Best Stud Finder App for Android

Turn your smartphone into a stud finder/stud detector or stud sensor

Best stud finder apps for Android

A stud finder can locate framing studs such as nails, screws, nut-bolts, electric wire, and other metals located behind a wall. This is extremely helpful in the renovation, or home improvement works. It works more or less like a metal detector. Moreover, the stud finders can also help find everyday metallic things such as earrings, keys, rings, and the like. Surprisingly, you can use your smartphone as a metal finder by simply installing a stud finder app.

Does stud finder app work?

There are basically two types of stud finder device: magnetic stud detectors and electric stud finders. The magnet inside the tool helps to detect nails or other metals which is virtually invisible. On the other hand, the electric sensor can capacitance to sense where the stud works pretty fast and accurately. A stud finder app can take advantage of the built-in compass that every smartphone has. When you move the device, the stud finder app calculates the disruptions in compass readings to identify metallic screws and nails and locate the studs. As you can see, your phone is very much capable of finding metal things and work as a handheld stud finder.

What are the best stud finder app for android?

Why spend money on a portable metal detector when you can quickly turn your phone into one. Let’s have a look at the best stud finder apps for android.

Stud Finder

Price: Free with ads
Stud Finder & Metal Detector – Stud finder in Wall

This is by far the best looking Metal Detector and Stud finder app that works through walls, plaster, wood, and other places to locate bolt, screw, cable, pipe, stud, and metal objects. The app usages data from the emf sensor and magnetic sensor to find objects. The app interface is quite nice and easy to monitor the meter reading. You will hear a beeping sound, and the display value will go nuts as you get closer to the metal object.

Ultimate EMF Detector

Price: Free with ads
Ultimate EMF Detector Free

This free EMF Detector is one of the best stud finder apps for android. It offers the most accurate result and has multiple handy features, including Magnetic Field B in microTesla, Gauss and milliGauss metrics, Auxiliary Field H in ampere per meter. There is also a recorder option to save data on a text file for later use. Users can keep the screen awake during the investigation and see XYZ, max-min, and graphs. The app features a classic EMF meter with the needle and LEDs. The free version of the app same features as the pro version but has advertisements.

Stud Detector

Price: Free with ads
Stud Finder & Stud Detector

Developed by brand ambzriw, Stud Finder & Stud Detector is also a popular choice for finding wiring, stud, metal, pipes, or other metal things behind a wall. It’s a handy tool for DIY people who want to hang a picture on the wall or install a tv hanger without being interrupted by other studs. The app works fast, allows to adjust the sensitivity manually, and gives Optional vibration alert.

Metal & Stud Detector Free

Price: Free with ads
Stud Finder Scanner

Stud Finder Scanner detects metal using the phone’s EMF sensor. It analyzes reading from emf sensor and magnetic sensor to determine metals or stud’s exact position with a beeping sound and changes of meter value. The deep scan even allows locating pipelines below earth ground. If your phone has a built-in radiation sensor, the result will be more accurate.

Stud Detector 2020

Price: Free with ads
Metal & Stud finder Free

This metal detector app works similarly to the other app listed above based on the same principle. However, it uses the magnetometer sensor to precisely target and pinpoints metal joists, nails, screws located beneath the drywall, plasterboard, or sheetrock in every wall. It has a high rating on google play, and users seem very happy with the result. It also works great on android tablet devices.

Stud Finder in Walls

Price: Free with ads

Stud Finder in Walls is a must-have app for every contractor as they often need to trace out pipes, AC wires, and cables. It helps find the exact place of studs, pipes, electrical wiring, and all-metal hardware accurately. It uses multiple sensors to measures the magnetic field in dB.

Stud Finder & Detector | Stud Finder in Walls

Nut Finder

Price: Free with ads
Stud detector Stud Finder Nut Finder Metal Finder

Metal Finder is another metal detector app that can find hidden metal things like keys, rings, and small tools often misplaced under the bed or sofa. Stud detector app can find stud, Bolt, Nut, and any metal things that attract magnets or electric radiation. Unlike other apps in this list, this one comes with a few different modes such as stud find by sensor, stud finds by camera, stud finds by graph, and stud find by magnetic field.

Wire & Pipe Locator

Price: Free with ads
Wire & Pipe Locato

As you can already guess, finding electric wires and pipes would become an easy task with this app. It displays finding data in µT (micro Tesla) chart unite. Regular magnetic field reading ranges from 25 to 65 µT. So, any higher measurement should be an indication of wire, pipe, or stud area.

Walabot DIY

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Walabot is a well crafted and feature riched DIY app that also has a built-in stud finder. A standard wood stud finder app typically uses a phone’s magnetometer sensor and looks for metallic obstructions inside walls. These apps sound off or flash whenever they locate any metal ductwork, pipes, electrical conduits, or elusive studs. However, wallabot app relies on a separate Walabot wall scanner device with multiple sensors and scan technology to detect different materials. You use the handheld device to scan walls and connect the app to see all the findings data from your phone.

Walabot is one of the best stud finder app that eliminates the risk of damaging or accidentally drilling into plumbing or electrical wires. Walabot scanner has multiple sensors and technology that works up to 4 inches / 10 centimeters deep and locates metal ductwork, pipes, electrical conduit, or those elusive studs. It can also detect non-metallic objects and movement inside walls such as mice and rats.

Most of these stud finder app works similarly except wallbot. So it’s up to you to decide which app you like most. You can either use the one’s that works with the phone’s sensor for a few jobs or use wallbot device for pro-quality jobs.

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