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A great list of Top Ubuntu Launcher for Android phones which will give you a taste of Ubuntu on Android

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Canonical, the team behind development of Ubuntu for android recently launched Ubuntu developer preview firmware for flashing on android Phone / Tablet devices. The list of compatible devices includes the Galaxy Nexus – Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 – Nexus 10. Until next year when a final version for Ubuntu Phone is expected, let´s charge the latest trend and take a look at the best launcher for Android based on Ubuntu for Android.

1. Glovebox – Side launcher

GloveBox released few months ago when it was still in it´s early stage and since then there have been a lot of changes. It is probably the best imitation of the Ubuntu Unity side-bar launcher and also a great way to appreciate multitasking on Android. On top of that it also offers a great deal of options and its very fast and smooth.

Download GloveBox

2. Unity Launcher

Ubuntu Launchers for Android phones

Another side-bar launcher that would  make you proud of owning an Android device. It not only looks very good but also provides many customization  features which really turn your device into something unique. Though not as fast as the one before, it’s still very pleasing in terms of smoothness.

Download Unity Launcher

3. Ubuntu Live Wallpaper Beta


Ubuntu Live Wallpaper Beta is another option you may consider which has matured greatly since its initial launch. The live Wallpaper takes only a small quantity of RAM and does not affect the fluidity of the device. And that while looking great and also work wonders with the other apps before it.

Download Ubuntu Live Wallpaper

4. Ubuntu Launcher (Beta)


By the time it will reach a stable version this app will offer a complete Ubuntu Phone experience. The developers are working really hard to make sure everything will be just as the original version and not forgetting about the customization features every custom launcher should offer. Get it for free.

Download Ubuntu Launcher

5. Sidebar

Available in both Pro and Lite versions, this is another great port of the Ubuntu on Android Phone with the option for launching apps from any screen. It offers a way to integrate your apps and its fast and fluid. There is also great animations when launching an app and many customization options to express your style.

Download Sidebar

The above Ubuntu Launcher will give you an idea of the upcoming Ubuntu OS on android devices. Download these Ubuntu Launcher apps for Android and Let us know how you like them. Will you install Ubuntu on Android?

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