5 Best Android Password Manager for Free


Checkout the 5 Best Android Password Manager including some of the most popular password Manager such as Keepassdroid, aWallet, Password Safe Pro and more..

5 Best Android Password Manager for Free

So finally you’d realize that you need an app to keep  passwords and other data you need while online as there is too many of them and its hard to remember them all. You also need a secure way to keep passwords safe as you don’t anyone to get access them. Well, you are just a step away to learn about some of the best android password manager which are absolutely free to Download.

Let’s Download 5 Best Android Password Manager for Free and see which one comes at handy when you need to store passwords on your smartphone or tablet.


Keepassdroid is one of the top 5 best Android password manager (in our review), multiplatform and free, allows you to manage your passwords, online or offline service, with security and comfort. It allows for an encrypted database, where users store all passwords online and offline services. You only have to know the master password to generate to create your database from which you can access the rest of them and open your documents and access to sites that have defined. KeePassDroid for Android is very easy to use, allowing you to organize your passwords into groups and subgroups, and can also record the login information, URL and notes to have everything well-organized. This application also offers versions available for Mac, Linux, Windows and through other services such as DropBox, you have your database on your main devices synchronized.

Download Keepassdroid

aWallet Password Manager

aWallet Password Manager is one of the most popular password management apps for Android. Once installed, the application allows you to securely store passwords, credit card information, email accounts, credentials, etc.. With aWallet Password Manager you can easily organize all your passwords, you can create multiple categories customized with an icon. Your data will be kept protected by a strong encryption algorithm (uses up to 256bit AES encryption). The app allows you to search within fields, you can create backup and restore data easily, set up an automatic lock after the specified time elapses, etc..

Download aWallet Password Manager

Keeper Password & Data Vault

Keeper Password & Data Vault is very easy to use application to manage your passwords and private information of all your devices, including Android phones, tablets, computers and your favourite web browser. With military-grade encryption, Keeper allows you to store all your passwords on your mobile device. All data will be backed up in the cloud with complete security. Furthermore, in the event that the device falls into the wrong hands, is set to self-destruct Keeper personal data in case of unauthorized access. You can securely access your passwords, private information and website logins from anywhere and easily sync with other devices like Mac, PC, iPhone, and even Linux.

Download Keeper Password & Data Vault

Universal Password manager

Simple and free password manager app for Android. With Universal Password manager for Android you can store user names, passwords and URLs in the application without having to give up the implementation of dedicated Internet access, simply and securely (uses 128bit AES encryption). It is even possible to ensure the application itself with a master password with which you can access rest of the information.

Download Universal Password manager

Password Safe Pro

Password Safe Pro allows users to store their web access information, credit card numbers and documents securely. The application uses 128 and 256 bits AES encryption to delete data remotely by using SMS. One of the most interesting features is its ability to perform data backup to Dropbox or SD card, so it is easier for people who frequently change their phones.

Download Password Safe Pro

These are the app we think you should try to protect your password and other personal data on Android. If you know any other app wroth trying out then recommend in the comment section.

You should also checkout Applock which allows to protect apps, photos, videos and other files on Android.

  • Amamiya Hotaru

    I can’t believe that AppLock by DoMobile was not included. It is the best app for hide photos and lock apps, very useful.

  • Dimas Rofiqo Haqqi

    Thanks for info 😀

  • florian103

    Try Password Depot for Android. I think it’s the best out there 🙂 You won’t regret the download I am sure.

  • Steve

    Try the online password manager “Intuitive Password”, so far is the most popular and compatible with all devices. It’s secure and intuitive!

  • Would also suggest Sec-Notes. It is a general note taking app which supports notepads, spreadsheets and checklists. What makes it stand out is – it has all features you would find in any other similar app.

    On top, there is auto-backup option to Google Drive and Dropbox. That means even if your phone gets stoned, you can easily restore your notes!!


  • npsjalna

    stickypassword is better than above all
    give a try.

  • pepeleches

    PassVault is a easy and powerful app to manage password in a very reliable and secure way. Store in a cipher database all your passwords for Web, email, Social Media, Banking accounts, etc.
    – All your data is fully encrypted with a strong, password-based, government-grade 256-bit AES cipher. This way your information is protected from unauthorized access by thieves, hackers and malware.
    – FREE and without Ads.
    – Backup your database to your favorite services (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)


  • mobitester

    Check this out – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.splashidandroid
    Good enough for my needs and cheap too.

  • ashish

    awesome apps…THANKS for sharing….

  • Vikram Dabas

    I will suggest you “ENPASS”.
    This app is having a clean ui with great ux. The free desktop version (limited period only) of enpass will be available till end of this month.
    it also supports cloud syns and availability on all major platform make your data available anytime and anywhere with aes-256 encryption.