How to Reset Galaxy S5 without deleting data or Factory Reset to Wipe Data

Step by step guide to reset Samsung Galaxy S5 without losing your personal data

How to normal Reset Galaxy S5 or factory reset samsung galaxy s5

Somehow if your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone is not working properly and you are thinking to reset it, then you should know that there are two types of reset available. You can either just do a normal reset that will not erase any data you have saved on the device or you can do a hard/factory reset to take the device as it were out of the box which will delete any data you have saved. A factory reset is a must-do option if you are going hand over the S5 to someone else.

Follow the tutorial below to Wipe cache partition on Galaxy S5 to refresh the system performance without deleting your data. Alternatively, you can do a Factory Reset (Hard Reset) to delete all user data on it.

Normal reset (Wipe cache partition) Samsung Galaxy S5 :

This reset will not delete any personal data saved on your phone. Wipe cache partition means wiping the most common files from the cache stored by the system. These files won’t be deleted from your phone in general so it’s SAFE to wipe the cache partition in order to a fresh start of your phone.

  1. Power off your smartphone
  2. Press and hold “Volume up”, “Home” and “Power” at the same time
  3. After the phone vibrates, release the “Power” button but continue to hold “Volume Up” and “home”
  4. Once the “Android System Recovery” screen appears, release all the hardware buttons
  5. Using the “Volume Down” button, navigate to and highlight “wipe cache partition”
  6. Press “Power” to select the option
  7. Once the cache partition has been wiped, “Reboot System Now” should be highlighted
  8. Press the “Power” key to reboot your device

Master reset or Factory reset Samsung Galaxy S5:

A master reset to your Galaxy S5 will restore the original factory settings and may delete everything you saved on the device including your personal data on the internal storage. So make sure to backup your data first before you even learn how to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S5.

There is two way you can Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S5 via setting menu or with hardware keys. If your phone is unresponsive or frozen use the hardware key method.

Master Resetting Galaxy S5 via the Settings Menu:

  1. While on the home screen, tap the “Apps” icon
  2. Tap “Settings”
  3. Under “User and Backup”, tap “Backup and reset”
  4. If you wish, clear the checkboxes next to “Automatic restore” and “Back up my data”
  5. Tap “Factory data reset” > “Reset device”
  6. Assuming that you have a screen lock enabled, enter your password or PIN and tap “Continue”
  7. Tap “Delete All” to confirm

Master Resetting Galaxy S5 Using Hardware Keys:

NOTE: Use this method of resetting in case you are unable to factory reset your smartphone using the settings menu.

  1. Power off your smartphone
  2. Press and hold the “Volume Up”, “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time
  3. After the phone vibrates once, release the “Power” button but keep pressing “Home” and “Volume Up”
  4. Once the “Android System Recovery” screen appears, release all the hardware buttons
  5. Press “Volume down” until you highlight “wipe data/factory reset”
  6. Press the “Power” button to select the option
  7. Navigate to “Yes — delete all user data” using the “Volume Down” button
  8. Press “Power” to confirm the master reset
  9. After the device has been reset, the “Reboot system now” option should be highlighted
  10. Finally, press the “Power” button to reboot your device.

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  1. Grandsome played with phone didnt put the right design in shutdown dont have an emergency pin what can i do

  2. Thank you so much for this info. I was on the phone with the Samsung rep and we couldn’t get my phone to reset. I decided to keep trying on my own and I found your site on the internet. As soon as I read your instructions, I knew what I was doing wrong. I tried again and got it to work on the first try. You saved my day!

  3. I’m a bit curious to know how recent those screenshots are. The other day my S5 decided to suddenly start installing a bunch of automatic updates after I connected to my home wi-fi. There’s apparently more to be had, but right now my OS looks completely different from how the phone started out. The lock screen’s different, the UI is now white instead of black, and I’m suddenly out a lot of internal drive space for seemingly no reason. I’ve been doing some research, and I’m seeing horror story after horror story about what future updates have done. Any help from the creator of this topic would be greatly appreciated, plus any future assistance as well. I’ve got some other questions I’d like to ask, but for the moment this is my most pressing one.

  4. I tried doing the reset on my Galaxy S5 and it worked. I then switched the SIM card and it started with the Galaxy S5 flashing on the screen again. Now I’ve been trying the reset for days and all it says is system rebooting, but nothing happens. I don’t want to do the factory reset because I recently got married in a private ceremony and didn’t get to back up my photos. What else can I do? Please help! I’m so sad right now??

    1. u can try to program “Kies” u can connect your phone and download anything u want of your phone using that program

  5. Thank you, thank you!!!! I know nothing about cell phones, and you just showed me how to fix mine!!I was having problems accessing a couple apps, and was getting ‘ssl error’ when trying to use my banking app. After doing the soft reset, everything is working normally again!!!!!! Thank you!!

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