Control Car with Android Mobile Phone: Viper SmartStart Android

Everyday Life is getting smarter with Smartphone. You probably heard about Viper SmartStart app for iPhone which let’s user to control their car. You can Simply touch the screen and start your Car. Well the Viper SmartStart is now on Android Mobile Phones powered by Google’s Mobile platform. The extremely popular Viper SmartStart App brings Viper the company that brought you all of those cheesy car alarm commercials in the early 90’s (Think Back “protected by viper stand back” and a crazy  snake comes out of the hood of your car”).

Viper SmartStart Android

SmarStar app for Android allows you to control almost all your car from your smartphone. Among its advantages we can find the activation of car alarm and power control, windows, sunroof, stereo and air conditioning, among other functions. You can monitor the position and condition of your vehicle via GPS and on, close it or have access to all the above functions no matter where in the world you are. Viper also allows post a notice at boot when the car develops a fault detectable through the mismatch repair system, this in some models. Let’s see how it works! Viper SmartStart uses your Android Smartphone to communicate with SmartStart hardware installed in the vehicle — giving you the ability to remotely control your car from anywhere. See the image below

Viper SmartStart kit for Android

Now you can watch the demo video of Viper SmartStart App to get a details idea about it. The video made using an iPhone but the application will work on Android similar ways.

Viper SmartStart for Android is a Free App. To Download the App Simply use Barcode Reader and your Android Mobile Phone Camera to QR image above. If you don’t have Download Android Barcode reader Now.
Or, follow the below link to grab the latest version of Viper SmartStart car control app for Androd from Play Store