Best Free Android Apps releases from Last Week

Let’s checkout what Android apps are worth installing on our devices from the last week. The list includes some very well designed apps as well as highly functional.

Mic Block – Voice spy security

Mic Block Android Voice Spy Security app will protect your phone from spying on you and recording your voice or call by blocking the microphone of your device. The app temporary disables access to microphone to all other apps and whole Android system to protect you from virus, spyware, malware, surveillance or backdoor applications. Very easy to use: simple one click blocking / protection of your microphone and no root needed to use the app. Download Mic Block

Battlefield BF4 Stats

Battlefield BF4 Stats android app
Battlefield BF4 Stats is a program that will let you track your Battlefield 4 stats on the go! This app contains quite a bit of trackable stats, from General Stats to weapons, medals and ribbons. With the app you can check your own and your friends’ Battlefield 4 player statistics, progression, unlocks and more. No matter if you play on the PlayStation, Xbox 360 or PC, you have all your data up to date. Battlefield BF4 Stats is a very interesting for any player of Battlefield 4. If you like to keep good records of what you play, this is definitely your best option. Keep a complete record of your statistics in Battlefield 4 in your phone. Download Battlefield BF4

True Launcher

True Launcher for android
True Launcher is a very simple and functional launcher and home screen replacement app for Android that offers some very good options and special features. True Launcher features a new classification system of applications installed on your terminal able to organize itself following categories Play Store. Also provides a built-in search function and tons of customization options to customize your Android home screen. Download True Launcher

First for Gamers

First for Gamers is an interesting app suitable for gamers and also addicted to social networks and chats. This app is a combination of social networks, live chat, message boards, and media sharing option, so with the app you can talk about video games with gamers like you, chat live with other players, share your pictures and videos quickly and easily etc.. Start a conversation as you would in a forum: use an image, a YouTube video, a holder or a link, and talk about it with other players in real-time. According to its developers, First for Gamers Android app is the first gaming community developed exclusively for mobile devices. Build the best gamer community in the world with the app. Download First for Gamers

ESPN Fantasy Basketball

ESPN Fantasy Basketball android app
ESPN Fantasy Basketball app for Android gives everything that you need to keep tabs on the action. With this Android football app you can manage more than one team, switch between multiple leagues, track matchups in real-time, trade players, and adjust your line up from wherever you are. Follow live NBA scores and get latest news and videos from ESPN fantasy experts through the app. Download ESPN Fantasy Basketball

Bob’s World Clock Widget

Bob's World Clock Widget
Bob’s world clock Android Widget app lets you track time of any location around the world with convenient and sleek widgets that floats on your Android home screen. Track time and date of unlimited number of cities with just a touch on the widget. The app provides 5 types of widgets, allowing you to choose between digital and analogue display, with which you can customize the clock display on your screen. Download Bob’s World Clock Widget

WebSharingLite (File Manager)

Download WebSharingLite (File Manager)
WebSharing Lite is a file manager for Android that lets you exchange files between your Android Mobile phone and computer. To do this you just need a wireless network which connect to explore, send and receive files quickly and reliably. To make the program work, just press the “Start” button located at the bottom left of the screen. Then you must enter the IP address provided by the program in the address bar of the browser on your computer. Download WebSharingLite

FxGuru: Movie FX Director

Want to surprise you friends with special effects on your videos? Try FxGuru: Movie FX Manager Android app. The app lets you add special effects to your videos, as action scenes explosions, gunfire, meteorites or science fiction robots, aliens or spacecraft to make them authentic, fast and easy. Simply record a video, choose effects from the gallery and apply them to the real video using augmented reality. Can you imagine a flying saucer in the sky over your city? Download FxGuru: Movie FX Director

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