Download Facebook Messenger for Android, An easy and faster dedicated messaging App

Facebook Messenger for Android now also allows to send and receive SMS messages to phone contacts!

Facebook’s messaging app for Android and iPhone called Facebook Messenger which is a separate application for sending messages to your friends. The app is dedicated to gives user easy and faster way to text to their friends right on their phones, get and send messages fast, message everyone at once and more.

It simplifies how messaging works, quickly send messages to friends, groups of friends or anyone in your mobile contacts, allows adding your location on the map. The best part is the Messenger app delivers messages through notifications and texts, so you never miss a message. The app also allows to include photos so rather than sending individually; you can share a picture with a group of friends at once.

Download Facebook Messenger for Android app

With the recently added calling feature, users can easily make voice or video calls to their friends on Facebook. The voice call quality is surprisingly quite good. Video calling also seems good though it depends on a good data connection and phone’s camera specs.

The latest version of the Facebook Messenger app for Android integrates the default text messaging allowing users to manage their conversations with everyone including phone contacts in one app. Users are now able to send and receive SMS right in Facebook Messenger (standard carrier charges apply) meaning they are no longer in need to switch between messaging apps. The text messages from phone contacts will only be accessible on the phone’s messenger app with chat head feature. If both senders and receivers are facebook messenger, they will also be able to use tons of cool stickers.

Facebook Messenger for Android was developed by Facebook
Package name: market://details?id=com.facebook.orca
File size: varries on devices

Facebook Messenger is a Free Android App. To Download Facebook Messenger head to Android Market link above. If somehow your are not able to get via google playstore then you might download the facebook messenger apk from the mirror link (mind that this is an apk file found online).

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    • That’s because it’s only available in the US. If you have root, try Market Enabler, otherwise find and download apk from other sources…


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