Android vs iPhone and Windows Phone. 10 Ways android Beats other OS

Android Win over iPhone and Windows Mobile 7No, we don’t say Android is perfect. Even there is no single Mobile Platform which can make a Smartphone user satisfied all the way. Every Mobile Phone Platform or OS has it’s own unique features, users have to compare them and get the One is most perfect to serve their needs. Here we go to talk the most 10 ways  where Google’s Android win over iPhone, Windows Phone and everything else out in market. Let’s dive in and see which makes android better. Judge by CNN fortune magazine.

1. Maps and Navigation:
Google’s Maps is simply the best and the free Navigation makes it perfect. Though Google’s Maps uses more data, still u might prefer it than buying an offline Expensive navigation app for iPhone and other OS. Also, HTC is offering a free version of offline Maps on their phones.

2. Notification Bar:
Android’s Notification bar is a unique features which will notify for Emails, SMSs Facebook notifications, charging, software updates, task managers… and almost usable from any screen without leaving the running application.

3. Widgets:
If you use widgets on an smartphone, you already know the importance of them. Just set up a page with your Google Voice, RSS, Twitter and Facebook streams and organize them any way you want. If you never used widgets, It’s hard to imagine how worse it would be a smartphone without them. Windows mobile 7 has it’s own tiles but still Android is Winner for freedom.

4. Carrier choice:
You’re stuck with AT&T if you have an iPhone or Windows 7 phone in the US, That will change in 2011. But With Google Android there is a wide variety of choice to pick the best carrier in your area for your budget.

5. Hotspot:
Most of the Android handset will allow to tether or create a virtual Hotspot and connect other devices. iPhone does do tethering, but limited. Windows 7 doesn’t create hotspots at all.

6. Screen size:
With Android you can a device between 3.2-inch to 7-inch. With Android, like the HTC Aria, which has a 3.2-inch HVGA screen, or 4.3-inch screens on the Droid X or Sprint EVO. Even 5-inch on Dell tablet or 7-inch on Samsung Galaxy Tab. With iPhone you’re stuck at 3.5 inch. Windows Mobile 7 has various size but the resolution is fixed 400×800.

7. Voice actions:
Windows Phone has speech recognition and iPhone does Voice Control, but nothing is comparable to Google Voice Actions. With Voice Actions on Android you can do just about anything.

8. Fastest browser:
Browsing Internet is one of most task user do on the Smatphone. With full Flash support and fastest cpu on high end Android Phone browsing is just pleasure.

9. Better Buttons:
While iPhone ends up with only home button, Windows Phone does little better with search and back button. Android just perfect with an extra button for Setting Menu.

10. Google Voice
Let users routing calls over Internet and cheap international service by Google Voice save your pocket. While it is available on iOS and Windows Phone as a web service, Google Voice is just better than nothing.