Add text on pictures – Best Android Apps to Write on Photos

Add text to photo : Let your photos talking! Checkout the 5 best android app to write on pictures.

Add text to photo - Android Apps to Write on Photos

Well, who doesn’t do that? At this era of social networking, often we add text on pictures to share them on facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Instagram or other similar services out there. Be it a caption, funny comment or a meme, we often add text on pictures. Rather than adding some casual text on a photo we should throw some style, add some effects and apply gorgeous looking fonts. To make it easier right on your android phone here is a list of some app that works great.

Thse are the best apps to add text on pictures. Add caption to your photos on Android.

Phonto – Text on Photos (Free)

Phonto - Text on Photos android app

8.4/10Phonto is a very simple yet powerful app that comes with a wide variety of fonts and text style to decorate your photos. In addition to adding text to your pictures, the app also allows inserting different shapes such as stars and hearts that can be altered in various color and size. Just slide the element with your finger to move in various position and tilt the device to change colors.

Unlike many other similar apps, Phonto comes with all the little options you would expect. It allows to install new fonts (in case the pre-installed 200 fonts are not enough), apply text shadow, rotate, change stroke color and width, letter spacing, etc. like The app is available to download for free.

Textgram – write on photos (Free)

8.6/10The name “Textgram” says it all! Basically, this app works the reverse way. Simply start typing and turn your texts into beautiful graffiti. Now add stickers, frames, filters and cool stuff to create cool images. You can also pick any image or picture from your photo gallery to insert on the picture for more personalized message. Users can also download extra templates, backgrounds, stickers & frames for free. Once done, share the image directly on social networks.

PicLab – Photo Editor (Free)

PicLab - Photo Editor

8.5/10“PicLab” is just not an app to add text to photos, it’s also a full-featured, great photo editor for Android. Huge collection of fonts, Multiple text layers, adjustable opacity level, Stickers & Artwork, hundreds of Shapes and Masks, Collage Tool, Filters, and Effects, what you want more? Okay, maybe you wish to express yourself with your own drawings or handwriting. Piclab got that too!

Over ($3.99)

over app to add text on pictures

8.8/10Over cost a few bucks, but the price tag worth every penny of it as you will not find these exclusive collections of fonts and text-style on any other app. With its innovative circular navigation and gesture-based composition “over” is easily one of the best user-friendly apps.

On this write on pictures app, simply type your desired text and chose font color then use the navigation wheel to adjust various editing aspects including alignment, opacity, size and kerning. All other basic editing tools, artworks, and effects are also available.

Photo Captions – Insta Square (Free)

captions and fonts app to add caption on photos

8.4/10Photo Captions Android app make its easy to add caption to photos. The app automatically adjusts the font size of your caption to best fit on the photos. The app comes with a handful selection of pre-defined quotes, simply chose one of them to apply on your photo. Users can also add their own captions.

Mostly used captions and fonts can be marked as favorites so you can easily find them the next time you work with a new image. Another fun feature called PIP allows to insert picture in picture.

Most of these photo editor apps for adding text to images are available to download for free. Test above apps on your smartphone and let us know which one you think is the best to apply text on pictures. Also, share this page with your friends online and let them create awesome photos.

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