Try these best free android camera apps to capture your moments.

Best Free Camera apps for Android

Recently, Google has launched its brand new google camera app in the Google play store. But it’s only for the Android 4.4 devices. Thus, the other android users are untouched. But there are so many high qualities android camera app available in the market. Here I am going to describe some of the best camera apps. You should read through the content to know about the amazing features of these apps. The addresses from where you may download the app are also added.

So, have a look through the list and grab your best free Android camera app.

Google Camera

Google Camera app for android devices

The official android camera app from nexus devices is now available on playstore as a standalone app for google play edition devices. The best part the goggle camera is its simplicity with a few remarkable features such as Lens Blur for SLR-like photos, photo spare for 360º views, HDR and Panorama shots. The app works on Android 4.4 devices.

Download Google Camera app here | Download Google Camera apk here

Focal (Beta)

Focal the best android camera app

Straight from the popular android custom rom Cyanogenmod, Focal made its way to android market. The cam app still in beta but shows how android camera should be designed. Focal offers the most possible features one can expect from a smartphone camera app. The Holo inspired UI design is very simple and tweaking various settings before taking photos gets a lot easier quickly.

Download Focal Camera app here

Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate android camera app

Camera360 Ultimate is one of the most popular android camera app. It’s not conventional that doesn’t mean it’s too hard to use. There are just some extra features come with it. These entire extra features of this app will cost nothing. With so many features you will want to take more and more photos and shoot your live moments with its new video shooting mode. Camera360 Ultimate is the all in one camera replacement app for android.
There are some points to be noted:
• You can add Instagram like filters to your subject.
• You can frame up the pictures.
• The options will hide while capturing in the easy mode.
• Fix your photos with professional photo edit tools before share on the social network.
• Keep your photos safe with smart cloud album service.

Download Camera360 Ultimate app here


VSCO Cam android app for galaxy s5 phone

VSCO Cam is another great free camera app for android that allows to take stunning photos with its easy to use UI and a great number of filters. The app also offers advanced editing tools to fine-tune Exposure, Temperature, Contrast of your images. You can also compare the edited result with the original image in preview mode. You can also get inspired by the creations of other photographers in Vsco community and read many tutorials and interviews. If you afford to spend some money then VSCO Cam’s preset packs are there to get through in app purchase. These presets will give your photos a specific look without playing around different settings.

Download VSCO Cam app here

Now you’ve downloaded the above best free camera apps for android, its time to download some of the best android photo editor app.

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