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On Mar 9, 2013
Last modified:Mar 9, 2013


Wondering How to Get Android Notifications on PC? Well, it’s very easy with Desktop Notifications.

Wouldn’t it be very handy to get your Android Notifications right on the Computer while you’re busy working on the desk. There were apps like DeskNotifier enable this fancy thing but a new app called Desktop Notifications makes it more beautiful. Let’s checkout Desktop Notifications for Android.

Desktop Notifications android download free

If you are anything like me and use your computer a lot then you are probably relying on your browser for the most part. Chrome is the most popular and highly evolved form of using the Internet thus in chrome you can have any app and extension you want and even customize the theme to your liking. There are many extensions on the Google Store for Chrome but few interact with the Android device. Desktop Notifications something in particular can become very useful for the use at home.

While working on PC, it ay annoyed you to pullout your smartphone every-time to checkout all notifications. And working at home means you can’t leave your phone or tablet on sound notifications. Desktop Notifications is a very useful app which works with an extension in Chrome Browser to push the notifications to your PC. Once installed on your Android device, the app will provide a code. You can install the Chrome Extension from here and then simply input the code provided by the Android app. That all! Every time you get a notification you will see it show up on your PC.


 PROS of Desktop Notifications for Android:

+ Simple and easy to use

+ Goes easy on the resources

+ Free

Download Desktop Notifications for Android FREE by hitting the widget below.