Download the following free 10 best News App for Android for keeping yourself on top of the news.

Because your mobile device can always be connected to the Internet, you’re never far away from breaking news as it happens. Whether you prefer to use one network or simply want the facts, we have a host of free apps designed to keep you up to date, wherever you are.

Here are the 10 best free android news reader apps:

BBC News app for android devices

BBC News

A fairly basic app from BBC News, this free app does everything that you can expect from their webpage. Breaking news and the ability to listen as well as read make this a reliable app for world news.

Download BBC News Here (Free)

NBC News android news reader app

NBC News

Much more focused on an American audience, NBC’s free news app is just as mobile as your device. With integrated video and the ability to automatically download stories, you can always get your news, regardless of internet connection.

Download NBC News Here (Free)

Flipboard- Your News Magazine android app

Flipboard: Your News Magazine

For those of you who know what you want to know about, Flipboard links you to a completely customized set of stories every day. All your news, blogs, and links to twelve different social networks all in one convenient app.

Download Flipboard Here (Free)

News360- Personalized News app for android

News360: Personalized News

An app that learns the stories you like, finds them from over 50,000 sources, and gives you a 360 degree perspective. It’s no wonder The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times like this app so much.

Download News360 Here (Free)

AP Mobile android app

AP Mobile

If you want your news completely free from bias, go directly to the source with the Associated Press’s free news app. Complete with a photo gallery and breaking news updates, this app is perfect for those who just want the facts.

Download AP Mobile Here (Free)

Discovery News app for android app

Discovery News

A great app for more science-minded news, Discovery’s free news app deals with the news of the natural world. With their newest addition, the Discovernator, you can even follow a random fact to find out more.

Download Discovery News Here (Free)

World News Live24 android app to watch news online

World News Live24

If you prefer to watch the news on your Android, this handy little app has live streaming English language news from all over the world. A great option for people on the go.

Download World News Live 24 Here (Free)

USA Press News android app download

USA Press News

Short, sweet, and to the point, USA Press News collects the top headlines from all of America’s major newspapers and major news networks and displays them in a simple drop-down format. A must-have for people who still prefer print journalism.

Download USA Press News Here (Free)

CBS Sports news app for android

CBS Sports

Staying up-to-date on sports news has never been easier than with this free app from CBS. In addition to scores from every televised sport, including college sports, this app also keeps you up to date on the stories about your favorite teams.

Download CBS Sports Here (Free)

Tech News reading app for android

Tech News

A great app for tech-heads, this little gem from Pinenuts Android Developers takes the most current news in gear and gadgets and combines it into an easily accessible format. Because it updates daily, you’ll always know about the “next big thing” long before anybody else.

Download Tech News Here (Free)

With your Android mobile device, you have the potential to get connected to the rest of the world from anywhere. With these ten free android news apps, we can just make it easier for you.


  1. For reading new I am usually using Feedpresso: this app has helped me to personalize my news feed and, finally, to read only topics that I am interested in.


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