Want Free Movie Downloads for Android? Watch Movies on Android FREE instead


Like watching movies on go? Want to know How to Download Movies for Android or how to watch Movies on Android for free?

Free Movie Downloads for Android and watch Movies on Android FREE

To watch movies on your Android smartphone or tablet on the go you have to store some movies first. Due to the large size of movies we need first to convert them to a supported format and reduce the size to be able to store multiple movies on the device. But this is not as easy to do as say; the process is time-consuming.

Wouldn’t it be better to download movies which already optimize for mobile devices? There is not many options available for downloading movies from different website or application as it’s not legal or you won’t find the newest movies you want. The best choice to watch movies through various Android App available from popular movie streaming services like Google play movies, Movies by Flixster, Hulu Plus, Netflix and more but you have pay subscription fee for their service.

Still Looking for actual free movie files to download?

So far the above application is the best legal option for you on android to watch movies for free. Still looking for a way to Free Movie Downloads for Android? You know what, Google is the ultimate source for downloading movies on Android. Just search on google with your desired title in mp4 formats or lower resolution version for the smaller size. Download the film file and transfer it to your Android phone or tablet, Enjoy! Or you can use a good torrent app like Utorrent to download free movies

Remember, downloading movies from various file sharing site is not legal always. So, Be responsible for what are you doing. I’ve warned you.

Alternatively, you can use the best Android Movie App to watch free movies on android devices. Here we recommend an app that allows watching free movies on Android.

Crackle – Movies & TV

Download Crackle – Movies & TV App
If you want to watch movies on Android for free then this is the most popular app available. Crackle – Movies & TV allows to Watch full-length Hollywood movies & TV shows on your phone. There is hundreds of movies including some popular tittle such as INEAPPLE EXPRESS, BIG DADDY, JOE DIRT, LAYER CAKE, MR. DEEDS, PANIC ROOM, S.W.A.T., SNATCH, STRANGER THAN FICTION, SAVING SILVERMAN, and many more available. New content are added every months. You will also find thousands of full length Tv serial episodes. Download Crackle – Movies & TV android app from the play store below:

  • here is a video that can help you easily download movies from YouTube, VEVO and more for iPhone or Android
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  • Lisa Williams

    Use HD Cinema or Showbox, but stay away from TV Portal. It used to be good but crashed and want money even from paying customers to make it work again. Rude people on their forum. There’s a ton of other apps that are awesome.

  • Vprince1128

    Im confused I want to download movies to my tablet so that I don’t have to stream them online because my dad is really slow where I live. I use wifi at work to download so that I can go home and have it without having to use my data. what site should I go to for that?? and how do I do it> through a computer? or can I so it straight from my tablet??

  • kiwikatnz

    Show box is…download App from web site to your phone 🙂

  • derrek

    I go to movie mobile n download all new movies

  • Dhany

    Movie Update via android

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    wish it was available in new zealand

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    wish it was available in new zealand

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  • Joe

    You guys are ignorant thanks for all the people that worked on this I just downloaded 2 movies works great I wouldn’t care if it was only one movie a week it’s free thanks again…

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    Man this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Shout out to the boy Sunny Side for puttin me up on this site.

  • Elsy Brumley

    Watch complete movie films for free

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    Thanks Sunny this is a cool site!

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    Sunny thanks it works great,and ladylocs thanks as well!!!

    • looloo89

      this app works full stop,stop playing with the ads ie download or play is useless,scroll down on your chosen movie hit download follow through, hit 1000mb limit is for that downoad event only, first try i got crackle not what we want kept trying in strong signal area got movie download app has a film reel pictorial. on 3mobile with a galaxy s2, my thanks to all how made it possible.

  • LadyLocs

    Some of you guys need to TAKE A CHILL PILL and be patient. Thanks for the website. It does work! And so what if you can only download one movie a day IT’S FREE! You get what you pay for. Humble yourselves and be grateful. Quit acting like middle school brats that indeed may need to work on their grammar just a bit.

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    E>JC KEPT it real and don’t komment on my english or spelling it is my piont any way I would like to know a real sight kaz I only got one movie but thanks for Little Fockers 🙂

  • stan

    Doesn’t work on Toshiba thrive

  • Noah

    Ya sunnyside it works tanx buddy…:-D

  • SunnySideDown

    GO TO iTabmovies.com. click on the movie u want. Click the download button. On the next page do the same until u see downloading… It works. No memberships needed. Ive downloaded nearly every movie. On my evo shift. It takes about an hour to download three movies at the same time.

    • JC

      Liar. U an only download up to 100 MB on that site unless u register and pay. And there are no movies that small. LIAR

      • well,JC, thats a bit strong…… Have just followed SunnySideDowns, advice and downloaded three movies free………check your info, its 1000MB, i havent registered or paid

        • sam

          what website are you guys talking about

    • Mikal

      Itabmovies.com Not free anymore have to participate in ads

    • iTabMovies.com

      Thanks guys for sharing our site!
      Here is gift for all of you, use this coupon for free 15days premium membership: icytab15


  • cark

    We need a free movie app that allows streaming and downloading of content not this nonsense fucking horrible.

  • cark

    This app is useless and sucks do not download it.
    We need a free movie app that allows streaming and downloading of content not this nonsense fucking horrible.

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    this app is useless

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    Seriously…u download the movies off wich site?

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    Not supported by my phone

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    This website does not tell me or show me what websites I can use to watch or download free movies.

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    This app works great, you just gotta know what you’re doing before you say it don’t work.

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      What website did you use to download movies with this app?

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    this app is a bunch of crap!! didnt work on samsung galaxy!!

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      yea, it didnt work for the HTC Incredible, either..app SUX!!

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    What website is where u download the movies?????

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      In which country did you learn to speak? It sure wasn’t America or England.