A selection of the best android selfie camera apps (some front facing camera apps for android) to take selfies with your android phone.

The selfie (photos of oneself) are on everyone’s lips … It is fashionable to take pictures with the front camera of the smartphone and post them on social networks, which have succumbed to the actors, singers, politicians and millions of users worldwide. Although implementation of the camera is capable of capturing selfies, but a better way to do that is using an application that is specifically designed to take selfies.

Here we recommend some of the best free android selfie camera apps to take stunning selfie pictures, so you can improve your photographs.

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam

YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam app for android

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam is one of the best Android camera apps to take stunning selfie pictures. The most interesting option of this app is the automatic trim, with which you can make your pictures great with just one tap, with a choice of six different levels of naturalness. You can also use your tools manually, to remove wrinkles, eliminate dark areas of skin, or delete imperfections. You can even change forms, making your face look thinner, your eyes bigger and brighter, and even completely erase objects that are in the background and hinder the star of the picture.
Download YouCam Perfect Here


Retrica - the best android selfie camera app

Retrica is an ideal application for selfies that provides everything a user needs to get the “selfie” perfect. Through its large number of filters and with its vintage effects you can achieve the perfect selfie, he/she always dreamed of. Shoot it directly from the application and modify colors, add filters, effects and share them on social networks. It is also possible to generate copies of a photo or a string of photos “burst”, manually or automatically, in different sizes.
Download Retrica Here


Frontback - android camera app for taking selfie

Frontback is a photo application that lets you take a picture with the front camera and another with the rear camera, and combine both into a single image. So, your selfie will show you and the environment in which you made the autofoto, the beach, a party with friends, etc. You can also turn the camera orientation with simple gestures; write short titles and mentioning @friends and #hashtags; add locations; or share them on social networks or via email.
Download Frontback Here

Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover

Perfect365- One-Tap Makeover app for android

Perfect365 is a highly recommended selfie app for ladies who like makeup, because after taken the photo you can correct the imperfections applying virtual makeup effects. It has a makeup palette that is very easy to use and also you can remove blemishes, whiten teeth or completely makeup, and even change the shape of the face. Furthermore, editing is segmented by parts of the face such as the mouth, nose or eyes.
Download Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover Here

CreamCam Selfie Smoother

CreamCam Selfie Smoother android app

CreamCam Selfie Smoother for Android promises to make perfect selfies. The application has the function of removing imperfections in the face such as acne, blackheads, wrinkles or shine. The application is fully automatic and does not require manual editing. Just do a simple touch and the transformation will be ready. It’s fast, easy to use and it seems like magic.
Download CreamCam Selfie Smoother Here

Bright Camera for Facebook

Bright Camera android app for Facebook

Bright Camera for Facebook an app built from the ground up with selfies in mind. This is a Portable Self-studio packs a range of filters, effects and frames in bright colors for improving the overall look of the image, and once you’ve achieved the desired look, you can add a frame to make it stand out. In addition to creating and processing photos with the phone, the app also allows you to download pictures from Facebook or Instagram.
Download Bright Camera for Facebook Here

LINE camera – Selfie & Collage

LINE camera - Selfie & Collage with android phone

Selfies are much more fun with the LINE camera – Selfie & Collage app, apply filters, add text or includes stickers in all your pictures and share them online, Facebook, Twitter, and all your favorite social networking sites! What’s special about this application is that it gives the user the ability to use their own stamps or choose from more than 800 labels to add to images, many of them from the main application itself and you can paste anywhere on the picture that comes to mind.
Download LINE camera Here

With the help of these android camera applications, you can take perfect selfies and will certainly create a buzz in your social networks.