Prevent kids from buying apps on play store and disable In App Purchases on Android.

Google play store makes it so simple to find great apps that you can buy with just a few taps once your google account is set-up with payment method verified. But sometime it can cost you dollars because of simple purchase system. Most of time it happens by children. You cannot prevent kids playing with your phone or tablet but you can easily restrict them from buying apps on google play store.

secure in app purchases on android

Another thing to look out is in-app-purchase system. In-app-purchases is an excellent way to buy extra feature and enhance an android app right in-side from the app. But sometimes it can be frustrating because of accidental click on fancy buy buttons or purchases made by your kids. So. we need to secure In-App Purchase on Android.

protect in-app purchases on anorid play store

There is a very simple way to disable In App Purchases on Android and protect from un-intentional buy. You can set a PIN to control, limit, disable in-app

purchase on Android. Follow to steps below to protect unwanted shopping on Android.


  1. Open “Google Play” app on your android device.
  2. Tap “Menu Button” and select “Settings” to enter Google Play Settings
  3. Scroll down, tap “Set or Change PIN”
  4. Enter your PIN and confirm it
  5. Mark “Use PIN for purchases”, so the phone or tablet requires PIN before purchasing apps or other content like in-app purchases

Hopefully that was helpful for you. Let us know in the comment section if you suffered from such of In App Purchases on Android. Browse more tips on our Android Tips & Tricks section.


  1. How do I prevent my children from downloading FREE apps? Google Play doesn’t ask for a password for free ones, at least not on our 3 devices.

  2. I have this checked. But it never asks me for pin/password when I make a purchase?? (Samsung GS3)


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