Untraceable Spy Apps to secretly monitor your kids, family member or a cheating spouse.

Top Free hidden Spy Apps android

Before you proceed to read the full article, we should remind you of a few things. Spying on someone is a bad thing, and it’s illegal which may put you in serious trouble with the law. Yes, there are apps out there that will allow you to snoop and find out who has been calling someone, keep an eye your partner or check if your kids are honest with you using an android phone. Beware, how you use them, we are not responsible in any way if you get into some trouble.

Regardless of the bad intention, we sometimes need to protect our loved ones form various activities thus required such tracking apps to know what’s going on. In this article, we will focus on the best tracking applications to keep an eye on our loved ones. We suggest use them to monitor and control child activity on his smartphone and in case of emergency find them quickly.

What are the best free android spy apps?

1. My Free Android Spy

My Free Android Spy is a hidden spy app that can be installed on a target device in an invisible mode and track the phone. People also use this as a free cheating spouse app for android or sometimes the employer check on an employee who might not be doing his job correctly.

Its a GPS enabled tracking app that allows tracking the location of the target device in real-time. Other features lets access the whole address book, media files like pictures and videos, browser history, calendar, etc. However, you can’t get inside the popular social network apps.

2. FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is an undetectable spy app that is super convenient for parents who want to keep updated on their children’s activity. With its web-based control panel, the user can easily access the files and other text messages, see GPS location. The app also allows record phone calls as well as record ambient sound and conversation. Unlike the previous app, FreePhoneSpy also lets you snoop into social media activities and the ability to block apps that are harmful. Best of all its completely free.

3. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder android app

This call recorder is not truly a detective app for android. However, if you just want to know what your children are up to then this might be a very good tool. The app silently captures calls and able to upload them in the cloud using the Dropbox account. You can also configure the app to skip particulars calls.

4. Spy Camera OS (Open Source)

Spy Camera OS (Open Source)

An open-source app project to allow users to capture images secretly. The app provides a smart way to shoot photos with an invisible camera so others wouldn’t notice that you are taking pictures.

5. Ear Spy: Super Hearing

Ear Spy android app

Become a detective with this free spy app for android. Ear Spy gives a super-hearing capability to eavesdrop on people around you. The app actually captures sounds through the phone’s microphone then amplifies and delivers through the headset. You can use a blue-tooth headset to listen to sound from far by leaving the phone in a place. A graphic audio equalizer is also available to fine-tune sounds.

6. IP Cam Viewer Lite

This award-winning app allows to remotely view and control your IP Camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, traffic cameras, CCTV or WebCam from an android device. The latest update brings audio notification which will alert you when it detects motion while the app was running in the background. It can also start to capture automatically when motion detected.

7. Monitor Call SMS Location

Monitor Call SMS Location android spy app

Another good tracking app to remotely track SMS, Photo, geo places, call logs and much more. Get the exact position of the targeted device through a web-portal even if GPS disabled on the target device. Get an email notification for every incoming call or text message. View call logs, messages, web history, and contacts. The app comes with a three-day free trial option.

Profesional quality Android Spy Apps you can buy right now

1. M-Spy

M-Spy android app download

A Simple yet easy to use audio app for android. The M-spy android app will allow listening to conversation secretly from a place where you kept the phone. Install the app and set a PIN then put the phone in silent mode and hide the phone where you want to listen sound from. Send a text message to the phone and it will call you back. Read a real user review of M-SPy.

2. iKeyMonitor Android

Shield your business, trade secret, family and more from Internet dangers with Ikeymonitor. The free spy app offers a layer of security, reliability, and efficiency in safeguarding against potential dangers in the Internet world.

This undetectable android phone monitoring app makes spying on a person effortless. Now you can track your children without being virtually paranoid. The app allows parents to track unnecessary web browsing, chat activities (even conversation in games i.e Minecraft), as kids often divulge information without thinking about the possible harm.

The app is also good at protecting your trade secret. Though I should say that privacy issues could arise if employees are concerned. Key Monitor spy app gets a record of messages, call history, GPS, chats, websites, passwords, and even screenshots and delivers the information to you by email.

3. MobiStealth Android Monitoring Software

These android spying apps give a smartphone significant capabilities to observe anyone’s conversations, places and perhaps activities. However, great powers come with great responsibility. We suggest you use any of these spy apps for android wisely.

This is a professional parental control app for android that allows watching children’s activity. Protect them with this top-rated mobile spy app from cyber-bullying, online predators, social media mishaps, and harmful content. The app comes at different costs and packages.

Key advantages of MobiStealth:

  • listen to calls
  • Remotely view all pictures
  • get the location of target Android phone, even if GPS is turned off
  • view detail incoming and outgoing message
  • Browsing history

These android spying apps give a smartphone significant capabilities to observe anyone’s conversations, places and perhaps activities. However, great powers come with great responsibility. We suggest you use any of these spy apps for android wisely.


  1. I suggest try xnore best spy app i found so far, sms, call log, call record, gps location, live control, IMs,emails, browsing history, surrounding sound and many more features – Yes, free trial also! 🙂

  2. Hi guys!! Why haven’t you still
    mentioned SpyToMobile? I have been using this software for more than
    a year. It is a great app) I can intercept WhatsApp, Viber, SMS,
    Calls, Phone Book etc. This app is cheaper than others. If you want
    to find out if somebody is cheating on you or not – Welcome to

  3. Is there an app (without rooting) that allows me to schedule audio recordings on a given day at a given hour and that works even if my device isn’t connected to Internet when it must record audio?

    Thanks in advance

    • CmcAppMobile is an app that has the features that you demand.
      I tried it and works very fine. But is available only for Android.

    • After much research, I found CmcApp Mobile.
      It is right for my requests and works very well on audio recordings.

  4. The technology helps us lot today. You can get a hand held GPS device to tracks the location to get the proof. And spy software like Aobo Mac Keylogger works in stealth. Any no one can find it.

  5. That’s good but there are plenty more good tracking apps like Spy Video, Spy Audio and even Spy Call recorder, all can be triggered and viewed remotely

  6. Hi Khaled. I appreciate your post. One secret thing is I have also used spy apps. I used Zealspy which is free app and only meant for Android Smartphones. This is really amazing if you are going to try it.

  7. Hi Khaled. I’m the owner of Overpass (we make Ear Spy). Thanks for mentioning Ear Spy in your list of spy apps! I’m so pleased we made your list! –Eric

  8. @chetan
    I suggest you to give a look at the new app SpyVisio, there are a lot of other functions added (e.g. web server, sms interception, GPS localization…)

  9. Question : The sms applications mentioned : Do these use the log record or actual live sms being sent. Because the person after sending if person deletes the sms immediately after sending so no log is visible.

  10. Hello Shariar…. What do you recommend as far as app that I can install on Blacberry and monitor CALL/SMS remotely.

  11. Android spying software are the greatest app in the world. i used mobistealth. It is awesome app. almost all features are in working mode. 🙂

    • Is there any spy app that can be installed remotely to the device I want to monitor.? I cant have access to the target phone…but I want to get calls and sms and bug the phone.. is there anything out thwre that truely works and I can install it remotely with having access to their synced gmail acount.


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