Krazy Kart Racing for Android Download Apk


Start your engines- grab your Kart and experience the thrill of speed on 16 varied race tracks. Krazy Kart Racing is a hilarious racing game for Android , similar to  Crash Bandicoot Racing or Mario Kart . If you like racing games, surely you’ll love Krazy Kart Racing.

Krazy Kart Racing for Android

Krazy Kart Racing Download now, Don’t miss it! Start your engines – the most extensive iPhone Kart Racing game of all times is now available! Get into your kart and experience the thrill of speed on 16 varied race tracks. Krazy Kart Racing features several game modes, allowing you to play in campaign mode or multiplayer mode with up to ten of your friends over Wi-Fi. Compete in 5 different singleplayer modes with 10 well-known Konami characters in 3D cartoon style or challenge your friends in local or internet wifi multiplayer mode. Use the countless extras to activate the nitro boost, slow down your opponents with obstacles and take the lead. Dynamic camera balancing helps you focus completely on racing, leading to an outstanding playability. Can you cross the finish line in first place?

Krazy Kart Racing game Hints:
• Red bells give you random weapons while blue bells always give you a speed boost. Consider the layout of the track ahead of you as well as your position in the race and select which bell to go for accordingly.
• If you are having problems completing a race, try it out with different characters. Some courses are made for high-speed, some are not.
• Save your boosts for the optimal moment. Sometimes you will be able to clear obstacles that would otherwise be impossible. It’s quicker to go over something than around it.
• If you have trouble staying on course try using Robbie the Rabbit. He’s a bit slow but easiest to control.
Krazy Kart Racing game was developed for Android by Konami
Package name: com.krazyracers.v1.2.7.apk
File size: 18.83MB

You can also Download the latest version of Krazy Kart Racing from Play Store.
  • J

    This is a very fun game but it keeps crashing and freezing on my samsung galaxy s captivate. Any ideas for fixes? Thanks in advance!

  • lance

    Wla lng

  • Nagaraj

    Worst Game

  • rujuta

    how do i download this game to my android from the computer?

    • admin

      What phone are you using? Just do a search on google using your phone model how to copy files.

  • ChainZaw

    What do i do once i downloade it? where do i put it?

    • admin

      Copy it in your SD card anywhere. use file explorer to view the file and tap on it to install. Simple!

  • pterryz

    There are problems on the menus. If they are not too close with each other, they are overlapping with each other. I can’t even read the messages when the tutorial message pops up.

  • Jay

    you can find it on samsungapps if you have samsung android phone

  • hazer

    Still cant download, ill chek it later with my pc btw do you have any link for psx4droid bro?

    • admin

      i,ve. soon i gonna post

  • hazer

    Hi the link is temporaly disable do u have any other link? I love your site 😛

    • admin

      link is working, just checked. try again later