z4root android App is an Easy One Click and Painless Root solution for Android 2.2 devices.

f you own an Android smartphome then most likely the first question that came in mind was about rooting it. A drawback to this procedure is that often it is complicated, except for when it involves Nexus devices. Wondering if there is a way to root android without PC or any Computer? Yes there is.

Rooting your device can give you plenty of advantages. Let´s see how we can root an android without PC or computer.

How to root android without PC

Developed by XDA forum member RyanZA, z4root for Rooting Froyo Android 2.2. With a single button on z4root App you can easily Root Android 2.2 Devices. just install the z4root App.apk on your Android and use the Root Button.

z4root for Android now should work on all devices and allows to One Click Root Android without computer.

If you care about rooting your Android device then most likely you´ve looked for the simplest way to do it, without doing anything wrong. Each method revolves around one particular device but things are about to change in this regard. More and more 1 click root solutions being developed. A way to Rooting Android phone which doesn’t require a PC connection is probably the most convenient way to do it. z4root is the one, all you have to do is download and install the app, then enable your USB Debugging from Settings/Developer Options and you´re good to root.
Z4root has a single button to root your device. The developer states that it should work on ALL Android devices, though more testing required to reveal if this is true or not. So far the app managed to get some very good results and certain users that have gone and tested it posted feedback that it works.

Download z4root Apk for Easy Rooting Android:
z4root Apk

Also, for safety concerns the developer states that it is Should be 100% safe – nothing on disk changed besides the root binaries, so if something goes wrong, simply rebooting the device should fix up any and all issues. The app is currently only available on XDA Developers but it should be available on the Play Store soon enough.

For more info head over to xda.