Android Lock Widget – DashClock Widget is a must Download


Get all your notifications right on lockscreen with Android Lock Widget app DashClock Widget.

Folks, if you aren’t familiar with DashClock Widget android app then let me introduce you one of the best and useful Android Lock Widget you should download right away. If your android device running on Android 4.2 jelly bean version then you should try  DashClock and replace the default clock widget.

Android Lock Widget - DashClock Widget

The app collects notifications from various app sources and shows what you chose to show in a widget on the lock screen. From Missed calls to unread text messages, alarms, e-mail notifications and a lot more information you can glance at on lockscreen with DashClock Widget.

NOt only it let you to stare at the information but also allows to open the associate app directly. The recent update makes the app even more perfect. The latest version of this Android Lock Widget add options to choose location for weather infos. The app also add Android 4.2’s Daydream feature to use with desktop docks!

DashClock Widget replaces the default android 4.2 clock widget in a beautiful and by far better way. Transform your android lock screen more informative with this lock screen widget for Android 4.2 devices. Being so awesome the app also support extensions to pull data from various sources. So, developers can extend its capability with more extensions.

Instructions: Go over to the left-most widget position on your android 4.2 device lock-screen by swiping from clock widget and touch the “+” icon to add a new widget. Select “DashClock” to customize it. You can also make this the primary lock screen widget by moving it, touch and hold the widget then drag it horizontally to the very rightmost position.

DashClock Widget android app is available to download for free. We recommend you to download DashClock Widget apk and at the end you will thank us to show such an app. Use the widget below to download DashClock Android Lockscreen widget.