How to take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S Phones


Wondering how to take screenshot on Samsung galaxy s phones without rooting?

Attention: In recent version of Android OS, Manufacturers integrate built in screenshot taking capability. For a complete guide which cover all Android Devices : Read How do you take screenshot on android

How to Take screenshot on Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4

  • Newest Samsung Galaxy devices such as Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III & Galaxy S IV run on newer version of Android.
  • To take screenshot on Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S IV just Press the home button and the power button together and you should hear a click sound confirming that a screenshot has been taken.
  • The screen will flash and you should see a text that shows it has been captured and saved.

For those who own a device like original samsung Galaxy S phone, taking Screenshot with your Galaxy S is real easy right on your phone with just two tap.  While i was playing with my Galaxy S, suddenly i heard a capture sound and got a notification “Screen captured. Save as image file”. Then i went in gallery and well there is a screenshot. After messing around a few minute i figured out the trick which I’m gonna share with you.

Note that the following tutorial works on samsung galaxy s running on android 2.2 Froyo. For more update devices follow the page mentioned above.

The first thing you probably need to do is Update your Galaxy S to latest version of Android available for Galaxy S. The trick is after break (probably will work on other Android Smartphone too running on Froyo)

How to take Screenshot on Galaxy S phones

Screenshot Capture is native feature since Gingerbread Update. The latest version of OS for Samsung is Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. Follow the instruction below to learn How to Take Screenshot on Galaxy S.

How-to take screenshot on Galaxy S

1. When you are in the specific screen which you desire to take Screenshot, Press the Back button in right bottom and hold it. While holding Back button now press Home button in the middle. You will hear a capture sound and in moment it will appear Screen captured. Save as image file
2. Go in the Gallery app there is a new folder called Screen Capture. Open it, you will see the captured image. Enjoy!

The Samsung Galaxy S has a 800 x 480 pixel screen, this TouchWiz feature takes 400 x 240 pixel screenshots.

  • Mike

    I have a samsung galaxy and I dont know if my phone is
    Android 2.2 I have reboot it. can some1 tell me how to check wich android system I got

    • admin

      go setting then scroll down and select about phone

      • Preston

        so.. my galaxy WONT stop taking screenshots, everytime i text or go into an app. the back button goes away and i push home key and it takes a screenshot. its making me so mad. i dont know how to stop it.

        • Preston

          PLEASE HELP!!

          • lynsay

            Mine did that too. i sent the phone back. it was driving me crazy. got it last night, its working alot faster, had new software installed. It has take 1 screen shot by itself (as you described) so far. Im waiting to see if it continues if so then it will be sent back again.

          • dan

            Try turning your phone off, then take out you memory card (if you have one). Charge it to 100% then turn your phone on.

            If this does not work try updating or resetting your phone.

        • Levi g

          This happens if your screen is dirty with your had grease. All you have to do is clean it and it wont happen. If there a way to turn off screen shots it would fix half the problem

    • sulu

      thank u for the share

      I manage to take nice shoot at specific screen

      am running Gingerbread 2.3.5 on my Galaxy S


      • christa f

        how do i get my phone to do the gingerbread 2.3.5 because it on gingerbread.vuvkj6

    • Jayarsj

      Go to settings and the click about the phone….

  • Mike

    Ok it says 2.1-update1 .what does it meen?

    • admin

      means you won’t be able to do so. you need android 2.2 version

      • Stephanie

        How do you get it the 2.2 version?

        • Tori

          if you have the vibrant you download kies mini for the 2.2 update Ihave tmobile vibrant 2.2

          • Lynn

            So i can’t do it? Mine also says version 2.1-update1. But how do I update? Mine is a samsung galaxy s.

          • yana

            how do i download the kies mini for the 2.2 update

  • Mike

    What is frojo?? Is it jailbrake, a app, something in the phone??

    • kudoboi

      its a nickname for the system.
      2.2 to 3.0 is known as froyo
      to get 2.2 you need to update ur phone which depends on the provider itself.

      1.5 to 2.1 is known as cupcake
      2.1 update 1 means ur phone is running 2.1.1
      if u cannot wait for 2.2 the only way is to root which i don’t really reconmand since it might turn ur phone to a pernement brick. i prefer waiting but i think there is a app for auto rooting but i can’t be sure if it works or not.

      • Madison

        I have 2.2.1 froyo or something like that? Does that means its already 2.2 or is it still 2.1? And how can you take a screenshot with it?

  • Alec

    I am running 2.2 and followed the easy directions above but its definitely not working for me. So there must be some setting difference between us that is preventing me, but allowing you to do it. I really wish I knew what it was because I screwed up my phone and can’t root it anymore, and really missed the screen shot feature.

    • admin

      reboot your phone then on the homescreen try it. Hopefully it will work

      • Alec

        I don’t have JPM like mydoom, I have JI6, maybe that’s why?
        I rebooted and no luck still.

        • Adam

          try holding the back button and hit the power button. try that a couple times. that is what works on my phone.

          • conner

            this worked for meee

          • Jessica

            Thanks! This worked!

          • Scazy

            Thanks Adam…perfect!

          • lizz

            Nothings worked for me,
            Im very confused,
            Please please help me. :(
            I have 2.2

          • Layna Fox

            you crazy genius!! holding the back + pressing power worked for me.

      • Tanner

        I sent a message, and attempted to back out. I did something too fast, without realizing, and it took a screenshot. I read everyone’s reviews, however, none of the combinations seem to work. I looked under settings like you suggested and i have 2.2. It is so incredibly frustrating because i know it is possible. I have a Samsung galaxy s with at&t. Please help??

        • shana

          same here!!

        • Debi_Doo

          That exact same thing happened to me. I have never been able to actually take a screen shot intentionally. It only happens when Im backing out of a message (on accident). WTF? I also have 2.2.

      • Gavin

        Doesn’t need reboot – the directions as per Samsung’s website is:

        Press and hold the power button at the same time as the home button.

        • chee

          THANKS FOR THIS INFO! It worked on my galaxy y =)

          • Kim

            Bout ready to throw phone at the wall. Why would the power button have so many other functions!?? when I hold the back button and press the power, the phone just goes to standby (black screen) or I get several options: power off, etc. Oh, turned phone off and back on too…any suggestions??????

          • bla

            owh yeha! thanks!!!!!

        • ryan

          if you press any of the bottom buttons and the lock/power button the screen shuts off and then it lights back up

        • Kevin

          if your from RT then wow and yeah i have 2.2 and it still don’t work

        • Judith

          this worked for me!!! thanks :)

      • capix

        thnkz man! now i know how to take pic of the screen..i was searching tricks for an hour!

    • ShawnS

      I’ve found it!! Hold the back button while pressing the power button. Works every time for me. HAVE FUN!

      • Jeff

        Finally!!!! i actually got it to work :) thank you!

      • Heather

        When I do that, it just does the screen lock. Is there a way to turn the screen lock off so I can do the screen capture? I did it accidentally yesterday and I wanna know how to do it again!

        • Violet

          I don’t know if you figured it out already. But what you have to do is HOLD the power button, don’t just press it. If you touch the back button, hold the power button and let go at the same time with both it will take the screen shot picture for you. I did it accidentally also and went crazy trying to figure it out! lol Good luck!

          • BMeinema.

            When I’m holding the powerbutton, i get 4 options:
            – one about the sound (on/off).
            – one about the status of the data connection.
            – one about offline mode (when you’re on a plane).
            – and about turning my mobile off.
            Can you please help me?

          • Wyrus

            press and hold back button and then home button

      • nik

        ahhhh thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that works! I also noticed that sometime when I go to hold the back button it actually goes back; if this happens just continue holding the back button while navigating on the screen until you get to what you want to screencapture. then whil still holding the back button press the power/lock button on the right side.

        thanks again!

      • Asher Lebeau

        Thank you, thank you! I have been trying to find out how to do this for months. Now, I feel like crying since the method is so simple…hehe.

      • Tricia

        Thanks! Worked for me too!

      • pm

        This works for me too (Galaxy S/Verizon)

    • johan

      i have galaxy mini android version 2.1 and no froyo and it worked 😀

      • Jessica

        I cant figure out how to make it work on mine. Please help!

        • Lizzy

          Me either, I’ve tried so many times – it’s so annoying! It does it on it’s own when I don’t need it, but when I need it and try to do it it just keeps going back and them I have to reload the page again!

          More advice, pls….

          • Kat

            Hold your “back” button and press “home” button. Let go at the same time. It worked for me. Good luck

      • Lynn

        I am using a Samsung galaxy s version 2.1 and none of. The advice actually work!! Someone help please:(

      • Gavin

        mine worked by holding the home button (middle) then pressing button, galaxy mini on droid 2.3.4 (gingerbread)

    • thanousay

      you have to hold the back button…. while holding you press the lock button and that’s how you capture the screen

      • John

        I want to take a shot of a second screen in an app. Holding the back button takes me ‘back’ before I can press the lock button. How do you snap the current screen in an app?

      • Lynn

        It doesn’t work either… It will just lock the phone. Please help. Is my version the old one that’s why I can’t take screenshots?? :(

      • alejandra

        what is the back button?

        • james

          Alejandra, get another phone, NOT android!

    • leenaz

      it works for me
      im running on froyo 2.2

    • Karen

      I have a Galaxy S phone and the suggestion in the article did not work on my phone. I had to hold down the back button and then hit the power button on the side of the phone. Worked like a charm!!

      • EnKay

        Try holding the back button and click on the middle one, the home screen button.

    • katelyn

      Click the lock button not the home button!!

    • Katie

      I couldn’t get it to work either, but figured out a different way to do a screen capture. You can hold the back/return button and then press the power button. You should hear a capture sound.

    • gaby em

      it works perfectly for me….. i mean who knew it’s that easy….i didn’t had to do anything…..

    • jamie

      mine works with holding the back arrow and pushing the power button. not as described above

    • Ben

      Bro sometimes u gotta press the home button twice. Pressing it once dont work for me either

    • Captivate User

      Does it work on at&t? I tried it on my at&t captivate and it didn’t work. The back button and screen lock just locked the screen :(

    • Gavin

      Press and hold the power button at the same time as the home button.

      • Keely

        i have an at&t samsung galaxy s and it wont let me take the screen shot! i have read all through this page and it still dont let me! idk how to check and see if i have the 2.2 version.. can you please help?

        • Kate

          settings- scroll down to about phone- firmware update :)

    • Lea

      Apparently I can take a screen shot just trying to turn off the phone. What am I doing then?

    • tay

      Hold down bk button n press or either push the off button on the top right hand corner that worked for me

    • Kirstie

      it is telling me that i have froyo but I dont know if i have 2.2 and its not working I am so confused :(

    • jhin147

      Hold the back key the curly arrow on my galaxy s and press the home key wen u release the back button it takes the shot…. running 2.3.3 gb

      • kali

        i have the same phone, and i know it works cause it has happened when i dont even try. But when i do what you are saying nothing happens on my phone… Please help!

    • daniel

      try holding the back button and then clicking the lock button. that is how mine did it.

    • Analise

      Thank you so much 😀

  • Phil

    Doesn’t work on Vibrant

    • Ashlee

      I definately did it the other night on accident…and couldn’t figure out how to do it again. I tried your directions up top but still does not work. I was messing around and my phone started going really slow…i was trying to go to the home screen then a little box popped up and said Screen Capture Saved…

      I know it does have something to do with the home button…but your way doesnt work for me.

    • louis

      it works on vibrant i have one and it worked great

      • Leo

        doesnt work on mine one :/ i dunno why, but it doesnt.

      • Trez

        What did you do to make it work? I have a Vibrant

      • VibrantGalaxyS

        I have a Samsung Vibrant SGH-T959 from T-Mobile, running Froyo 2.2 and neither way is working for me. If anyone figures this out, will you please let me know? Thanks.

        • Melody

          Ditto for me – I did it by accident recently however, but all the suggestions above haven’t worked as I’ve tried to recreate this feature. Help!!

      • Samantha

        It doesn’t work on my vibrant! I need help!

    • Travis

      It worked for me i have the vibrant from bell (canada model) if your in the states thats the only diffrence i can think of if you have 2.2?

    • louis

      it does work on vibrant

      • VibrantGalaxyS

        louis, I see that there are different models of the Vibrant. I have the SGH-T959 from T-Mobile and have upgraded the firmware to Froyo 2.2. None of the said steps have worked for me, but I do see that the ScreenCaptureService is running in Running Services. This is really frustrating.

      • Mike

        No…it doesn’t. You need to provide more details before you make false statements. How about your model, your version, the carrier. We wouldn’t say it doesn’t work if it did.

        It doesn’t work and you’re wrong.

        • Nickie

          hi Mike,

          I have a t-mobile Sumsung Galaxy S Vibrant SGH-T959 and I know that it works, I cant tell you how, because I havent figured it out…but I did it on accident one day, and I have the album in my phone with 1 screen shot picture on it!

          Not trying to defend anyone, but it does work.

    • Rorick

      True tht it doesnt work on Vibrant. I dont know what to do :~(

    • jazzy

      it does i have one i did it by mistake and now it wont let do it no more

  • Mydoom

    Works fine with Froyo 2.2 (JPM) Thanks ! 😀

  • paranoia

    doesnt work on galaxy lite(2.1) I try other combination 😉

  • ante

    Yea same thimg happend me, randomly made a sreenshot, but thanks anyway,


    WOW! Thanks! It worked for me. SGS I9000 + Froyo JPM!

  • a

    Hi thanks a lot ! may i ask y please:
    why i could´nt update my Galaxy s in Austria?

    • admin

      The update will be available in november

  • Volveno

    mike froyo is a version of the operation system Android that have the number 2.2
    like other versions of the system each version have a name:
    android 1.5 is called cupcake
    1.6 is donut
    2.1 is eclair
    android 2.2 is froyo
    and the next version is gingerbread

  • desmond

    It’s only limit to take pix on home screen.

  • desmond

    There is no Jailbreak for Android, you can Root it to become superuser.

    Latest Android Version is Froyo 2.2
    I am using xxjpk and it works for the screen capture.

  • Mike

    How do I update my phone any buttons?

  • Teknomad77

    I just tried it on my Galaxy S with Froyo JP6 and it worked perfectly. I knew Samsung Wave had that feature but I had no idea it also existed on the Galaxy S. Thank you so much man 😀

  • Nebojsa

    It doesn’t work on SGS, 2.1. Waiting for Froyo….

  • Mike

    Ooh thx guys I was like huh?? what is eclair and froyo
    ;P . So right know I have eclair thx.

    Yo beside why doesnt it work to download with
    Samsung galaxy S in market any guide for that

    • kudoboi

      u mean update ur phone system to 2.2?
      go to settings> about phone and click system updates.
      u need internet connection to do that btw.
      if u mean ur market cannot buy apps or does not show paid apps on it it means ur country is not choosen for paid apps.

      • Lynn

        There isn’t any “system updates” button on my phone…

  • a

    Dear Admin any Idea how can my Galaxy S i9000 support Arabic language? thx

  • Mike

    Yeh it works to buy , but the problem is that I cant download any apps it says download didnt work and it doesnt work to update my phone to 2.2

  • iD7OOM

    it just work so fine with Galaxy S Froyo (2.2) – JPJPA

    Thanks a lot 😀

  • sam

    Works for jp6 – been trying to figure this out for ages Thank s:)

  • Roy’D

    Working on SGS GT I9000 JPM
    Nice one, thanks for info……..

  • d dub

    doesnt work on samsung galaxy captivate 2.1

    • Umar

      Thanks Alot!
      Working 100% on all screens in Galaxy S JPJPA FROYO 2.2

  • theodoros

    anyone know whene the update(2.2) will be available in Cyprus or where i can find this?

  • Randall

    works fine in my SGS Froyo.
    btw on SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB is back button and dann power button .


  • cs

    Just realised it only captures screen at certain states. For example, you won’t be able to screen capture a conversation in whatsapp, as the moment you press back button, it exits.

  • anis

    It works on FROYO.JPJPG, thanks for the tips

  • Prometheus75

    Dang it, it WORKS!!! And not just on the home screen, but the browser screen as well. Thank you so very much! Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) user here :-)

  • Melissa

    Works for me on Froyo 2.2

    • Melissa


  • The xGrunge

    In the first screenshot…is that a live beach wallpaper ???

    If yes…then please tell me the name of that wallpaper OR give me the link of that

  • The xGrunge

    Thanks brother for giving me the link of Live Beach Wallpaper, but sadly it didn’t work on my Xperia X10…Anyway Thanks again for giving me link :)

  • ellie

    hi! thanks for the info… once I did that but by accident! and I’m trying so hard to figure out how to make it happen again LoL

  • Ali

    I did it once on accident, thats how i figured out you can do it. But now I try to do it again and it won’t work :(

    • Ali

      I do have Froyo 2.2 but I cant get it to work!

  • caroline

    how do you update to froyo?!?!?! Its now janurary

    • Fez

      You need to install samsungs tool for phone management – it’s called kies and you can find it through … then you connect your phone to your pc with the usb cable..and it will tell you, that there’s an upgrade… and download and install it for you (remember to back up your phone, since it will most likely delete everything on the phone)

  • Abhishek Pandey

    Thanx bro for this technical tip. Worked perfectly on my Froyo SGS. Pls give more tips on SGS with Froyo.

  • Fez

    Haha, thanks, this was really messing with me, cause I had a screenshot on my phone….but I somehow took it, while I was drunk and didn’t know how.. Now I know – thanks :)

  • gbuta

    thanks..:) works.:)

  • Lohgann

    Thanks! works in my galaxy S 2.2

  • Turhan

    I had made it accidently too but then I couldn’t find how to do again. Thank you bro!

  • anne

    the screen capture back button is too sensitive. Can you disable the feature or change the sensitivity?

  • Luke

    YES! Thank you! :-)

  • $andy

    th q my boy
    i has been trying to find out this trick which happend to me once,,

  • Bojan

    I am using the same background :)

    Thanks for this awesome tip by the way!

  • ceeless

    i just accidentally screenshotted a conversation i was having through text and ive been trying to figure out how to do it all over again. I do have the froyo. ive tried the trick you’ve suggested but nothing lol i guess a few more tweeks! but thanks anyway!

    • mlester

      I am also trying to figure out how to capture a text conversation. All the things suggested above do work to screen capture but when I click the back button before the screen capture works the page has already gone back to all of my text conversation and that’s what gets captured.

  • Zeta

    The same thing happened to me- I heard a snapshot and it saved a picture, but pressing the back and home buttons definitely didn’t work for me after several tries!

  • Gar

    All good


  • 4wallz

    I also had the same thing happen. I have a random screenshot in my gallery and I have been unable to duplicate the process. This tip is not working for me either (SGS 2.2)

  • asdad

    It works,

  • Nick


  • Vian

    Works perfect
    Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (2.2 JL2)

    Held back button, pressed home and got long vibrate. Gallery got a new folder call ScreenCapture and picture was in there.

    • Boloney

      I have the Samsung Galaxy Vibrant too. Held the back button and then pressed the home button, but no vibration at all after I pressed the home button. I also have froyo. Any other suggestions?

  • Jorge

    Hey I’m running a Samsung Vibrant with the KA6 Froyo, now I know for a fact this works because I did it by accident once, but this tip won’t work :( Does anyone know how to do it on KA6? I’ve googled and nothing. Please help if anyone knows, thanks.

  • xXx

    wohoo.. thanks for the info bro.. I was wondering how to do it, because once I have done it by accident. now I know exactly know how to make it happen. many thanks.

  • Jason

    Admin – I’m having the same problem as Jorge. I know Screen Capture is possible, because somehow I managed yesterday to take on, and the new “Screen Capture” folder showed up. I’m running Froyo 2.2 (KA6) and cannot duplicate the process with the back & home button’s tip listed here.

    Please, Please, Please help I would LOVE to be able to use this function and I know it’s possible, cause I’ve done it, but how… ?


    • admin

      Which Galaxy S r u using? hold the back button and try all other keys one by one. In captivate it does back button+power button

      • Jorge

        I tried almost every combination, I still can’t get it to work. I’m very confused because I KNOW there’s a way.

        • zemme

          I’m having the same issue. Samsung galaxy s 4g 2.2
          I’ve looked it up and tried every combination of touchkeys and power button that I can think of. I haven’t found anything that works for the sgs 4g and its driving me crazy

          • zemme

            I’m sorry 2.2.1 to be specific

      • Jorge

        I got it to work yesterday again somehow. It has something to do with the soft keys but its not this combo.

      • David

        hmmm im using a captivate 2.2 i have only done the screen capture by accident the back button+home or any other key doesnt work i have multiple pics in my screen shot folder.

      • LAMB75146


      • Jamie

        I have a Samsung captivate galaxy s running android 2.2 Frito and I can’t.get it to work. Holding the back button and power button locks the screen and the back button and home button doesn’t do anything. PLEASE HELP!!!

      • Brian

        I have the Captivate but I have Gingerbread, is there a new way to do this because nothing at all works for me.

  • ahmad

    works great on mine.2.2 froyo.rooted 😀

  • Gqsmooth

    Def doesn’t work. I just got my Samsung vibrant replaced by TMO and the new one came with 2.2. Not sure if I got lucky or what put the instructions don’t do jack shit.

  • Sami


  • muzone fine on 2.2.1 JPU release

  • Roy

    Samsung galaxy s, worked for me, thanks

  • Matt

    Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, tried all combinations but no luck. I have 2.2, any suggestions?

  • Robin

    Me too: This combo doesn’t work on my Vibrant with 2.2 KA6, but I know screen shots can work, as I’ve done it twice before by accident. I’ve tried all the combos I can think off without luck. If anyone figures for vibrant froyo ka6, please let us know.

  • Robin

    Okay, found one way on a Vibrant w/ KA6, but requires a bluetooth keyboard.

    Pair and connect any bluetooth keyboard that has a Home key. I used a full sized dell, but the mini ones that require a Fn + X key to send Home should work fine. I think generic bluetooth support is a froyo feature. Then press and hold the back button on the phone (like above) and press the Home key on the keyboard. (The Home key by itself acts just like the Home button on the phone.)

    I wonder if the KA6 build made it harder to do the same on the phone, due to the complaints of others with different builds it being too sensitive?

  • Jason

    I have the same problem as others. It works some times, depending on what screen you’re on, but most of the time, as soon as I press the back button, the app exits! I wish they used a different combination of keys!!!

  • Peter

    Vibrant 2.2 KA6
    Can’t get it to work.
    My buddy with the exact same phone and update did it by accident but he can’t do it again,

  • Alvin B.

    Does NOT work on Vibrant with KA6, at least with this key combination. I get long vibrate on back, but no amount of trying to combine that with the Home button works. Can someone please post something that works with KA6?

  • leo

    Works on galaxy 3 too, just got updated

  • Winz

    will the same combination work for 2.3??
    or is there any other combination??

  • Chickeny

    Did it once by accident on my Vibrant (2.2 KA6) but can’t get it to work again. I’ve held the back button and pressed pretty much every other button. I don’t get it.

  • Justin

    It works on 2.1 android thanx

    • kate

      how? please teach me

  • jessica

    How do you reboot your phone or how do you download this.. i have a samsung galaxy s and i dont understand it??

  • feza

    how to reboot my android ? it doesn’t work on my phone, it said : unable to capture screen.pls try again

    • admin

      if you mean only reboot, just switch off the phone and turn on again

  • Prem

    awesome tip. working for me.

  • joyce

    I am really stupid what is the right and back button?? I have 4 buttons sound up sound down lock screen and home screen wich one do I use?

    • Shinc

      its the touch button, the arrow button to the right of the home button which is the middle down the bottom.

      so, press and hold the back button, then tap the home button and it will make a camera noise

  • Ash

    I’ve accidentally done this once or twice myself on my Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (Froyo). I tried your instructions above and they worked perfectly. I wanted to know how to do this rather than install an app that does it so thank you so much for your instructions! :-)

  • mRv

    Very useful tip. Works just as explained on my Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 (Froyo).

  • Aslam

    I am using samsung galaxy GT-S5570 in india, I want to install Adobe flash player in my phone, I have downloaded 10.1 and 10.2 both version(.apk file). When I try to install I got application not installed error. Please help me for this issue. I need to install adobe flash player anyhow in my phone.


    • Aslam

      I am using samsung galaxy GT-S5570 in india, which have 2.2 froyo and build number is froyo.DDKA6.

      I want to install Adobe flash player in my phone, I have downloaded 10.1 and 10.2 both version(.apk file). When I try to install I got application not installed error. Please help me for this issue. I need to install adobe flash player anyhow in my phone.


      • mana

        i got same problem but now solved .U have installed app. Now U have to launch Market on your handset and search for “Apps Installer” or “ File Manager.Once this is done, connect your phone to computer and mount SD Card.Copy earlier dowloaded APK file to SD card root.Now use Apps Installer or File Manager to install the APK file.Once the installation is complete, reboot your phone.Now launch your web browser and navigate to any flash website to see if it is working.Thanks

  • Shinc

    2.2.1 Darkys V9.3 Galaxy S works for me. Id done it by accident a few times and wondered how i did it haha.

    Thanks for that mate.

  • Jess

    Thank you very very very very very much!!
    I also had experience of screenshotting my screen by accident but could not find out how. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesse

    I have the froyo 2.2 on my Samsung Vibrant and have accidentally took a screenshot today but can’t get it to do it again no matter what combinations of buttons I’ve tried. Why?

  • Karl

    Samsung Mesmerize: While holding the “back” button (until you feel a vibration) hit the power button. This works for me.

  • mana

    Plz any one let me know i have flash player 10.2 on my samsung vibrant but some videos can not be played and shown notice flash player 9.I have to install flash player 9 for these video or flash player 10 can be use for these as well.

  • shan die

    i did it,thats really cool!
    I also capture screen suddenly and dont know why,then check on this website,thank you vetu much!

  • avvg

    It works on Galaxy 5 too. Took a screen shot with back and home buttons.

  • dseong

    what app is that sticky note thing on your home screen?

  • Tchez

    Samsung Fascinate running 2.2 u need to hold back button. After it vibrates, press the power/lock button. Thanks ShawnS!

  • E

    So i’ve tried to hold the back button then hitting the home button and its just not working. Saw that someone mentioned rebooting. How do you do that? Do you mean simply powering off and back on? Oh i’m using vibrant 4g if that helps.

  • Amber

    I’m running the Samsung Captivate 2.2 and none of these combinations are working for me. I’m not sure if I’m crazy, or you people are. And please don’t tell me to “reboot” my phone, you sound like Comcast when I call them and tell them my internet isn’t working.

    • cull

      ive got the same problem i did it once idk how and these combos wont work now

  • dustin

    i have a samsung galaxy s fascinate running froyo 2.2 and i seen a photo album labled screen capture in my gallery with a screen shot in it and i dont know how to do it nothing on here works any ideas ?

    • natalie

      For a fascinate running Froyo 2.2 I was able to take a screenshot by holding down the “back” button and pressing the “power” button. It saved to the gallery in an album titled screen shots. Hope that helps!

  • Ahsan

    LoL same thing happened to me. I was playing and heatd capture sound…. Thanx alot dude for sharing… 😀

  • Ahsan

    @distin i have galaxy s too with 2.2 froyo… It works perfect for me..

  • Shelly

    I have a Samsung Captivate i897 and took a screen shot on accident, but I can’t get it to do it again. I have tried pushing the back button w/the home screen button (power button, volume button etc) running the froyo 2.2. Help

  • Diamond Prince

    Does this work on the samsung galaxy 4g for tmobile? I tryed all ways and wont work. Does any1 know how or if it even does?

  • Ed Riverside

    Galaxy S Epic user. The scren capture works easily and everytime for me only if I use the slide out key pad to press the Back & Home It takes the shot in horizontal display perfectly. Prob is the methods above do not work with the soft keys. Holding the soft Back button doesn’t prompt a vibration. I’ve tried mutiple combinations to no avail.

  • mominacan

    The only problem i’m having is when I hit the back button, it goes back a page then takes the screenshot….so i’m not getting the actual screen i want to shoot….what am i doing wrong?

    • Guido

      Some apps are protected (for example facebook pictures). The way around I posted today on youtube. Enjoy!

  • Robin

    Reporting back, this time with Vibrant and the semi new official Samsung KB5 build now:
    Same soft keys not working issue as before, but
    A bluetooth keyboard works fine (still).

    This time I also tested the motorola atrix/xoom keyboard (in PC mode though) as well as the old dell, and holding soft back key and pressing the keyboard’s home button works.

    @mominacan: Are you holding down the back button until the phone vibrates before pressing the home button? The reason I can’t do the screen shot with the BT keyboard alone is the keyboards I’ve tested send repeat presses of the back button. :(

  • Shawn

    Have Verizon Samsung Fascinate (Verizon’s version of Galaxy S). Just upgraded to Froyo 2.2 and by accident was activating that screen capture feature as well. Figured out its holding the back button while hitting the power button. Works every time like a charm.

  • Ndeya

    I also have the Samsung Captivate 2.2 and no combos are working. Yet I took a screenshot on accident a few days ago! Haven’t been able to do it since :(

  • Rocky

    Had to press ‘Back’ and ‘Home’ keys rather quickly to be able to do that Screen Capture.

    Still, thanks a lot!

    Samsung Galaxy S
    Firmware: 2.2
    Build No. FROYO.DXJPE

  • ace

    Yea i’m gathering from all the multipule sites i’ve been too that we can do it on the CAPTIVATE froyo BUT NONE of those combos work! and I’m like a previous poster, dont tell me to reboot… i wont. but no combos of back+home/power button have worked for AT&T Captivate Froyo 2.2 for me except by accident :/ Anyone have any other suggestions for us users? I’ve checked and there are no current software updates for my phone… just fyi THANKS FOR EVERYONES HELP AND INTEREST!

  • Guido

    The sollution for taking screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S. i9000

    I have found a way around the backwards/home button.
    A great alternative that takes a little effort.

    You need 2 apps:

    – Screencapture shortcut
    – Smart Taskbar (sidebar)

    Watch the video I made today:

    This works!


  • Bunty

    Works perfect
    Samsung Galaxy S i9000
    Version 2.2 foryo
    Thanks a lot

  • Vibrant Guy

    I have a T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant with FROYO.UVKB5 installed from Samsung Kies mini USA. I can’t take screenshots on my own, but my phone does it randomly. I don’t want to download additional apps to get it to work as it proves to have functionality built in. Any ideas?

    • Vibrant User My Friends

      Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S: Froyo KB5
      An Android App was built by “Tomorrowkey” named “Screen Shot Capture Free” and it’s made especially for the KB5 and it mimics the soft key; it was my favorite and captures images perfectly.
      But updating to KA6: the same app isn’t compatable, ftw it sucks. If I could undo my Upgrade from KB5 -> KA6
      Because everything else seems the same exact the screen shot capturing >:[

  • Guido

    As far as I know (and I did look hard!) there is no other reliable option to take pictures in facebook, certain games, streetview etc.. I think Android is protected for taking pics inside some apps but this works :)

    Installing apps is a great plus for smartphones so why not?
    According to “privacy blocker app” they are “clean” (unlike many other apps).

    Tried to get a decent reliable screenshot since I got my Galaxy S in may 2010… nothing worked.

    This also might even work for other android devices and/or firmware.

    p.s. I also put a picture video up to show some screenshots on youtube.
    (Channel: ImproTherapy)

  • The Master

    Worked prefect on my EUROPEAN galaxy s, running froyo 2.2: from the responses I’d reckon the method don’t shirk on other galaxy s variants…

  • ashbb1

    I have Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000) which came with 2.2 Froyo, which i updated to official 2.3.3 gingerbread today morning. So I do not know how the key combination for the screen capture for 2.2. But the key combination that worked for me is this :-

    1. First press the ‘Back’ key, when the key lights up press the ‘Home’ key once (Remember, You have to press the ‘Home’ Key only once).
    2. Now while keep pressing the ‘Back’ key press the ‘Home’ key once more.

    • ashbb1

      Sorry, there is a error in my post. You do not have to press the ‘Home’ key second time. Mine was a little slow in capturing the screen, which gave the impression that I have to press the ‘Home’ key twice.

  • alex

    Can someone please help me? I accidentally made a screen capture with my phone today, i didn’t know how i did it so i researched online and it lead me here… I tried the method on this site but it doesn’t work… I have froyo and i did it once by accident so i’m sure it can be done on my phone.

  • Travis

    A co-worker snapped a screen shot on a Samsung Captivate running 2.1 update 1. We can not figure out how he did it. This phone is not rooted nor does it have any special apps. He is just left the iPhone for Android in the last couple weeks. This is now driving us both nuts.

  • bobzdar

    Mine takes screenshots constantly, almost every time I try to lock the screen, it sucks. Is there any way to disable this “trick”? I’m not holding the back button, it must just think I am or there’s some other trick involved.

  • Amanda

    Omg thank you so much. I’ve been trying to figure this out for hours!! So glad I came across this post!! Btw holding back button and pressing pwr button worked for me.

    Samsung galaxy s fasinate 😉

  • NeKole

    i have the galaxy s 4g . . . it is not working for me…help pls?

  • Gabriel

    Hmmm, I figured out what I wanted to figure out from looking at this XD, I kept taking screen shots and my phone refused to quit taking them and I couldn’t figure out how to get my back button to work as a back button again, thanks for the help albeit through means other htan what was expected

  • Jennifer

    okay so I took a screenshot without knowing it, and I have the android captive galaxy s. I dont know how I took the screenshot, because I haven’t downloaded anything to take screenshots, so I’m confused.

  • sarah

    thanks sooooo much!! this was the only feature my Galaxy didnt have that my iPhone did…and its been there all along!cheers!

  • Vincent

    Thanks, it worked on my Galaxy Ace

  • Debra

    Doesn’t work on my captivate either. When I hold my back button, it just goes back. Nothing happens.

  • Debra

    On the bottom of my phone the home and back button are right next to each other. I have tried it so many times. Maybe I’m missing something. Just got the 2.2 upgrade and its not working.

    • ru

      u don’t press home, u press the only real BUTTON on the phone, the one that turns the screen on and off. Press that button while holding the back touch-sensitive button.

  • Debra

    Screen Capture Shortcut.
    The Only App I have found that works!!!

  • Debra

    I updated my captivate to the 2.2 and when I did, it messed my phone up!!
    When I take pics, the aren’t any where to be found. I can’t send or receive pics either and it lags really bad. Any one else have this problem or know how to fix it? I think I may have to install drivers but I don’t know how to do that.

  • Guido

    The back-home button combo is limited!
    (try make picture of someones facebookpic or a picture in Google sky/streetview etc.

    For everyone that wants to screenshot anything without rooting here is the link one more time:

  • Chels

    Whenever I hit the back button on an app, it automatically takes me back before I am able to hit the Power button. How do I take a screen capture on that screen instead of being taken back to the previous page?

  • Parth

    hey…thx man!!
    I had the same situation as urs..but I’m unable to find out how to take screenshots…Thx again!!Samsung Galaxy 3

  • Rahul

    Thx….its realy work on my GALAXY FIT S5670….
    realy thx…

  • Wow

    I’m running android 2.1 eclair an it works perfectly. How wonderful this phone is.

    • Lynn

      How do you do it?im also running 2.1 eclair. But nothing works…please help.

  • shay reade ( add on FB)

    hi thanks for your help…been trying to do that for ages! :) xx

    ADD ON FACEBOOK JUST SAY “from screen site :)

  • Norbert


    Switch off your phone and remove the battery.
    After 30 sec put the battery back and switch on, you should now see the pictures and your phone should be quicker too.

    Btw Froyo 2.2 has lag problems, as soon as 2.3 is available upgrade and your phone will be so fast you won’t even recognise it as your own phone.

  • raj

    Yh it does work on.the sgs 2.2.1 froyo

    • Madison


  • Xavier

    Pleaseeee!!!!!! Help!!!! i have a Samsung Captivate and i accidently took a screenshot and i dont know how! and ive tried a lot of combinations like pressing back button the home button and nothing!!! please help!

  • Cris


  • nikki

    I have a samsung captivate 2.2 froyo and nothing. I tried both ways and neither one worked for me. :(

  • Aathithya

    Thanx bro it worked well for me

  • SIya

    Thanks a lot, It works on my samsung galaxy gio :-)

  • Captivate sucks

    I have a Captivate and i can honestly say its a joke that it doesn’t have this feature. It is one of.the newer galaxy s phones and i have had nothing but problems with it. I will honestly never be buying a Samsung phone for the rest of my life. This phone is a nig piece of garbage

  • Rawan


    I’m gonna share it ..
    thanQ ! <3

  • Guy Eshel

    Working on 2.1

    Thank you

  • Sed

    yeah. i did the same thing , i was just playing with my galaxy mini then suddenly i heard a capture sound.. I went to my gallery and seen that the screen was really captured. after that, i can’t figure out how to do it again.. haha. Well, thanks for the info.. :)

  • Casey

    I have andriod 2.2 and it doesnt work..I did it one time but i cant find out how to do it again. PLEASE HELP I have a samsung captivate

  • kristina

    Doesnt work on galaxy s ive tried a hundred times everytime i press the back button while pressing lock key it just locks the screen

  • Vasudha

    It works… Thanks:-)

  • sharika

    i have a samsung captivate running on 2.2 . i tried the back button + home screen but it did nothing.

    i also tried the back button & power button but all it does is turn my screen black (like im locking the screen)

    what am i doing wrong?

    • Amanda

      I am having the same problem with my Captivate. It looks like you are using the same phone but it does not work with both suggestions. Sad.

      • Casey

        Im TO!!! haveing the same problem!!!!!! I have the captivate…I did it by accident and i cant find out how to do it again.. :(

  • alex

    if u can then post a youtube video. i have samsung vibrant with 2.2 froyo KB5 and it does NOT work for me.

  • Leahh

    Thank you to the genius that helped me learn how to do this!! I have no idea who said it firs or what just hold the back button and press the lock/power key and it will capture it! No need to download anything!!(:
    Thank you so much(:

  • yoonuskvm

    my son was playing with my sansung galaxy s..i was sure the phone was locked..suddenly i heared a camera clicking sound..i took back the mobile from him and was still locked..i asked him..he was astonished..he swear he has done nothing..went to the gallery, i got a pic in screen shot folder..then u tried many keys to repeat the same..all were i got the idea from here..thanx guys..its working perfectly all the time for me..!!

  • Kellie


  • Prasad

    Thanks to the author who posted this thread.
    Able to capture the screen. Thanks agian.

  • ScoBo

    I have the T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G (Froyo 2.2.1)– it doesn’t have a physical “home” button, but four light-up touch buttons below the screen (menu, home, back, and search). I try holding the “back” button and pressing the lock/power button on the side, but that just locks the screen. Suggestions?

  • Linds

    I have Tmobile, galaxy s vibrant running 2.2. i tried holding the back button and pressing home, does nothing. i tried holding the back button and pressing the lock/power key on the side and it just locks my screen. what am i doing wrong?!

  • Muhammad Sameed

    I love you man!! I love you for this! 😀 xD thnx!

  • Lucas

    Uhm I have tried holding back and jome. I get nothing. I have tried holding back and pressing lock, my phone just locks like normal. What do I do?

  • stav

    on galaxy s2 power+home work for me :)

    • daniel

      this works for me on the S2… thanks!

  • Hels

    Okay, so my phone DOES randomly take screenshots for me when i DONT want it to but when i DO want it too, it doesnt!! I have this image and its quite big on my phone, i am using my two fingers to shrink it and i want to take a screen shot, im wondering if that is possible. I have Samsung Galaxy S and its so confusing. I got it to work once but not ever again! PLEASE HELP! :(

  • Ems

    Thnx! This advice worked well for me and my samsung galaxy mini, I have 2.2… =) Had done it by accident a couple of times, but now I know how 2 do it on purpose.

  • ayesha

    thanx thanx thanx !!!
    i love you :p

  • Vibrant User My Friends

    Samsung Mini Kies only allows KA6 after the US release.
    for KB5 use app ‘Screen Shot Capture Free’ built by ‘TomorrowKey'; it’s a soft key shortcut that allows you to capture through a notification button, it’s Perfect.
    Unfortunately it doesn’t work for KA6. It displays on the Android Market as ‘Not Compatible’ and the 2 combinations above won’t work for KA6.
    Also the Screen Capture’s have no limit, It captures everything from Youtube Videos, Google Maps, Street Views, Facebook, etc etc etc. I was never restricted to taken anything. It even takes pictures of your screen locked, off etc etc. KA6 SUCKS!

    • me

      looked and could not find that app

  • Tovagulet

    It worked perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy S5570 Mini.


  • stephanie

    Have a Captivate 2.2, FROYO.UCKB1 is what is listed in the About Phone section. Have tried EVERY combo of keys mentioned in previous posts and none of them work. Can only seem to get screen capture by accident. Since I don’t know what “rooted” is or how to do it, I think it’s safe to assume that my phone is not rooted. This is driving me NUTS! HELP!!

  • stephanie

    Oh yeah, I’m in Kentucky and there are no new updates available when I check.

  • Loren

    hold the back button and then press the lock key on the side…that is how mine takes a screenshot.

  • luis

    Hi i have a galaxy 4g tmobile 2.2.1version and i want to know how to screenshot on my phone thankks

  • YT

    please help!!!! i want to screenshot whats app. but once i pressed the Back button, it really has gone Back before I press the Home one.

  • YT

    Whats app conversation i mean

  • asifgazi

    how to take screen shots on galaxy 2

  • anirban mitra

    U need to pres the back .. and u need to hold the back key.while pressing the back key u need to press the middle key and menu key .. and vowlla it wil work..

  • Robert

    I am having trouble getting this to work on my Samsung Vibrant SGH-T959. Android 2.2 Froyo is installed and I see the ScreenCaptureService running under Running Services, but nothing happens. I’ve tried holding the back button and pressing the home, menu, and power button, but none of those combinations are working! Someone please help me figure out why this wont work for me.

  • Andrew

    Samsung Gallaxy S
    Works NP
    back + home

  • Confused

    It’s not working for my I tried everything and read every comment. Does it work if I have GO Launcher Ex?

  • harold

    Doesnt work on my galaxy. Has froyo 2.2.1… Leave the back button press, press on the lock/power button and it locks screen. In a web browser when i press the back button it takes me to history. This sucks :/

    • Bob

      The way to take a screen shot is to hold the “back” and “power button”. Works great!!

  • danielle

    This is making me mad i have 2.2 and some how my phone did a screen shot its in my gallary iv tried every thing above and its not working

  • VibrantGalaxyS

    For all the people that are having trouble taking screen shots on the Samsung Vibrant SGH-T959, look at this I posted:

    Hope this helps.

  • Whhoosj

    It works on my Samsung Galaxy Mini.
    Thank you

  • Bob


    I have a samsung galaxy with firmware 2.2.1 and the way to take a screen shot is to hold the “back” and “power button”. Works great!!!

  • westfourtwenty

    For those people struggling with taking screen captures with your Samsung Vibrant, go to this URL below for a quick solution:

    This is no bulls****. Do it and get results.

    • Kaimi

      The youtube video has been removed :-(

  • Kayla

    I need help! I have the Galaxy S Capitivate from AT&T. Model number: SGH-I897.
    I’m not running Froyo. Is there a way to take screenshots WITHOUT Froyo? I try taking screenshots but it always locks me out when I press the power button.

    • ruby_rios

      I need help onn thaat too ! lol i know im late

  • oliver L

    screenshot also works on galaxy SL with froyo…thanks !
    really an easy step :)

  • kapil

    thanks .

    i m just trying for this from last few dys hows it will be done…
    bcz i hve seen few screen captures in gallary..

    this is good apllication…

  • Mark Edgignton

    On the Galaxy S 2 you need to hold the home button (one in the middle) and press the lock button (the one on the right hand side). You then here the capture and can see the image in the gallery (screen capture folder).

  • john

    man you are the best…. i was looking gor something like that since i had my 3gs.. thanks.. 1000 times..

  • imad


  • Guliver

    thanks! on my galaxy i9003 It’s runing!

  • shahnawaz


  • steve

    Your article was wrong..and this sux!!!

  • Mc

    Any one know how to do it on Samsung Galaxy Europa?

  • Lawrence

    is there a way to stop those screen captures from happening? I have a Samsung Galaxy S with the Android 2.3 system and it automatically takes screen shots when I didn’t want to. It is actually getting annoying

  • Nadia

    I have a samsung capitivate 2.2 and it doesnt work

  • Mayank

    It works perfectly fine on my SAMSUNG GALAXY S…great job buddy……

  • DK

    I’m trying to capture a specific screen but when holding the Back button if keeps going back to the previous screen before I can capture the screen I was wish to capture.

    Any suggestions?

    • triplet

      Push home button and then back button quickly..
      If you push back button first, then you get snapshot of previous screen ..

  • Rodrigues

    Works with Darkys_v10.2 to 😉

  • alyssa

    Samsung Mesmerize—

    I hold the back button and then press the lock button and it works! Love this feature!

  • joseph

    it is working on my samsung galaxy gio

    thank you.

  • victor

    yeah i have the froyo 2.2 and i cant get it to work.. it just locks when i use the power button and if i use the home it doesnt do anything :/

  • victor

    by the way i have the captive galaxy s fom at&t..

  • mohtadi

    thank you dude.. ur the best

  • unknown

    thaks alot… worked on my galaxy s running froyo..

  • MTM

    Model SGH-T959V
    Firmware 2.2.1
    Build number FROYO.VUVKD1

    The only way I could get it to work was with the “Screen Capture” App form the market

  • Simon


  • Mark

    Is that a picture of your wife in the pictures gallery you posted on the screenshot?

  • ken

    nice work on my 2.3.4 thank

  • Kevin

    what if you have the samsung captivate… 2.2 firmware version and its running on froyo.. this is what i was playin with my phone and heard a said “Screen captured. Save as image file”….so i decided to learn how but everytime i do the same it doesnt work :/ i have tried many times and still no luck

  • Raju

    Its working Thanks allllllllllot………:)

  • Ashley

    thank you so much for this it helped me a lot now and here I been trying to find a really good app for screen captures on my Galaxy I love this phone even more. XOXOXO

  • reed

    how the heck do you run froyo?!?!?! please reply!!

  • bigfoot

    on my samsung galaxy s mezmerise with us cellular on the phone its the back key and power button…..check it that way

  • Jamie

    I can’t get it to work. Holding the back button and home button doesn’t do anything And the back button Ans the power buttonlocks the screen. I did it one day on a month ago but idk how I did it. I’ve been trying it wont work. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE!!

    • Jamie

      BTW I am running 2.2 froyo on my Samsung Captivate galaxy S and it wont work. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE!!!

  • Andrew

    Whenever i try to capture the screen i hear the capture sound but then it comes up “unable to capture screen try again” i’ve tried 1 million times still no luck.. Help?

  • nate

    Im runnin 2.2 froyo on my galaxy s an it wont work for me any help is appreciated

  • AlexConrad

    I cannot take a screen shot, I have Sprint Galaxy S Epic Android, running Froyo…. The Back & Power button do not take screen shots. Is there something I am missing? PLEAZE HELP/ADVIZE! Thank you

  • Jon

    Home button then the power button. After reading through all the comments here I said screw it and went over to the android community page and it was the first thing on there. Why would android make the BACK button the main button…that makes to sense. Its defiantly the HOME button (hold) then power button.

  • KhaledBek

    hold the back button then pres the menu button…. its really workes on 2.2.1 FROYO.JPK1

  • Meagan

    I have Samsung -SGH- I897 running in 2.2 &every time i try the back &power button combo &it just locks my phone. Can anyone tell me why its not working?

  • Katarina

    It doesnt work for the Galaxy S… I tried it..

  • dee

    thanks fr the information.actualy first time i used realy works.i thought tht can be used in every time n every aplication we ar use to.but now i try it on whatsap.i doesnt work.i can press the back button longer.becose if i press it,screen that i wanted to capture just back to the previous screen.can u help me with that?i want to capture my mesage.thanks before admin

  • Fernando

    Thank you very much for your tip, I didnt knew there was an embeeded way to capture the screen. There is not much information on Google regarding to this but only to install 3er party aplications.

    Thanks again!

  • Jessica

    i accidently did it once and now i cant do it again..ive tried holding the back button and pushing home screen but nothing happens and when i push the lock button it just locks my phone. is there another way…its so frustrating btw i have a samsung galaxy… any suggestions??

  • Ray

    I figured it out! (Galaxy I897) is a piece of shit. Literally. Some of them will do it, some won’t. Just get a different phone!

  • Sam

    Hey it works great on ma samsung galaxy I9003…Thanks

  • Jabril

    I have a Samsung galaxy prevail from boost mobile, and its running android 2.2 froyo, but I can’t figure out how to do this. Please help :)

  • Abdullah

    I have galaxy s with froyo.jpjpm and it works.
    thanx ..

  • Sharmad Dhond

    Guys. For all those who it doesn’t work, try this. i have a galaxy ace, gingerbread :) the back and home never worked on my phone. I read this article and kept trying new combos and i finally figured it out. Keep the home pressed and then immediately press the power key. Don’t keep a long interval or otherwise, it will take u to the task manager screen

  • Ashley

    Does anyone know how i can turn the lock screen off for when i press the power/lock button?? i saw something to where i could do that but i forgot where i saw it at.. please help??

  • shawnchambers16

    Thank you!! It’s actually working on my Samsung Galaxy S from Japan..!! I’m running Gingerbread 2.3.3:)

  • jordan

    okay i have a Galaxy s and its a android 2.2 version and i took a screen shot before but idk how i did it and i tryed to take one again how you said it its not working for me. plz help me

  • evad

    i just did it and it worked! :) thanks!

  • Vimal K

    Thanks for sharing this info. Acidently I too experienced it, while making a call phone took a scrren shot.
    Touch and hold the back button, then press the home key. It works well on my Galaxy S. GT I9000. Version 2.2

  • Sarah

    On my new galaxy 2 its hold down the home button and press the power button(camera button)

  • Patricia

    Yes and im pretty sure that the way suggested works
    however I have a concern that everytime i wanna do a screenshot of the convo between me any my friend on whatsapp, it does not work. as I pressed the back button it switches to the whatsapp contact list. is there anyway to slove this?

  • Lady Kindred

    To take a screenshot

    Hold Back touch key
    Double press Home key

    This feature is probably available on other Samsung Android devices, like Samsung Wildfire and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  • saniea

    Definitely working for mee!!
    thank you!! =D

  • farhan

    yap men its nice inform. for me thaks

  • linda

    works just as you said. thank you! :)

  • ronnie

    back buttion + home button, it works….but i realize there’s a flaw,

    eg: if i were to take a screen shot of an app, say a WhatsApp or a LINE chat, if i press on the back button first, it’ll go back and out of the chat session before i could press the home button.

    so, is there anyway to solve this kind of problem?

    • ronnie

      pls disregard my earlier comment, i’ve found the solution, thanks.

      • angel7

        so how did you solve it? because when i press the back button it goes back ..

  • david

    all y ou have to do is hold the home key and press the lock key

  • Ishant Jain

    This is a perfect defect in mobile, as this is specially a command to open the task manager but sometime due to some error it is taking the screenshot.

  • Sharonda

    I took a snapshot earlier while I was on my phone and haven’t been able to do it again! I’ve tried all the tips here and neither are working….I have the latest software for the samsung vibrant 2.2, please help!! Does it not work if battery is low or while charging device?

  • aggrofemme

    for a while the other day, i couldn’t get my screen to turn off. it just kept taking screenshot after screenshot and i wasn’t holding anything else down lol. it was totally accidental, then when i tried i couldn’t figure out how the hell i did it! thx! works now.

  • ruby_rios

    Helpp mee i have a samsung capitavte
    galaxy ,Nnnd& idk how too take a screan shot i’ve DONE everythingg … .
    HELP ASAP (:

  • angel7

    i have sprint samsung galaxy s 2.3 gingerbread. i have tried over and over to do the screen shots like you guys have suggested and nothing has worked.. do i need to download something? is there a reason that my phone will not work but everyone else’s does? mine has never took a screen shot accidently or on its own either.

  • Danny-boy

    Thank you for the tip!
    I always wondered about how I could do that again seeing that first time I did it by mistake.

  • Meera

    WOW! Its really AWESOME!! Thanks

  • Taylor

    I’m running 2.2.1 on my Samsung Galaxy S from T-mobile and it’s not working! I’ve tried many of the suggestions above but nothing! Please help!

  • Erin

    I have android 2.1 and holding the back button and pressing the HOME key worked for me. I’m not sure if people are confused between the home and power button, and if they understand you have to still be pressing the back arrow when you hit the home button.

  • fida khan !!!

    thnxxxxxxxx mate it works on ma galaxy s
    nd firmware version iz 2.3.3
    thnx alot !!!

  • bunny

    I had been wondering long as to how sometimes my Galaxy Ace clicks a screenshot and what’s the best way of doing it. Now i know how. Thanks for sharing this simple How To piece.

  • jabberwack

    Thanks clever really works!~^^

  • Kusha

    gr8 wrk….it wrkd wid my galaxy ace…thnxx bro :))

  • aius

    you can have screen shots to all android samsung mobile by simply

    hold menu button and hit the lock/power button..

    do this in quick moves

    sorry for bad english

  • Alana

    thanks for this, I did it on accident once and havent been able to figure out how since. :L

  • Nessa

    none of these works for my galaxy s!!!!!!!!! this is frustrating me!!!!!!!!! im running2.2.1 froyo

  • Roope

    This works on my Samsung Galaxy Mini. Android version 2.3.4.

    Hold the Home button and press power button!


    • Keely

      when i do this the recent pops up :( very fusterating!! i have 2.2! but it wont work

  • daniela

    i have a samsung captivate. 2.2
    both “back/home” and “back/lock” combinatons dont wrk,
    wth am i doing wrong, its getting fustrating -_-

  • Victoria

    I have froyo 2.2 but whenever I press the power button the Phone Options screen just pops up. Can someone help?

    • byron r6

      Press the home then the power button and i promises you this will work…

  • jenna

    galaxy note on gingerbread: home button and power button.

  • Joanne

    I’m using SGH-T959 Vibrant from T-Mobile.
    All of the combination haven’t worked for me.
    I found an application that can take screen shots.
    The name of the application is ‘screen capture shortcut’ and you can find it easily from the internet.

  • Maggie

    So I am wanting to take a screen shot of my messages with someone, but every time i hit the back & power button it backs up to my threads before it takes the picture. What am i doing wrong?

  • Libby

    im still stuck on the Frayo part. haha where do you get that/

  • Mitch

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S, Android 2.2 Froyo but it doesn’t work on mine. I tried everything you guys posted here. :(

  • Gurpreet Singh Hanjra

    It worked Perfectly :) Thanks

    Hold back button + menu (center) = Screen Captured!

  • mariah

    I have a Galaxy S 4G Gingerbread 2.3.3….how do I make this work on my phone?

  • mariah

    I have a Galaxy S 4G Gingerbread Firmware 2.3.5
    ….how do I make this work on my phone? Sorry about my first post.


    como se desactiva la captura de pantalla en el Samsung Galaxy S

  • Screenshot on Mac

    I’ve learn a few just right stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you set to make this sort of excellent informative site.

  • emrah

    it works. thank you

  • shellll

    Still not working for me. I have the Samsung epic 4g… tried all options more then once and still won’t work… ugh

  • Cass

    I am wanting to take a screen shot of a paused video. It will take the screen shot but then when I go to the screen shot folder it has the shot but the screen is black instead of having the picture. But the video functions (pause, back, etc) are all in the photo. Is it not possible to do this or does the basic screen shot not work for this? will I need an app?

  • Wibour

    There is much talk about screen capture and the Samsung S Vibrant has a built in function. There are two buttons that are used for screen capture. They are the home and back buttons. You must press them in a specific sequence and duration. It’s almost a quick tap-tap. Do not hold one key or the other. Tap the home key then very quickly tap the back key. Do not press them at the same time or hold them down. This takes practice. It will work in reverse by pressing the back key then the home key but your capture is then the previous screen.

    Remember a quick tap-tap, home-back. No other keys seem to work for this.

    To locate the stored images look in your folders for screen capture files.

  • sam

    it doesn’t work for my phone.

  • Didi

    I have Samsung Galaxy S and I tried it. It WORKS
    so… what I did was I hit the back button and hold it and then I pressed the home button. It is kinda sloppy at first. The first 5 times I could only printscreen my wallpaper 😀
    but after some practice I figured it out. so…
    1. Press the Back Button and hold
    2. Immediately after that press the Home Button
    3. Wait for a couple of seconds and it should work.

  • AceofSniper

    To take screenshots om my Galaxy S i just press Back button (Bowed arrow) and hold it down, then i press the middle button! Works great!!! I have Froyo 2,2!

    • rhodesmk

      Several of you have said “press back button then middle button.” My Galaxie S has four buttons at the bottom. Which do you call the “middle”?

      • Jesse Miller

        so it gos your settings looks like a paper then your middle or home and you arrow or back then themagnifing glass or search

  • desh

    Samsung galaxy S running android 2.3.6 a screenshot can be taken by pressing the home button down then the power button. Fyi.

  • mo

    hey how do i get froyo 2.2
    I don’t even know what that is.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S

  • emma

    i tried holding the home button, task manager came up then while still holding home button pressed back button then the on/off button and it worked – crazy!

  • Mike

    I didn’t read through all the post but my Galaxy S takes a random screen shot and I don’t want it too. HOW DO I TURN THIS ANNOYING FEATURE OFF? Please help before I throw my phone through the wall.

  • christian

    ok. i have read through every single messege and i have tried literally everything that has been suggested i have at&t i have version 2.2 and i have froyo i have been trying to figure this out since january of 2011 and i cant get it for the love of god someone f**kin help me PLEASE!!! power button thing doesnt work and i cant press my home key and my back button at the same time. i know i can do it but i have no idea how HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  • Jely

    I try everything but nothing worked for me so I just downloaded an application which was free called Screenshot and it now works for me

  • mohammed

    Thanks, it worked ! 😀
    did not have to look for it long either found this info first ! :)

  • Chelsea

    The back button and power button seem to be working for me. Only one problem, when I hit the back button to capture the picture, it ‘goes back’ to the previous page and takes a picture of that instead of what I wanted a picture of!!!

  • Mafil

    I have Galaxy S 4g…I already tried almost all the tricks that I found here.. The back button + home button doesn’t work… Back + home button twice also doesn’t work… Back + power button also doesn’t work…can you please help me? Please? Pretty please? :(

    • Faddy Fiaz

      i have the same problem..:(

    • Alex

      ME TOO. Mine has taken screen shots by itself but I cannot. I’m soooo at a loss.

    • mickey

      3. Under “Hand Motion” settings, check “Palm swipe to Capture” checkbox.4. That’s it! Now you can capture screens by moving your palm on the screen from left to right or right to left. This will take screenshot of whatever screen you are currently on. You can go to your Gallery app to see the screenshots that you have cap

    • pim

      Use the home + power button at the same time, it will make a screenshot 😉

      • ladybug94

        Nope, it doesn’t work.

  • Deb

    I have Samsung Galaxy Model Number I897. I have tried the home key and arrow key and get nothing can someone please help me.

  • Lucy

    I have the Samsung GT i5500 (Galaxy Europa). I don’t know how the screenshot works. I’ve tried those above, nothing seems to work for me. HELP!

  • AnonymouslyAwesome

    Haha!!! No need ro download Froyo though, it works perfectly fine to me. My mobile is Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000….thanks for hsaring this!!

  • Hrushi

    Thank you very much. It worked for Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA with andriod 2.2.

  • rae

    galaxy s1 no upgrade pressing holding back button then the middle home button to take shot x

  • office worker

    thanks for this tip, thought u could only screenshot on android 4 phones. this makes my job alot easier

  • lololji

    thank you, it works for me :)

  • Sc

    Worked fr me.. Crazy shi.t!!!

  • chimo

    none of this crap worked.

  • gary

    Im running 2.2 and froyo, im bressing the back button but on my samsung Captivate it does not let me hold the back button i can only press it once, and every time i touch the home button nothing happens and when i touch the power it just locks my screen

  • Lukky13

    Hi All,

    For months now I’ve been trying to do this and many other button combinations to get a screenshot and I finally accepted that it won’t work for whatever reason on my phone. I have the Galaxy S1 Captivate with AT&T running Gingerbread with Firmware version 2.3.5.

    I cracked down and downloaded a free app called “screenshot” by Kastor Soft. It says that it requires you to root your phone but I don’t have any memory of ever having done that and the app seems to work fine with my Galaxy.

    The only drawback to the app is that you have to go open the app to tell it when you want to take a screenshot and then it lets you take one by shaking your phone, but only one. If you want to take more than one at a time, you have to go reopen the app. This isn’t too horrible if you put the app on a home screen or something.

    I was getting so angry with my phone that it couldn’t take screen shots and this is a temporary fix until I can upgrade to an iphone so I hope it helps some of you too!

  • Catzie

    Tried this on my mom’s Galaxy S and it worked. I really need it. Thanks a lot!

  • Erin

    I have a Sprint Galaxy S 4G with Gingerbread Firmware 2.3.6 – have tried both versions (back and Power/back and home) several times – it’s not working for me :( Any ideas?

    Er :0)

    • Adnan Khan

      press and hold back button ,,and dn press power button…workd for me

  • KIM


    • julien

      kim i have the same problem with my screenshoot but on images , it gose back a step before taking a screenshoot, after playing with my ph i found that if i display the picture i want to capture then double tap the screen which zoom in on it and than one more tap to remove the the lable/measage slideshow and menu. now press and hold the return key and while doing this press the home key, the picture now wil return to it normal size follow by a screen capture. hope it works kind regard julien

  • Jason Clark

    I have 2.2 froyo installed and capture is not working…but has worked by accident in past…any suggestions to get it working? thanks

  • Bernadea

    I am not sure who this will all work for, but I am able to do the screen capture by holding the back button and pressing the screen lock button / power button.

  • Suann

    When I hit the back button – it goes back. This is driving me crazy!!

    • Person

      Me too this is so annoying I have 2.2 but it doesn’t work!!!

  • bree

    yay!! thank youuuu
    have been trying to figure this out forever!!!

  • Bill

    Nope. Doesn’t work.

  • bridget

    I have a galaxy s and I accidentally took a screen shot and I have nothing downloaded but I don’t know how I done it

    • Rob

      Bridget… I gave up on these instructions 3 days ago. But Just last night, I was actually putting my phone down and I heard a clicking sound. after repeating what I did several times to get the same clicking sound I realize that all you have to do is hold the HOME button and touch the power button and you’ll get the screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S. the only caveat is you don’t hold the home button down too long. if you do, the task screen will appear and you will get a screenshot of the task screen. Just hold the home button down & QUICKLY tap the power button. You’ll get the hang of it after you play around with it a few times… you’ll see how quick n easy it is

  • Amber

    so since i have GINGERBREAD update i cant take screencaps?

  • Rob

    After following these instructions, it was not working and I didn’t want to download anything. After giving up 3 days ago, I was actually putting my phone down and I heard a clicking sound. after repeating what I did several times to get the same clicking sound I realize that all you have to do is hold the home button and touch the power button and you’ll get the screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S. the only caveat is you don’t hold th home button down too long. if you do, the task screen will appear and you will get a screenshot of the task screen. but once you play with it a few times you’ll see how quick n easy it is

    • Bill

      None of this works on my samsung vibrant. I’m starting to think you are all just sick, who just want to cause random havoc and mayhem in my brain.

      • Princess


        • Guys

          thanks . it’s work :)

    • Saj

      I tried all other instructions on web, but failed. Ur way worked for me… Thank you so much for the info. :)

  • Mercy Mae Allones

    im using samsung galaxy s and I have a lot of screen captured but all are captured accidentally..plss explane further on how to do it..

  • Abby

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S1 – to do a screen shot – hold down the back button and push the power button. Takes a screen shot and saves it to the file.

  • Larissa

    Thanks so much for this! I too had done it accidentally and was wondering how to do it again. Tried your steps and they worked a treat! Thanks!

  • Luis Echeverria

    didn’t work and i’m on gingerbread. galaxy s 1 epic

  • Hannah

    Great It worked and I’m not on the froyo! just the original (after I’d reset my phone) Thanks a million :)

  • smt

    worked for me thanks being trying to figure this out for days

  • Samsung Galaxy S1

    Just using the back button + Home works on a Galaxy S1 SCL Firmware : 2.3.6 thank You !

  • STS

    Help me please, I desperately need to screen capture text messages When I am at the home screen I can hold the back button and tap the power button and it captures the shot but if I am in a text message and hold the back button and tap the power button it takes me back and out of the specific text messages I need to capture. It captures the screen with the list of messages every time. URG! Pressing back takes me back.
    What do I do to keep it from immediately going back so I can capture a text conversation?
    Thanks in advance!

  • moe

    you’re wrong!! its back button help and the on/off switch

  • Saka

    Hild down the back button mash the side button quickly the one that turns off ur phone

  • Vanesa Zapata

    ive tried this a million times i cant do it, ive tried: power button with back key, power button with home key, and back and home key… i dont have a middle button. i tried to download 2 screen shooter apps but my phone cant be rooted… i honestly dont know what that means.. my mom has the exact phone i do and she is able to do it.. she’s tried to do it on my phone and nothing…. is my smart phone stupid??

  • Nae

    on my Galaxy S I hold the back button and hit the power button on the side of my phone twice (2 quick clicks) then it makes a camera snapshot sound and there you have it! hope this helps

  • Krissy

    I followed this direction and it didn’t work but I tried what Rob did and it worked! click the home button and touch the power button and it will take a screen shot

  • Alicia

    Screenshot for a Galaxy S phone:

    To take a screenshot of my phone all I did was…

    1. Hold home button on my phone
    2. Than hit power button.

    My phone made the sound of it taking a pix. Went to gallery and my screen shot was there. Hope this helps someone.


  • Aero X

    My Galaxy S was hold back, push power. Why are they so different?

  • chubs

    when you hold the back button it goes back a screen therefore you don’t take a screen shot of the right screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    I accidentally took several screenshots on my old vibrant a couple of months ago when it froze up on me and since then I have yet to be able to recreate the event. I am on the same phone as before, but a refurb (something was funky with the optics on the one), so I don’t know if that affects it or not? I’m running Froyo, but none of these key combinations have worked. (When I “quickly” press the power button, I lock the phone – how quickly is quickly?)

  • Satisfied Sprint Customer

    To take a screenshot with the Samsung Galaxy SIII simply press the home key and the lock button at the same time and you will hear the camera snap sound. Your screenshot will appear on the clipboard. Hope this helps someone. I chatted online with a Sprint representative for 2 mins and obtained this answer AFTER spending an hour reading thru the suggestions below and trying each one.

  • gowna

    Doesn’t work whatsoever with my Galaxy S. I don’t even know which model it is, but on the back it just says Galaxy S, no numbers, and I don’t have a middle button at the bottom (all touch). I can only do it accidentally and it never is when I press the power button. But sometimes when I hold down the back button too long it’ll do it-I just don’t know what the combo is. And whenever I try to follow the steps with the power button, it just locks my screen. Getting so damn frustrated! 😐

  • Brie Juta

    Hold the home button, then quickly click on the power button :)

  • Kathryn

    i can never tap the power button without my phone going blank again. is that how you do it? i tap the home button and then tap the power button but instead of taking a screenshot it just locks and goes to a blank screen! HELP

    • DontlistentoMassMedia

      change the display setting to longer time before inactivity

    • SAfa

      Same problem and I tried to change display setting to longer time …. it never works,,,, Just gave up and download an app called screenshot it Trial.. that is the only thing works for me

      • ramona

        Thank you (sorry caps, not sure what’s goin on with my keyboard). will def. try this instead because this is silly not being able to take screenshots.

  • jen

    i have galaxy s. it works in phone.. thanks..

  • gg

    I havee tried everything i did it once but then i could figure it out any more. Can some help?

  • l3gENDary20

    Anyone who cant get it… HOLD the home button on the bottom and the lock button at the same time…took me a bit but i got it!!

  • Veronica Vores

    I hold down my back button then I quickly press my power/lock button. If none of the ones listed before me, this method should work you!!!!

  • Hoppin

    What about Galaxy Hoppin?

  • Jax effectschange

    To everybody having trouble with the screen shot for the samsung galaxy s. The best way for me is to hold down the back button, home button, and then hit the button on the right side of the phone which locks for me great every time

  • shawnzyd

    hold back and hit the power button twice

  • Irfan Halis

    It works. Thanks for this info.

  • Adnan Khan

    its reallly working…just press and hold the back buttom and then press the power button…u lll get ur screen shot..just did it ma self…thanks author

  • Adnan Khan

    additionally ,u should have android version greater dn 2.3…..i have ginger bread 2.3.5

  • J.

    Does not work I have tried EVERY METHOD this website suggests, nothing works! I have gingbread on my phone, everything is updated, and other apps have tried but says my phone is not rooted. There is another page telling me 3 different ways to take a screen shots, I cant find it now, so I am leaving this message here. Im confused, and just want to take a picture!!!

    • demetrialover

      Same here!

  • _Blast!

    OMG PEOPLE ARE ILLITERATE… WHEN DID THE BACK BUTTON BECOME THE HOME BUTTON? Hold the home button and press the power button down for a short time till u see ur screen flash. God learn to give correct instructions!

    • Lamar Brady

      Dont be yellin at me stupid it dont work neither retarded turd

    • Travis Stewart

      thank you this comment is the right one thank you so much who ever posted this the rest of this in bull an doesn’t make sense blast ur the man

  • Juicexviii

    “Hold down back button, press home button”. All that was needed. Feel you like the sound of your own voice too much…

    • Hang

      Thank you, it works 😀

  • retard samsung designer

    Are the cell phone designers retarded? Why not just have it in a menu that pops up? you know, next to settings? So glad I don’t have to feed an elephant at an Asia zoo before I have to adjust the “In call volume”.

  • diane

    I got it !!! There is no need for multiple button presses or anything else, you simply swipe the side of your hand across the display and it will be captured and saved.

  • Vimalia

    thanks very much it really helps, but for mine i need only one click cos when i did two, i would get two picture :) thanks

  • jake

    it is working to my samsung galaxy grand.. thanks for the tricks

  • Lichtenstein

    @gowna:disqus press the back key for two or three seconds then press the lock button on the top of the phone

  • Princess


  • Kaela Shannon

    I have the Galaxy S, it doesnt take a screenshot that way, you have to press the back button and then the power button on the side in order for it to take a screenshot…just fyi

  • Mi

    thanks this works fine .

  • demetrialover

    I tried it, but it won’t work? I checked the software thing, and it said it was gingerbread, and I’m not sure what I’m doin wrong.

  • Herbie

    Swipe the screen using the whole of the side of you hand is the only way I have found that works. Use large contact between your hand and the screen.



  • aneela

    can i take screenshots on mu galaxy 5828??? if yes then how???? plz help me

  • Alessandra

    For the Samsung galaxy s relay 4g to make a screenshot, you have to press and hold the power and home button at the same time.

  • Mustaqeem

    i have a Samsung galaxy S 4g sgh t959v
    plz tell me how to take screen shot

  • Tricia-Roo

    Same here! except no matter what button combos I do, all that comes up is my task manager. I have just given up. XP

  • Peter

    Thanks for the great tip. I am having alot of fun taking screenshots on my Galaxy S. You’re a genius!

  • Justsayin

    People…you could just download an app that verrrry successfully captures the screen for you. Just a though (;

  • abcde

    i was messing around and figured out its like this: press and hold both the home button and power button AT THE SAME TIME, not one after another. Hope this helps :)

  • abcde

    EDIT **press and hold for about 3 or 4 seconds

  • santiago


  • Rahul

    For Galaxy S Guys, use back button and then press the home button after doing so release the home button, click.. screenshot… try…

  • Salal

    thank u sooooooooooo much

  • ladybug94

    I tried this and oddly it did not capture the screen I wanted to screen shot it captured other screens I wasn’t even on. Is there another way?

  • ladybug94

    Only screenshots screens that I’m not even on….I give up.

  • ladybug94

    I need a way to take screenshot. So far all the ways suggested does not work. I get a shot of a screen I’m not even on. How can I get a shot of the actual screen I’m on.