A list of the most essential android apps that every smartphone or tablet owner should download on their devices.

When you have an Android device, it can be near impossible to search through the thousands of apps to select the best ones for your needs. This list of the top ten essential apps will give you a great starting point as each is necessary for productivity or entertainment.

Let’s scroll down through the list and do not miss to hit the download links.

Google Drive / Dropbox

Essential Android Apps - google drive dropbox

Google Drive and Dropbox tie in terms of usefulness. Google Drive is the cloud service from Google that allows you to access your documents, photos, videos, and PDFs in the cloud. You can set up folders to share or even search for files. Dropbox performs a similar function as it lets you store photos, videos, documents, and more. You can edit within the program or save email attachments.

Downlaod Google Drive (Free) / Downlaod Dropbox (Free)


Google Maps - essential android app

This is the app form of the favorite website, Google Maps. It lets you access and use maps in 220 countries. It even includes voice guided GPS, transit directions, and live traffic conditions depending on where you are.

Downlaod Google Maps (Free)

LastPass Password Mgr Premium*

Downlaod LastPass Password Manager - must have android app

LastPass was designed to take the guesswork out of managing all of your passwords. It is easy to set up and once you do, you can even sync the passwords across multiple Android devices or other browsers. The app is intuitive, meaning that you can easily access dozens of accounts without any concerns.

Downlaod LastPass (Free trial / $12 yearly)

Mobile Security & Antivirus

Mobile Security & Antivirus is a must have android app

Most people neglect mobile security, but it is just as important as PC security, especially if you use your Android device for everything. Avast! is a free app for mobile security from the creator of the popular PC one it will protect against infections, help you locate your lost device, has a virus scanner, and will even remote lock or wipe your device’s memory.

Downlaod Avast! Antivirus (Free)


Netflix app for android devices

This is the mobile version of everyone’s favorite website for watching television and movies. The app is free and will link with your Netflix membership so you can search for the same titles on your Android device as you would on your computer. You can even start watching something on one device and then continue on another.

Downlaod Netflix (Free)

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle app for android

Another tie in the essential Android apps is Amazon and Amazon Kindle. Both are from the same creator, Amazon, but they serve different purposes. Amazon lets you shop on amazon.com no matter where you are while Amazon Kindle serves the same function, but for the eBooks in particular. Amazon Kindle will also give you a way to read these files on your device.

Amazon / Downlaod Amazon Kindle (Free)

SwiftKey Keyboard Free + Emoji

SwiftKey Keyboard for android

SwiftKey makes typing on your Android’s touchscreen even easier. It also includes next-word prediction, auto correction, hundreds of emoji as well as emoji prediction. Using this can make it much faster for you to type so you don’t have to spend as much time composing a message.

Downlaod SwiftKey (Free)

Chrome Browser – Google

Chrome Browser - Google for android

Chrome is an Android version of the same browser you use on your home computer. It lets you save on data use due to smart planning and lets you browse faster, translate, and do a voice search. You can even sync searches, tabs, and bookmarks across devices.

Downlaod Chrome (Free)

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop

Hotspot Shield VPN for Unblock for android

Splashtop is an incredibly useful remote desktop app. It lets you access every single one of your emails, documents, games, applications, and more. You can even access 5 computers on one account.

Downlaod Splashtop (Free)

Hotspot Shield VPN for Unblock

Hotspot Shield VPN for Unblock for android

This is a free VPN that gives you Wi-Fi security and internet privacy. You can even access blocked apps like Facebook or Skype with a simple click.

Hotspot Shield VPN (Free)

Done with downloading the missing apps on your device from the list above? Now its time for you to recommend some essential android apps in the comments below for fellow android users.


  1. I think Mobile Security & Antivirus is the best and most essential for us to keep our mobile secure and keep safe from viruses 🙂


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