7 Best Android Root Apps for Rooted Android Phone/Tablet


A list of the most useful Android root apps for rooted Android Devices to get the full potential usage out of the phone or tablet.

There are a great number of Android users root their devices as soon as after purchasing the device even if they don’t realise the full benefits of rooting.

On this article we plan on helping you get the best out of your device by downloading the top most popular android root apps.

let’s checkout the 7 Must Have Rooted Android Apps to get the most out of your rooted android device.

1. Titanium Backup


This one is an absolute must for every root user. It can perform a very large number of functions though its primary goal is to backup your apps and store them locally or online (Dropbox, Drive etc.). The latest versions have been greatly improved in terms of usability and interface and added lots of functions. Among these worth mentioning are the ability to convert user apps to system,  integrate system apps updates into ROM to save storage space, clean the dalvik cache and much, much more.

Download Titanium Backup App Here

2. Superuser – SuperSU – Superuser (ClockworkMod)


For a long time we only had one option in terms of Superuser apps – the one that grants root rights for those apps require it. Now we have three. No matter which you choose I personally recommend the one from ClockworkMod. It offers all the features for free that the other two provide by purchasing the Pro versions. Plus it has a great interface and is very intuitive in terms of usage. Still you can’t go wrong with either. Plus the one by ClockworkMod is OPEN SOURCE (https://github.com/koush/Superuser). SuperSU has also gained increased popularity.

3. ROM Manager


Another app that is considered a MUST for every root user. It can perform just about any advanced task you can think of. From flashing  the latest recovery to performing regular and scheduled backups this software is a real asset. The most important part is that it can install your favorite custom roms either from local storage or download and install them from online. The Premium version includes even more functions – making the list practically endless.

Downlaod ROM Manager for rooted android phone or tablet

4. BusyBox Installer


Required by many root apps, including the ones mentioned above, BusyBox helps root users achieve advanced tasks through the root apps they use. This BusyBox installer has a great interface and poses no problems for achieving your goal. For those not familiar with BusyBox: “BusyBox is something that you install on your Droid to give you some additional handy LINUX / UNIX based commands. You need Busy Box installed because some commands are not available to you and you made need them for some root level tasks.”

Download BusyBox Installer

5. Greenify *ROOT: Renew my Phone


Most of you may have noticed that the more apps you install on you device in time it can become slow and starts misbehaving. This app puts the apps that take lots of resources or you don’t use regularly into hibernation. Once you need them you can restore right away. Upon using this app you will immediately notice a difference in how your device reacts and that in a positive way. Plus you don’t need to access Greenify to lauch the hibernated apps. You can do it the regular way – straight from the app drawer.

Download Greenify

6. Root Explorer

With Root Explorer you can easily access the files on your device as well as the system files which normally doesn’t show up with file manager on android devices. Root Explorer is really comes handy when you want to change system file permission or manually want to push apks or other files on the system partition. There are now many other file explorer app to access root level files but Root Explorer is the most popular though you have to pay for it.

If you are not willing to pay then try ES File Explorer File Manager (Free).

7. Adaway

If you are annoyed with those ads you see while using free apps then Adaway will rescue you. This is another great reason why you should root your android device. With root privilege Adaway will block ads showing up by modifying your host file of your android device.

Download Adaway for Free.

The Best Apps for Rooted Android mentioned above will surely boost the capability of your rooted android device. Let us know your favorite root apps for android by mentioning them in the comments section below.

  • Lamine Kalamine

    If il root my Galaxy and make a mistake. I put not enough RAM for the starting my phone and i don’t make a file backup memorie. Because of that, my phone Galaxie S2 don’t start .Can i put the default memorie back with a micro sd with the right file? If yes, how.

  • Joe

    If there is only one reason to root your device AdAway is it. It is a free app that
    uses a host list and so far has blocked ads on every app I have tried,
    as well as with browsers, and allows my games to work.

    Google banned it
    from their store but search for it on the internet to get it.

    The app advertisers haven’t learned from the web advertisers who are now
    crying that the are losing money due to ad blockers. App ads are getting worse and worse. It
    went from banner ads, to full screen ads, to
    full screen video ads, to full screen video ads that you can’t kill
    for 5 seconds. It was getting so ridiculous I hated using most apps
    AdAway got rid of all of them.

    Advertisers caused this mess and
    are only saying they made a mistake with obnoxious ads due to the
    blockers. If there were no blockers they would still be doing the same
    thing, They made their bed and now can sleep in it.

  • Dries van de Pumpen

    Dude, thanks for the article. There are dozens of articles about the best root apps out there, but this is was definitely the most helpful one for me. The others just flooded me with too much useless information. The apps mentioned here are the essentials. I installed all of them.

    I would like to add one app though which is the most important one for people who rooted their devices with towelroot but have locked phone Kernels (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active): Safestrap is the only way to replace TWRP or CWM in order to make a full backup and load custom ROMs – very important and intuitively designed app.

  • samufti

    My favorite application is “Towelroot”

  • TafayorFellow

    I recommend you Tilt-Scroll app , which adds a system-wide Tilt-To-Scroll feature
    to your phone or tablet, so it works with any application on your device.
    Here is the link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tafayor.tiltscroll.free

  • Dekcah Diordna

    And what about Rom Toolbox ??