is also folder ‘android’. this is the right folder!!! you have to copy the zip file content there → “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift”

    – install nfs shift.apk
    – connect phone to pc, extract zip file, copy “ONLY” the folder above! that’s it. play.

    • Marko

      it’s simple…only stupid people can’t do it…but i have problem with 2nd race and 6th race in chicago…and i can’t finish Cicago and play London…
      PLESAE HELP…or i will back to my iPhone 🙂
      PS : sorry for my english too 😉

  • Speed fan

    cant you make vid and put link for galaxys

  • lom

    instruction from @Seko works on my galaxy s perfect!!! ☺☺☺☺☺
    i’ve installed nfs shift.apk first and than transfered “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” on my galaxy s in folder android/data and it works finally.
    i am using swiftftp (galaxy) and filezila (pc) to transfer my files.

  • Speed fan

    Cant you make a video in youtube soo we can understand how to do

    • mike

      yea lol dont read or utilize google god people are stupid and lazy i dont know whats more frustrating between the to how about a youtube video on how to get ur head out of ur ass

  • richi

    Hello everybody,

    could it be, that the game doesn`t work on Xperia X10 1.6 (android version), The whole games does work, but i cant see any car, so everything is black.

    Can anybody help me?

    thanks in advance

    • Bosco

      Yeah, this same issue happens to me also. Like none of the textures will load…and HADN’T noticed this until the first race lol…can anyone shed light on this?


  • Vikram

    It works. It works. Hurray. Yippee!
    It works on Samsung Galaxy S

    Simply Follow these instructions

    1) Unzip folder then put the unzip copy on your phone via sd or internal memory
    2) Install the game but do not run it afterinstallation
    3) Click on the need for speed folder on the phone and replace it with the need for speed folder on your computer.

    ENJOY! The smooth and hiccup free graphics.

  • rabbit


    why does this game require access to my personal info (read, write contact data), etc?

  • sam

    this game works on galaxy s

    but i get an error on chicago in 2nd race(carrer)

    • pritz

      same problems on the 2nd race too… out of memory code…..

    • Me

      I’ve same problem. Game was installed on Galaxy S from it’s SD cart, but folder “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” wasn’t created after instalation, so before starting game I just copied it from unpacked zip to android\data (according to Admin instruction I assume) and started game. 1’st race in carrer was ok, everything worked fine but when 2’nd race was loading that error masage accured:
      “Error (Airplay v4.1.4 [2263271]) Heap 0 out of memory. Allocating 196 608 bytes but only 700 344 available (196 596 LFB). Increase icf settings [s3e] MemSize (current value is 24 000 000).”

      What am I doing wrong? Any sugestions?

      PS. Sorry for my english, I havent use it for few years 🙂

      • juanpix

        Same problem with airplay please heeelp

  • dennis

    I downloaded this game on my samsung vibrant. It actually turned out to be much easier than I thought and it works perfectly. If anyone is having issues with their vibrant let me know maybe I can help. Thank you admin for the game!

  • louis

    admin, the first step is install the apk file. is it copy the apk file to my phone sd and install with my phone? and the last step, replacing the folder with the downloaded file. did u mean i delete the files on the folder and copy my downloaded apk file? if not, how to install the apk file on my pc? i’m confuse on how you get 2 folder with the nfs files….thanks s lot

    • admin

      install on phone not on pc. first unrar the downloaded files. copy the apk file in phone sd and install. now from your pc copy the com.ideaworks.nfsshift folder to phone in android->data->replace the folder here

      • Speed fan

        What you meen with replace, like delete and paste other file or paste it in the nfsshift file??

      • mitil kosadia

        thanksssss u dude so much reallly u r help full

  • louis

    thanks for yr reply, admin. the first step was install the apk file. install it on my phone or pc? i can only install from phone…or there is a way to install on pc? what software to use? lastly, replacing the folder with the downloaded apk files? sorry, i’m a bit confuse with the last part. when install, there will be a nfs folder at the phone memory. u mean replacing the folder with the files on my sd card or the apk file on my pc? or am i missing some software for installing the apk files?

  • Louis

    not working on my galaxy s. I can install and load the game, but i can only see wordings and sounds with a black screen ! Sorry to say, i’m new to android OS. I understand i need to replace the files before playing. But how am i get it done ? I downloaded the .apk file and transfer it to my phone internal sd. I install it with my phone, but there’s no “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” folder when i browse my internal sd…until i load the game for the first time. Do i need to unroot it first before installing ? Or i need Astro File manager to browse my files in my phone memory ? And lastly, how to install the game in my pc to get this “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” folder and files in it ? Please help…thank you

    • admin

      better use astro. here is the simple step. first install the apk open it then close it now use astro or file manager to browse file. find a folder called android, open it you will see a folder called Data open now you will com.ideaworks3d.nfsshoft folder. replace it with the downloaded 1. done!

  • Jay

    it work fine on my galaxy s thanx u very much

  • Maestro

    Takes some moving files around, but this does work on the epic. You have to extract files first then take the extractded folder “com…” And place it in the data folder in internal memory (or at least thats what I did) along with all the other “om…” Files. It would not run completely until I did this.

  • Caleb

    Holy Cow! this really works! I have it running on my epic 4g right now… it was a pain to navigate through the menu to turn to english but small price to pay for this awesome game! doing career right now! I know I should be sleeping lol

  • NDj

    You may be able to change in to English but you need to speak (what ever it is ) first

  • zico

    Hi there,
    I been trying to install the game but for some can’t get it to work on my phone, most likely am doing something wrong.Can any of the experts put a guide step by step so the new guys can enjoy such of incredible game too…please

  • Seko

    Sorry, i want to share my installation method. How i install the game..? Before i connected Galaxy S to PC on USB. Downloaded game from here, first installed NFS_Shift_Milestone_Droid_Galaxy_S.apk and copy “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” (in folder to Android/data/ on Phone. Finally play the game!

    İ hope helpfull.

    • hanif

      Thanks very much to you..Now game NFS Shift do work on my phone samsung galaxy s..

  • me bo

    Got it working guys. Just do as admin says. After its installed mount phone to computer and click on the need for speed folder found in /sdcard/Android/data/. The folder name is
    “com.ideaworks3d.nfsshift” and inside you will find the files folder. Delete this one and then copy over the one fom the zip that you extracted to your desktop.

  • Junk! Doesn’t work on Epic

  • Anoop

    Doesn’t work on galaxy s… Screen blanks out

  • Albert

    Couldn’t get to work on my Epic

  • joe

    Doesn’t work on droid x on 2.2 leak. Only loads white ea screen then closes.

  • jason

    Its not in english

    • admin

      it’s start in german, then you can change language in english from menu

      • Isuru Kuruppu

        race 2 in chicago wont work what should i do??

      • anu

        how to change german language in english…. i cam`t understand…. where is d menu…

  • jonathan

    This sends my Samsung Vibrant into a endless loop or starts up and then ends. Why?

    • yvrRome

      Unzip to the root of internal memory and install. Worked on my vibrant.

      • boogywoogy

        If somebody could explain how to get this going on the vibrant that would be amazing, it WILL NOT and i say WILL NOT work on my phone.

        • admin

          first u have unzip folder then take the unzip copy and put it on your phone via sd or internal memory after that got to where its at then install game dont open the game after its installed after that mount phone to computer and click on the need for speed folder until u get to files delete that folder off the phone once u did that go to the same need for speed folder on your computer and drag the files folder where the one u deleted was at basically replacing the files folder with the same files folder the think is u have to delete the one on phone then put the same folder back on it works for everone i tried many times until i sat down and took my time real easy games works good no problems what so ever and im reallly far in the career no lag or hiccups samsung vibrant

          • Bishmeister

            For Droid X…unzip on computer to desktop… install apk file on phone (download folder)…mount phone (usb mass Storage)…drag android folder from desktop onto phone replacing the one on your sdcard and that is it… have fun…it will be in german just change the language

          • joel

            did exactly this and got nothing past the EA screen…

            Captivate running i9000 rom

          • Hercules

            hey dude.. i have a question.. i unzip all files a delete android from phone and then i put android from zip.. and i dont know from where can i install the nfs shift.. can you help me plz ???

          • ravisha

            get me apk plzzzz , url plzz

          • ram

            can i install the game on samsung galaxy ace ?

    • Andy

      I have finally removed this crap from my galaxy s. Level 2 wont load, level 6 wont load, so wots the point of having a pig shit game on your android. Gamelofts GT game is way ahead of this rubbish and works perfect. So come on galaxy s users dump this crap and get a good game. Dont buy any EA games till they sort themselves out. ROBBERS.

    • Andy

      Leave this rubbish alone Jonathan, it just does not work on galaxy s or any other samsung. It is riddled with problems from a company who are new to android games. Google should not have this game on the market and they should remove it and tell EA to sort the game out or give their customers a refund. Buy GT from gameloft, it works.

      • mike

        no it just doesnt work if ur a fuckin idiot i beat the entire game on my samsung galaxy s

      • sam

        Andy it ain’t working because you don’t know how to make it work, you’re a crap cause this game is working perfectly on my galaxy 5 and it is amazing!!!!!!

        • zob

          no hes right EA is bad. it works for you because you CRACKED the game and play it illegaly.
          Andy obviously BOUGHT the game.

          The legal version DOES NOT WORK.
          The cracked version works.

          EA is full of **