Learn how to take screenshot on Samsung galaxy s phones without rooting.

take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S Phones

If you just got a new Samsung galaxy s phone and wondering how to take the snapshot of your current screen then the following tips will come at very handy. In recent version of Android OS, Manufacturers integrate built-in screenshot taking capability. It is very easy to capture a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S phones.

To assist you in taking screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S or on any other Android devices below are some stairs you must abide by:

Taking screenshots on the original galaxy s device:

If you are wondering how to capture a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S device, then you don’t have to worry at all. It is as easy as to press a few buttons.

  • On Samsung Galaxy S phone you can hold together the back button and the home button to take a screenshot. Keep holding until you hear a click sound confirming the screenshot has been taken.
  • If the process doesn’t work, then you must press and hold the back button for a second then press the home button gently. Now the capturing should work.
  • Your taken screenshot should directly proceed to the gallery folder where you can recover it easily from a new folder named Screen Capture.
  • In some cases, if the screenshot process doesn’t work at all, try to turn your phone off. Then release the memory card. Wash your device with a soft tissue paper gently. Charge your battery until it is 100%. Now turn your device on and start taking screenshots.
  • You may find out some rumor about connecting the device with the PC or some other complex theories. Just ignore it, because on the Galaxy S the above trick always works.

Taking Screenshots on other Samsung Galaxy phones such as Galaxy s4, s5, s6 or s6 edge and Galaxy Note varients

  • The later versions of Samsung Galaxy S such as, Galaxy S4, S5 & S6, note2, note3 or note4 has alternative methods to take screenshot.
  • Hold the power button and the home button together. Keep holding those until you hear a capturing sound. It is the confirmation that the screenshot has been taken. A flash may occur along with a text message as a confirmation of the screenshot.
  • You may swipe your device vertically or horizontally like a kung fu style across your desired screen. You should hear a clicking sound along with a flash right after that. This method is called hand swipe.
  • In the next step, you can see the palm swipe option to capture any screenshot in the Motion & gesture menu.
  • If you are using Samsung Galaxy Note devices such as Galaxy Note 2, 3 or Note 4 then you can use the S Pen to capture a screenshot. You require opening the Air Command menu and following the certain steps.
  • To take a screenshot just move the S Pen in uncertain manner over the screen and click the button on it to capture a screenshot or you can hold the button on the S Pen and touch it on the screen to take a screenshot.
  • Got an android device made from different manufacturer?
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    Let us know if the above tips worked for you. Cheers!