What’s your armor to protect the LG G4? Chose one from our list of the best covers and cases for LG G4.

LG G4 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 quad-core processor along with 3 GB of RAM and a 5.5-inch screen and 1440p resolution. The device runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop. A top-notch smartphone equipped with all the latest technology that ispired you to get yourself a shiny new LG G4. But how about some case to keep it safe?

Protecting the LG G4 is without a doubt is very important operation. If you are an owner of this phone and do not want to lose half of the value of your phone due to “stupid” damage, then you should buy one of the following best cover or case for LG G4.

PhoneNatic + Silicone Case for LG G4

PhoneNatic + Silicone Case for LG G4

It is a normal silicone cover with a very affordable price but at the same time able to best protect your LG G4 from scratches and falls. It can protect your device’s front and back part without increasing too much the size of the smartphone. You also get two premium G4 protective foils with the cover for free. The case is highly recommended for those on a budget and does not need a cover with a particular design.

Buy PhoneNatic + Silicone Case for LG G4 ($9.99)

Terrapin [SLIM FIT] LG G4 Cover

the best Cases for LG G4 to prtect the device

This is a TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) cover that offers excellent protection against bumps and scratches to your LG G4. The cover has the distinction of being transparent, which goes like this to show at any time of its use and the beautiful natural design of the smartphone.
Buy Terrapin LG G4 Cover ($7.95)

Terrapin [GENUINE LEATHER] Wallet Case with Card Slots & Bill Compartment

Wallet Case with Card Slots for LG G4

It’s a very nice wallet cover made of real leather, and the price is very affordable. This case allows you to obtain full protection of your smartphone, and also the display of any other part of the device. In addition to the safety of your device, it can also be used as a real wallet with inserts for credit cards and space for banknotes. So a product with elegant design, good quality offered at a great price.
Buy LG G4 Case, Terrapin ($13.95)



This is undoubtedly one of the finest covers you can find for your G4 on the market. In this case, the product has a reinforced anti-scratch bumper protection, a pattern inside that can absorb shock and a TPU texture that can donate an extra grip to the smartphone. A product of quality that is affordable.
Buy Spigen® [METALLIZED BUTTONS] LG G4 Case ($18.99 | $34.99)

LG G4 Case – Ringke SLIM

Ringke SLIM case for LG G4

A really elegant cover that is perfectly suited to LG G4 maintaining a certain compactness of the device and superior ergonomics. This cover is designed for an all around protection equipped with a Dual Coating Technology that promises to give 2x Longer Lasting Durability, also includes a HD screen protector.
Buy LG G4 Case – Ringke SLIM ($9.99 | $25.00)

i-Blason Armorbox Full-body Protective Case

Full-body Protective Case for LG G4

A strong cover with highly resistant design to withstand falls from a small height. The cover also has a protection for the front of the device through a cover protecting the display and, therefore, able to minimize the risk of damaging the display. So this is the greatest solution to keep your smartphone safe at all times to 100% and keep unchanged its value over time.
Buy i-Blason Armorbox Case for LG G4 ($16.99)

Smart Quick Circle view case with wireless charging function

Smart Quick Circle view case for LG G4

The original design cover of LG G4 which allows to use the features of Quick View and have continuous access to many features of the smartphone (date, time, weather, music controls, camera etc.) without opening the cover. It also equipped with NFC capabilities.
Buy Smart Quick Circle view case ($12.99)

So, which cases for lg g4 you’ve ordered from the list above? Also, if you got a different protection for your phone then don’t forget to share a picture in the comments.


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