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How to transfer files between iphone and pc / Mac wirelessly


by Danica Simic

Air Transfer for iOS allows you to transfer files between iPhone and PC/Mac wirelessly. Here’s how to use it.

One thing is sure, you always have at one time or another need to send files from your PC to the mobile device or vice versa. It is common to use a USB cable when you want to copy/transfer songs, photos and videos from PC to iPhone (and vice versa), but if you do not have cable on hand? Don’t be upset. Still you can share files between iPhone and PC without using USB cable, it can be done wirelessly.
transfer files between iphone and pc wirelesslyIn this tutorial, we will teach you how to transfer files between iPhone and PC wirelessly (over a Wi-Fi network). Let’s start by installing the application Air Transfer, available free on the App Store:

Air Transfer is an excellent program that allows you to transfer any type of files between PC and iPhone wirelessly and without going through iTunes.

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Wireless file transfer between computer and iPad iPhone or iPod.

Download and install the app Air Transfer on your iOS device.
Make sure that your iDevice and Mac/PC is connected to the same local area network (WiFi).
Transfer files from a Mac/PC to an iPhone or iPad.
1) Open the app installed on your iPhone and Tap “WiFi” button to get Access URL (e.g.
2) Now enter the given URL on the web browser of your Mac or PC to access the Air Transfer desktop dashboard.
3) Open File Explorer (on Windows) or Finder (on Mac).
4) Select the files you want to transfer from your PC/Mac to your iDevice.
5) Drag & Drop the selected files onto the dashboard and watch that file automatically appear on the Air Transfer screen on your iOS device.
Copy files from iPhone to PC.
1) On the web interface, the right panel lists the files stored in the Air Transfer on the iPhone or iPad.
2) On the right side of each item, you can see “Down” button.
3) Click “Down” button to download the item to your PC.
In our opinion, the great advantage of this application is able to manage your iDevice at a high level, can leave the smartphone side and have the ease of access your photos and important information on the device.
And finally … You can also use your iPhone to share the internet connection with other devices.
We hope you enjoyed the tip. Until next time!

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