How to take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S Phones

Wondering how to take screenshot on Samsung galaxy s phones without rooting?

Attention: In recent version of Android OS, Manufacturers integrate built in screenshot taking capability. For a complete guide which cover all Android Devices :

How to Take screenshot on Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4

Newest Samsung Galaxy devices such as Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III & Galaxy S IV run on newer version of Android. To take screenshot on Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S IV just Press the home button and the power button together and you should hear a click sound confirming that a screenshot has been taken. The screen will flash and you should see a text that shows it has been captured and saved.

For those who own a device like original samsung Galaxy S phone, taking Screenshot with your Galaxy S is real easy right on your phone with just two tap.  While i was playing with my Galaxy S, suddenly i heard a capture sound and got a notification “Screen captured. Save as image file”. Then i went in gallery and well there is a screenshot. After messing around a few minute i figured out the trick which I’m gonna share with you.

Note that the following tutorial works on samsung galaxy s running on android 2.2 Froyo. For more update devices follow the page mentioned above.

The first thing you probably need to do is Update your Galaxy S to latest version of Android available for Galaxy S. The trick is after break (probably will work on other Android Smartphone too running on Froyo)

How to take Screenshot on Galaxy S phones

Screenshot Capture is native feature since Gingerbread Update. The latest version of OS for Samsung is Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. Follow the instruction below to learn How to Take Screenshot on Galaxy S.

How-to take screenshot on Galaxy S

1. When you are in the specific screen which you desire to take Screenshot, Press the Back button in right bottom and hold it. While holding Back button now press Home button in the middle. You will hear a capture sound and in moment it will appear Screen captured. Save as image file
2. Go in the Gallery app there is a new folder called Screen Capture. Open it, you will see the captured image. Enjoy!

The Samsung Galaxy S has a 800 x 480 pixel screen, this TouchWiz feature takes 400 x 240 pixel screenshots.